General Engineering Program - McGill University

General Engineering Program - McGill University

General Engineering Program GEP Choosing Your Major Friday, March 20, 2015 Presented by: Christin Blohm-Pape Faculty Student Advisor Choosing Your Major Students with a CGPA of 3.2 or greater and 27 credits of coursework at the end of the Winter term will be granted their 1st choice of major program.

Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mining Engineering Materials Engineering Software Engineering Choosing Your Major Still unsure which Majors interest you? Check out the following resources: http:// programs FACC 100 Introduction to the Engineering Profession Speak to older students; ask them about their major The Major Application Form The Link to the online GEP Major Application will be sent to your McGill email on March 20, 2015. Link: The application must be completed by: April 10, 2015. Decisions will be made by May 29, 2015. You must rank your preferences in order of major with 1 being your 1st choice, 2 your 2nd choice and so on. You must rank all 8 majors. Failure to do so may result in your assignment to an engineering major outside of your preference list.

Important Registration for U1 students (you) will open before you are emailed your Major. You will be able to register only for common courses (i.e. MATH 262 & 263, CCOM 206, FACC 300, COMP 208, etc.). Once you have been placed in your Major (May 29th) you will be able to register for the rest of your courses. Do register for your common courses with your intended major in mind (especially if your CGPA is close to 3.20). You dont need to worry about other courses as you will have an advisor in your new academic department who will assist you if courses are full. Minor Programs Typically involve taking on 9-15 credits of extra coursework Biomedical Engineering Biotechnology

Software Engineering Construction Engineering and Management Environmental Engineering Materials Engineering Mining Engineering Technological Entrepreneurship Arts, Economics Minor Programs in Finance, Management, Marketing, and Operations Management Chemistry Management Offered by other Faculties Mathematics Physics Minor in Musical Science and Technology Minor in Environment Computer Science

McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC) Your one-stop-shop for academic and career advising, peer tutoring, job and internship opportunities Academic & Career Advising Student Affairs Office Engineering Career Centre Academic Advising and Program Exploration Internship Program

Workshops Career advising & interview preparation Scholarships Workshops & company presentations

Undergraduate Research Opportunities myFuture - online job postings and resources Student Exchange Programs Peer Tutoring Program Tutorial sessions for Year 0 and Year 1 students Preparing for Final Exams

Engineering Peer Tutoring Services (EPTS), FDA 6B for Exam Prep First-year (Year 0 and Year 1) courses Tutoring by senior engineering students: group, one-on-one Study sessions before mid-term and final exams Questions?

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