Chinese New Year - Purdue University

Chinese New Year - Purdue University

Chinese New Year Historical Background By Christopher Lin

Background Information

Centuries old event. Most Significant holiday. Largest human migration. A 15 day long celebration starting from 1/1 (Sunday) of the Lunar Calendar ( ).

Ends on the 15th day, known as the Lantern Festival ( ) The Zodiac Similar to the Western Zodiac of the 12 astrological signs. 12 Zodiac animals: Mouse, Ox, Tiger,

Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Boar. Coming year Boar (Joo or D))

Public Holidays

7 days in China 5 days in Taiwan 3 days in Hong Kong and Macau 2 days in Malaysia and Singapore

Purpose A time of reunion with family. Reunion dinner on New Years Eve ( Chu shi) This Saturday Red envelopes ( Hong bao) or Ang Pao)) containing money ( Ya shui chian)

Superstitions and Beliefs Stay up all night on New Years Eve. It is considered very unlucky to:

Sweep the floor on the 1st five days of New Year Talk of the deceased Getting a hair cut vs (to cut your fortune) Buying books vs (to lose) Break dishes vs ( sui sui ping an)

The Story of Nien A ferocious beast called Nien Comes out from the sea every year to eat

people The people drove Nien away with Red, Fire and Noises. Greeting: Congratulations (Gong-shi), (Guo-Nien ) Visiting) Gift

Why??? Night Market Night Market

Night Market Red Pocket Money) New Year Poetry) New Year Poetry)

Happy New Year

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