Background & Overview to Stellar

Background & Overview to Stellar

A Parents Guide to STELLAR: Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading A new English Language Curriculum for Primary Schools in Singapore 1 PROGRAMME What is STELLAR?

The STELLAR Vision STELLAR & language learning What makes up a STELLAR unit The STELLAR programme in a schools EL curriculum STELLAR & Parents 2 The STELLAR Vision Children who love reading and

have a strong foundation in the English Language 3 STELLAR & Language Learning Teaching and learning of English using more speaking and listening activities Children learn reading and

writing using rich and interesting books, with discussions led by the teacher 4 STELLAR is different because Classroom environment is: focused on childrens interaction rather than on teacher talk

enriched with childrens written language filled with various reading materials for childrens use 5 STELLAR is different because English language learning is achieved through: vocabulary learned in

books expression of thoughts in oral and written forms 6 STELLAR is different because English language learning is achieved through: discussions with other children and the teacher

informal peer interaction 7 What is a STELLAR lesson like? 1.Shared Reading Experiences Children read storybook with the teacher and engage in oral discussions with teacher and peers

3. Language Use Activities in Learning Centres The teacher prepares mini lessons based on specific needs of children to prepare them for reading & writing activities; e.g. grammar, vocabulary, word recognition, decoding skills, spelling 2. Shared Writing Experiences The teacher models writing

using childrens language. Children engage in writing together and in writing independently 8 Why Books? Books: open up the world for children help children think and wonder increase childrens vocabulary

and knowledge about the world around them provide good examples for reading and writing 9 Each STELLAR Unit includes Focused Reading using Big Books reading for enjoyment reading for knowledge

10 Each STELLAR Unit includes Key Teaching Points concepts about print: (i.e. spacing between words, reading from left to right, punctuation) vocabulary (i.e. meaning of words, phrases)

11 Each STELLAR Unit includes word identification activities (i.e. spelling patterns, lettersound relationships) grammar (i.e. present tense, past tense, singular/plural forms)

12 Each STELLAR Unit includes Development of the four language skills listening speaking reading writing 13 Each STELLAR Unit includes

Development of social skills: oral interaction among peers in non-threatening situations working in partnership with other children turn taking & respect for others during class discussions 14 Each STELLAR Unit includes Independent learning individual reading

individual writing working at learning centres 15 Showcase your schools STELLAR lessons Schools may wish to include other relevant information for parents here For example insertion of

students work & video clips/photographs of STELLAR lessons conducted 16 STELLAR Curriculum (Lower Primary) The STELLAR curriculum is very comprehensive. Integrates all language skills Skills are enhanced through daily practice.

Key language items are explicitly taught to children. 17 STELLAR Curriculum (Lower Primary) It supports the current syllabus and will be in line with the 2009 EL Syllabus. Its aim is to move learners towards

independence using quality childrens books and activities that motivate and engage young learners. 18 STELLAR needs Parents Support Home support help your child learn English by providing English language reading materials at home. Activate childs interest show your child that you believe learning

English is both enjoyable and useful in your daily life. 19 STELLAR needs Parents Support Role models read and write notes and messages in front of your child. Understanding English language learning requires frequent exposure to listening, speaking, reading and writing opportunities and activities rather than use of worksheets alone.

20 Word of Caution Children need support and encouragement Doing lots of worksheets and homework could create negative association with school 21

How you can help your child Go to the library together Have lots of books, magazines and newspapers in your home Give your child books about their special interests 22 How you can help your child Allow your child to choose books to read and reread Read to and with your child (or, have

your child read to you) Remember that reading in a mother tongue language also fosters a love for books and knowledge Talk about the books and characters read 23 Books that interest children have Clear print and colourful, attractive

illustrations or photographs A strong storyline Interesting characters 24 Books that interest children Are about everyday life Are repetitive and have rhyming words to help children remember words

25 Some language activities you can do with your child include Playing language games like word scavenger hunt. (Looking for a word in print materials.) Reading aloud a book and asking your child to identify words beginning with the same sound, for example, p pancake, pick, put, police,

pat, etc. 26 Some language activities you can do with your child include Helping your child learn more interesting words by thinking of new words to replace known words, for example, big huge, enormous, large, gigantic, etc. Getting your child to retell a story to you in

his or her own words Suggesting that your child give a different ending to the story read 27 Thank you for your TIME & INTEREST in the STELLAR PROGRAMME!


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