Estuaries - Loudoun County Public Schools

Estuaries - Loudoun County Public Schools

Warm Up What is an ESTUARY? https:// h?v=XLumSN4G5P4 Estuary Defined partially enclosed body of

water formed where fresh water from rivers and streams flows into a bay or ocean, mixing with the salt water. Estuaries come in all shapes and sizes and go by different names. Bays,

lagoons, harbors, inlets, or sounds *some familiar: San Francisco Bay, Puget Sound, Boston Harbor, Tampa Bay, and of

course, the Chesapeake Bay! Chesapeake Bay Estuary The Chesapeake Bay is the largest of about 130 estuaries in the United States. Chesapeake Bay Characteristics

~ about 200 miles long (just the bay!) ~ average depth only 21 feet Biotic and Abiotic have special adaptations for estuary living! *The salinity level is constantly changing!

What is the tidal area? where the salinity is constantly changing with the tides. Blue Heron Common Animals: http:// an_wetland_provides_refuge_for_baltimore_wildlife shore birds fish, crabs and lobsters, marine mammals sea birds Lizards, snakes,

turtles Seals and otters Animals in an Estuary Copperhead Quick Fact: *Tidewater is

water that is affected by the ebb and flow of tides. Estuaries are Important for living things (biotic): Variety of food for animals Nursery for eggs and babies

Protection from waves and severe weath Close to fresh water Natural filter (grasses, sand, soil mix) Recreation and commerce Estuaries Provide a Variety of Habitats shallow waters

river deltas fresh and salt water marshes

tidal pools sea grass and kelp beds mud and sand flats

wooded swamps rocky shores oyster reefs

sandy beaches Estuaries are important for humans Economic benefits: tourism/visitors, commercial fishing, transportation, shipping, and community living

Did you know? 1. Estuaries provide habitat for 75% of Americas commercial fish catch. 2. Estuaries provide more than 28 million jobs. 3. The average American Spends 10 recreational days on the coast of an estuary each year.

Health of Estuaries Unfortunately, an increase in concentration of people near estuaries is upsetting the natural balance of estuarine ecosystems. People can Harm Estuaries Channels are dredged, which causes sediment to get in the estuary and

cause higher turbidity. People Harm Estuariescontinued Shorelines are reconstructed to make room for housing and agricultural needs by filling marshes and wetlands. n a

b Ur ff! o n u r Water is polluted and recreation creates excess

sediments. Over fishing- fewer crab and fish stop the food chain for birds and mammals. The larger animals will starve. https:// OW1yn8U

Unhealthy Estuary: 8 Loss habitat for animals and plants Loss of food for animals and humans Endanger or causing extinction of animals and plants

Water to dirty to drink or swim in No protection from severe weather Easier to flood Loss of money Lets have some fun VERY DIFFICULT TO WATCH! VIEWER DISCRESSION IS ADVISED!


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