George Seurat

George Seurat

1859 to 1891 Georges Seurats Life Born in Paris, France. He liked books more than food! Went to Paris art school in 1878. He died at the young age of 31, making his career as an artist less than 10 years.

"The Eiffel Tower" Georges Seurat He was introduced to painting by an uncle, an amateur painter. He would spend a year or more on one painting trying to capture a lasting moment. He liked to draw live models. Vocabulary Primary Color

One of three basic colors Red, Blue, Yellow These are original colors they cannot be made from other colors Vocabulary Secondary Color A color made by mixing equal amounts of 2 primary colors. Green, Orange, Violet

How do you make Green? Blue + Yellow How do you make Orange? Red + Yellow How do you make Violet?

Red + Blue Vocabulary Can you see how the primary colors overlap to create the secondary colors? What color is in the middle? Vocabulary Pointillism

(POINT-ill-ism or PWAN-till-ism) A painting technique invented by Georges Seurat Apply color in dots or strokes It took Georges Seurat many years to create his paintings. Can you see any dots in this picture?

"A Sunday on La Grande" Can you see the dots Examples Admire some of Georges Seurats artwork Notice the use of color and light How many different colors

can you see in this? What colors are created by overlapping paints? What do you think the weather is like in this painting? "The Siene at La Grande Jatte" Examples Come stand close to

this picture; can you see the dots? Can you imagine sitting in the audience? What can you hear? What can you smell? "The Circus" Practice Pointillism

Red Draw three overlapping circles Dap the first circle with red let dry completely Dap the second circle with blue let dry completely Add dots of yellow to the 3rd circle Add white and/or black to the outer parts of the circles, if you wish

Step back what colors do you see? Do you see secondary colors? Yellow Blue What We Will Be Doing You will be creating a work similar to Georges

Seurat You will be creating a pointillism painting with dots or short lines Process Sketch a picture with a pencil on white paper Paint it using dots of pure color use cotton swabs Use white and black to make tints and shades of colors How many different colors you can invent?

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