How to Run School-based Gifted Education in QMSS Effectively

How to Run School-based Gifted Education in QMSS Effectively

How to run school-based gifted education effectively in QMSS Principal Jasmine C.H. Yeung Mr. Richard H.F. Tong H.K.M.L.C. Queen Maud Secondary School HK-UK GE Conference From Gifted to Great 7 March 2008 Organized by EDB ,The HK Academy for GE, British Consulate-General HK Misconceptions towards gifted

education (GE) in HK school context Gifted students : -- only a very small and limited number; -- do not exist in my school ; -- can perform their giftedness naturally ; -- are expected to perform their best on every aspect of their studies; Teachers : -- not gifted => teaching gifted students? GE is usually neglected !

However, the situation of running school-based GE in a school is . The school factors on schoolbased GE that work How to 1. define the rationale on GE 2. start GE 3. deliver effective curriculum leadership 4. carry out effective pedagogy on GE

5. determine a schoolbased model of GE 6. ensure the success of GE 7. sustain the GE development QMSS => Multiple Intelligence in definition of GE Gifted = > 130 points in the IQ test run by a qualified education psychologist Multiple Intelligence initiated by Professor Howard Gardner (1983 ) Individuals can be defined as gifted in certain areas if they show talents in linguistic, spatial, logicalmathematical, naturalistic, musical, bodily- kinesthetic, intrapersonal and interpersonal aspects.

QMSS adopts MI as every child has his or her own giftedness in some of the eight aspects. The rationale towards Gifted Education in QMSS Its the responsibility of a school to provide appropriate and well-designed curriculum and other learning experience specific to their special educational needs, with regard to their multiple intelligences development of those gifted students.

Overcoming resistances Resistances from teachers: Fear of increased workload Different definitions on Giftedness Lack of professional training on GE Lack of appropriate resources available for use Incoherent views from teachers towards a school-based GE. Crucial GE development in QMSS Finding an anchor point to start GE

Providing a platform for discussions across different levels inside school Reaching a consensus among staff : Policy on delivering School-based GE & GE Community Service ever since 2003 Forming an effective GE working team Providing appropriate GE trainings for teachers Establishing GE policy A GE policy established in a whole-school approach to cater the high learning abilities among students

Streaming junior form students into stratified levels according to different learning abilities in Languages, Science & Mathematics. GE Community Service : East Kowloon District Training Program for Gifted & Talented since 2003 (inc. Parent Contents Education)

Part I: Foundation Training 1. Creative Training 2. Critical Thinking 3. Creative Leadership Part II: Different Areas of Thinking Skills Training 1. Chinese Creative Writing 2. English Creative Performing Arts 3. Creative Problem-solving in Mathematics 4. Creative Exploration in Science Part III: Social Service Part IV: Learning celebration & presentation of certificates An effective working group on GE

The principal create vision and mission on GE development / formulate GE policy; Head of curriculum development to direct the overall design on school-based GE curriculum GE Coordinator to assist head of curriculum development to co-ordinate and implement GE policies Panel Chairpersons of key learning areas to implement GE policies and curriculum designs at panel level Subject Teachers in delivering GE to implement GE at class level and/or to lead GE at OLE level.

School-based Teacher development for delivering school-based GE in QMSS 1. Share the vision of school on GE; 2. Deliver well-planned school-based staff development programs coherent and tailor-made to the school GE development plan; Workshop inside school for developing curriculum teaching with creativity

3. GE Training Outside School 4. GE Teaching Demonstration 5. Establish GE Resources Centre Effective pedagogies for GE teaching Teaching

strategies: deepened and accelerated; enriched, Tailored made teaching materials; Adding teaching elements: creativity and critical thinking skills; Design students assignments: stratification of learning abilities.

To determine model that can work out Core elements of GE teaching ? Domains of GE covered ? Levels of curriculum differentiation ? In QMSS , A 3-tier School-based Gifted Education Model was adopted since year 2003 According to Prof. Renzulli of American Gifted Education Resources Center 3 Conditions for Gifted Behaviours:

High Intelligence I.Q. High Creativi ty Gifted C.Q. E.Q.

