Grants for the arts funding seminar - City of Winchester

Grants for the arts funding seminar - City of Winchester

7 February 2018 Grants for the arts funding seminar Simon Jutton Senior Relationship Manager #culturematters Arts Council England #culturematters Arts Council England champions, develops and invests in artistic and cultural experiences that enrich people's lives. We support a range of activities across the arts,

museums and libraries - from theatre to digital art, reading to dance, music to literature, and crafts to collections. Between 2015 and 2018, we will invest 1.1 billion of public money from government and an estimated 700 million from the National Lottery to help create these experiences for as many people as possible across the country. Artswork: Strong Voices, Guildhall 2015 Photo Murray Freestone

Our funding portfolio We offer a range of different funding programmes including: National Portfolio funding Major Partner Museum funding Grants for the arts We also offer a range of strategic funding programmes which are specifically aligned to certain priorities or sectors. You can find out more about these on the funding pages of our website. #culturematters Nuffield Youth Theatre Southamapton Girls Like That Photo Richard Budd

What is Grants for the arts? A key feature of how Arts Council England delivers our mission, Achieving Great Art For Everyone Grants for the arts distributes awards of between 1000 and usually 100,000 from the National Lottery to: individuals arts organisations people who use the arts in their work For time limited arts-related activities that: benefit people in England help artists and arts organisations in England carry out their work

#culturematters Background first launched in April 2003 budget 210 million for 20152018; thats 70 million of lottery funding each year is light touch Quick decisions: 6 weeks for applications for 15k and under 12 weeks for applications for over 15k decisions are made on an area basis based on the postcode location of

lead applicant #culturematters Farnham Maltings: Youth Theatre rehearsals Photo Lulu Lockett The competition Last year we received more than 10,000 applications. We must fund just over 4,000 awards 40% We will always receive more good applications than we can fund so advise you to consider other sources of funding whilst applying to us. #culturematters

Imbalance by Joli Vyann Photo Moving Productions Photography Who can apply? #culturematters arts organisations / artists / researchers / local authorities / commissioners / festival writers / musicians / museums / libraries / performers / directors/ promoters presenters / curators / designer makers / producers / universities / voluntary groups consortiums of schools / choreographers / community groups / composers / experimental artists

Click icon to add picture Farnham Maltings: Antarctica by Little Bulb Theatre, produced by Farnham Maltings' Photo Paul Blackmore Click icon to add picture What kind of activity do we fund? #culturematters productions / exhibitions / participatory projects / events / festivals / carnivals / workshops / digital projects / artistic research and development / commissions / participation / asset purchase / building renovation / making

work / touring / residencies / professional development / international partnerships / organisation and business development / audience development / consortium building Napoleon Maddox performing at Turner Sims Southampton Photo Gerry Walden for Turner Sims Southampton Theatre Alibi - Mucky Pup Photo Steve Tanner What kind of activity do we not fund? Activities that are not arts-related Activities that provide no potential benefit to the public, either in the short or long term Students towards their course of study

Educational establishments towards curriculum activity Retrospective activities, including buying goods or services, which take place or start before we would be able to decide on the application General running costs and overheads that are paid for by other income, including applicants own funds Secondhand equipment (apart from certain musical instruments and specialist equipment) Activities or events mainly taking place outside England (some exceptions) Film or video production, training or assets unless it is in support of artists work in the moving image #culturematters Read the guidance Read our How to apply guidance Use the information sheets on our website Contact us to discuss eligibility 0845 300 6200 Online application form available through Arts Council England website The website includes links to all relevant guidance and will

check applications before they are submitted for instance, it will check if the budget is balanced. #culturematters The application form Focused, directive questions relating to our four criteria - Quality - Public engagement - Management - Finance Click icon to add picture To ensure applicants give us exactly the information we need to know How to apply guidance online

provides step by step advice #culturematters Proteus Theatre, Mexican Day of the Dead half term parade Photo D & M Photography Artistic Quality The quality of the activity and its ongoing effect on artistic practice they would like to do, and how this activity will help them or their organisation develop. In this section of the application form we want applicants to tell us about

their artistic work, some more detail about the activity We also ask about any other artists they may be working with, what their role is, and why they have chosen to work with them. #culturematters New Carnival Company - Mardi Gras Photo Julian Winslow Public engagement How the activity increases opportunities for the public to engage in arts activities In this section of the application form we want applicants to tell us about who will engage with their activity. We ask them to estimate the numbers engaging with the

activity based on what they think they will achieve. They have a chance to tell us more about the audiences and/or participants, who they are and how they will reach them. #culturematters Proteus Theatre, Mexican Day of the Dead half term parade Photo D & M Photography What is public engagement? #culturematters Click icon to add picture

Any of, or all of the following attending an arts event taking part in an arts activity volunteering to work at or with an arts organisation working with an artist or group of artists to design or create an artwork helping to make decisions about arts activity in a local community or helping an arts organisation to make decisions about its work The New Carnival Company, Newchurch Lantern Trail Photo Graham Reading Finance How realistic the activity is financially Does the budget balance? The budget should cover the whole activity

Should have at least 10% match funding from other sources Can include support in kind as match funding Is there enough money to do the project? Is the income and expenditure appropriate? Have the risks been accounted for? Does it leverage other funds? Can the applicant manage it? #culturematters Management How the activity will be managed Is it doable and can you do it? Remember Gfta funds projects (e.g. one-off activity which achieves clearly stated objectives within a time limit) Consider the principles of good project management: Capability - do you have the skills and experience or do your partners Capacity Resources - Time, Money, People, Equipment Project management Triangle - time/resources/quality

#culturematters Evaluation why is it needed? All GFTA applicants have to complete and submit a Final activity report form for their activity in order to receive the final 10% of the grant Wider rationale #culturematters Evaluation helps with planning, as it makes you think about what youre aiming to do, how you will do it and how you will know if youve succeeded

Ongoing feedback keeps you on track Evaluation helps prove the value of what you are doing Evaluation costs money - has it been accounted for in the budget? Learn from what didnt go well What informs our decision meeting? Information in the application form The context Our professional judgement Benchmark against other applications #culturematters 'The Church of Vtheuil by Claude Monet Photo Southampton City Art Gallery If you are

unsuccessful #culturematters Most decision meetings are competitive If we are not able to fund your activity this time, we will highlight the main reason(s) the application was unsuccessful The information in the decision letter is the full level of feedback that we can provide We recommend that unsuccessful applicants revisit the How

to apply guidance as well as any appropriate information sheets, particularly the understanding the appraisal process guidance You can apply again at any time, but any new application for the same activity must address the reasons that the original application was not successful If you are successful Offer packs must be signed and returned to us within one month We will normally pay the money in stages - 90/10 for under 15k or 50/40/10 for over 15k Conditions monitored by Grant Management Assistants, tasking out to RMs where needed

Applicants cannot reapply if there are outstanding documents required in their last project. Applicants must acknowledge our funding and the National Lottery, including using our funding mark appropriately Applicants must evaluate their work and fill in an activity report form #culturematters 12 March 2018 Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants Detailed guidance 12 February 2018 SOS Studios Resident Illustrators Biscuit Collective demonstrate balloon moulding in their studio, A Space Arts Harry Usborne 2017 Changes Museums & Libraries

Creative & digital media Nationally significant projects MUSE: makers in museums a SW Heritage Trust project with contemporary makers Dorcas Casey Development Funds Diversity, resilience, business innovation and leadership

Creative People & Places Capital Developing Your Creative Practice Gulbenkian's bOing! Festival, 2016, feat. ZoieLogic Dance Theatre's RIDE ZoieLogic Dance Theatre.

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