Center for Assessment and Testing - Florida State University ...

Center for Assessment and Testing - Florida State University ...

Introduction to the Office of the University Registrar Kimberly A. Barber, Ph.D. University Registrar Registrar Functions @ FSU Registration Transcripts Graduation

Residency reclassification Collecting/posting of grades Class scheduling Student records audit and analysis Curriculum updates Enrollment management research/data requests Enrollment certification: enrollment, athletes Publishing University

Bulletins, Registration Guides, class schedules Mandatory First Class Meeting All students must attend first class meeting or be dropped, regardless of discipline, course level, size, delivery method, etc. Faculty required to take attendance at first class meeting Absentees should be reported immediately to academic department Unless told otherwise, department will process drops Different methods can be used for distance

learning or large lecture classes. Check with Blackboard support for assistance. Non-attendance drops and student aid Required to remain compliant with Federal Financial Aid rules Keeps students from receiving aid when they are not attending Students expect to be dropped through this method Failure to do so may end up costing them money under Federal law

FERPA for Faculty Federal law, protects students educational record Can release directory information Directory information

Name Date/place of birth Local Address Permanent address Telephone number (if listed) Directory information cont. Classification Major Participation in official University actives/sports

Weight/height of athletic team members Dates of attendance Degree, honors, awards received Most recently attended educational institution FSUCard photo Not on this list? Do not release, its protected information For more information: Consider student privacy Students grading papers/quizzes in class or

leaving papers in a pile for pick up Letters of recommendation-need release Storage of data in internal databases, USB drives Do not provide list of students enrolled in classes to anyone, private or commercial When in doubt, contact the Registrar's Office for assistance University Portal Online help: Buttons on the left allow for quick access to FSU Home page (FSU)

Blackboard (Bb), Email (@fsu), Human Resources (HR), Financials (FI), Student Central (SC), Service Center, Business Objects (BI) Online Faculty Resources Quick links for key faculty resources available under the Teaching menu. Faculty Center: one stop shop for class rosters,

student emails, grade rosters, textbooks, etc. Students and Parents Do not discuss students progress with nonuniversity officials (including parents) without students consent Students can grant authorization online to individuals Navigation in SC : Main Manu>Campus Community>Share my Information (admin) Grade Submission Grades must be submitted by 4 p.m. on the Tuesday immediately following the last day of

classes/exams in a given term. Grades are submitted online through Faculty Center. Failure to submit grades by the deadline may result in a $10 fine per student. More information can be found at htm Thank you!

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