High Task Commitme nt Core Elements of GE teaching Infused in various disciplines Creativity Critical thinking Leadership Training

The Domains of GE covered in QMSS Academic (inc. Aesthetic) Affective Other Learning Experiences Whole Person Development of a gifted student 3rd level: Outsi de School III

2nd level: Extracted II C II D 1st level: Grouped IA IB

General Areas (Regular Curriculum) Nature Specific Areas (Differentiated Curriculum) Level I 1A Dealing gifted students at regular curricul um in General Areas

Period of implementation : Whole Academic year Target group : JS1-JS3 Students A. Basic Thinking Skills Training JS1 Thinking Education Curriculum (1 period/cycle) Aims: To cultivate students thinking skills for all S1students B . Basic Research Skills Training JS2 Project Learning Curriculum (1 period/cycle) Aims : To raise students ability in conducting research regarding cross curriculum learning areas Level I IA

Regular Teaching C. JS2 Leadership Training & Social Service program (6 periods/year) D. JS1-3 Affective education provided for gifted students (6 periods/year) (a) JS1-3 Life Education Curriculum (1 period/cycle) Aims: To enhance human relationship skills among gifted students (b) JS1-3 Learning Habits Portfolio: Aims: To help students build up learning attitude, reading habits and strategies

Level I : 1B Dealing of gifted education by Differentiated curriculum in regular teaching in specific areas Period of implementation : whole academic year Target group : JS1-JS3 students Identification : Streaming according to academic res lts Language Elite classes (+ Public speaking program) Maths. & Science Elite Classes 1B Seed Projects Worked with EDB to develop the school-based

GE curriculum Science research & exploratory project Program on remarkable project-based learning Problem solving strategies in Maths. teaching

Independent Learning Program in Chinese Game Therapy in Affective Education Program Integrated Humanities Curriculum Mathematics school-based curriculum Outstanding leadership training programetc. Teaching Strategies on 1B : GE Curriculum will be tailor-made, trimmed and compacted (1) To accelerate: complete the standard teaching schedule faster in order to

create rooms for students to learn mor e and deeper, (2) To widen : teach beyond the syllabus (3) To deepen : teach those parts that are difficult to learn Level II: 2C Dealing gifted education by offering differentiated curriculum by differentiated streaming of students in general areas through pullout programs Pullout program training for generic skills for more

able students : Year-round Leadership Training Pullout Program 1. Advanced English Public Speaking Program for outstanding students How to speak like a leader ? 2. Social Service Program 3. Organization Skills Level III : GE Outside School participating GE courses run by the EDB & other tertiary institutions Nomination of participants is based on (1) Students performance on both academic

and non-academic aspects (2) Recommended by Subject Panel Heads / Class Teachers / Subject Teachers / Parents /Self. Establishing a pool of outstanding students Thinking Education Curriculum in QMSS (Level 1A) For JS1 students Purposes: To enhance high order thinking skills To prepare for NSS Liberal studies Basic Topics

1. Understanding and Nurturing Multiple Intelligences 2. Six Thinking Hats 3. Use of Graphic Organizers Advanced Topics 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

9. Creative Thinking Linguistic Analysis Fallacy Analysis Basic Logical Thinking Reliability of Information Practice on High-order Thinking To ensure the Success of GE Teaching

Collecting feedback from teachers on GE teaching 1. Log book - record how they teach and the process of students learning 2. Written report noting the success/failure in GE teaching; 3. Teachers oral feedback and reflection 4. Interviews by GE coordinator

Collecting feedback from students on GE teaching Students Performance of examinations & assignments Study Journal filled in by students Action Research => to reflect the effectiveness of their learning Teachers Feedback on GE in QMSS Teachers basically agree that the GE

policy and the differentiated teaching 1. => gifted students learning with high motivation 2. => learn more, learn faster, learn better. Students Feedback on GE in QMSS Welcome: 1. greater learning opportunity, 2. they could handle the accelerated, extended and deepened part of GE learning

Effective ways in gaining success of GE in school 1. Does not depend on a single system, but rather, it depends on the learning process. 2. Learning style is more important than teaching style. 3. Pay more attention on the nonintelligent factors of developing gifted education. Important ways of helping Gifted Students to grow

Offering learning opportunities ; Making challenging curriculum ; Providing encouraging learning environment ; Encouraging appropriate competitions ; Cultivating independent learning ; Reinforcing reading habits & skills. How to sustain the development of GE in school (1) --Continue to emphasize the importance of

helping elites learn better; -- Keep obtaining the consensus from different school stakeholders ; -- Delegate appropriate personnel to achieve task performance ; --Ensure the GE policy have been implemented, even with slight adjustment ; How to sustain the development of GE in school (2) --Make use of various opportunities to share the GE achievement ;

--Keep a strong connection with GE bodies outside school. Future plans on GE in QMSS Develop more schoolbased GE curricula; Further develop teachers knowledge & skills on GE ; Publish a GE guidebook REWARDING !!!

Teachers grow : Polish their skills on cultivating students creativity & critical thinking; Widen experience on GE ; Students grow : Learn better ! From gifted to great Lets join hands in developing School-based GE !!!

Video Show (1) An English Lesson for F.6 students By Ms Louise Lo The Best Place for Retirement Example of Infusing elements of creativity & critical thinking during teaching process Video Show (2) East Kowloon District Training Program for Gifted and Talented Organized by

QMSS & Hong Kong Association for Parents of Gifted Children Example of Infusing elements of creativity, critical thinking & leadership training during teaching process Thank You !

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