Kaufman High School College Info 101

Kaufman High School College Info 101

A-Gon Traci Mitchell Goo-O Cory Smith P-Z Joanna Davis KAUFMAN HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE INFO 101 KNOW YOUR ENDORSEMENT! In order to apply to a four-year university as a FRESHMAN, you must have passed Algebra 2&

Physics in high school, as well as graduate with an endorsement. Know which endorsement you are satisfying upon graduation: Arts & Humanities Business & Industry Multidisciplinary Public Services PSAT/NMSQT The test will be given to predict success on the SAT test to qualify for National Merit Scholarships (11th graders

only)! October 11th, 2017 (Juniors only) Sophomores will test in the Spring No registration necessary Calculators provided? Practice books will be distributed ***Freshmen and Seniors are not testing, but will have another activity.

TESTING.TESTING.TESTING! College Admissions Tests ACT/SAT (Texas Success Initiative) For both 2 & 4 year schools Universities require either; Can be exempt with strong ACT/SAT scores; also with many students take both Register online with your

strong EOC scores Taken after applying to legal name as it appears college of Sr year and on before your photo ID (DL, orientation passport, school ID) you will bring to No impact on admissions after the test Take during Spring of Jr achieving passing scores

tuh-MAH-toh vs. tuh-MAY-toh SAT ACT English Math Reading Science Optional Essay Evidence-Based Writing & Reading Math Optional Essay

No wrong answer penalty No wrong answer penalty 2 section scores (200-800) Total score between 400-1600 4 section scores (1-36) Total score between 1-36

December 2nd @ KHS deadline to sign up is Nov. 2nd or late entry Nov. 21st. October 28th @ KHS deadline to sign up is October 6th with late fee. WHICH ONE TO TAKE? There is no right test, only the right test for you! 100% of schools will accept either/both tests. Taking both and retesting on the better one is a good

strategy. Take a practice test for each of them and see how you score. Free practice tests can be found with Google searches. COLLEGE SELECTIVITY Highly Selective accept <10% Selectiv e Moderately Selective Not Selective accept 100%

SELECTIVITY SPECIFICS Highly Selective Colleges (i.e. Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Rice) These colleges admit fewer than 10 % of applicants and look for highly ranked students with very high test scores (1300+ or 30+); may also require additional testing and interviews. Selective Colleges (i.e. UT, SMU, A&M, OU, UTD) These colleges accept typically 40-50% of applicants; looking for top 1025% ranked students with strong test scores (1100+ or 24+). Somewhat Selective Colleges (i.e. Texas Tech, Sam Houston,

Texas State, SFA) These colleges accept around 60-75% of WHAT COUNTS MOST FOR COLLEGE ADMISSIONS? Grades/Class Rank ACT/SAT Scores Coursework Essays Extracurricular s Leadership Rec Letters

ADMISSIONS APPROACH o Open Admissions no GPA or test score requirements o Top 10 % Automatic Admission guaranteed acceptance based upon ranking (exception being UT Austin top 8% is required) o Assured Admission sliding scale of rank and test score criteria o Holistic Review Admission consideration based upon academic record, test scores, essays, extracurricular involvement, leadership, recommendation letters, interviews, etc. o Transfer Admission a detour, but ultimately the end result is achieved COLLEGE APPLICATION STEPS

Take college exams; send in scores Apply for FSA ID now www. fafsa.ed.gov Apply FAFSA online after October 1st Apply online

Pay application fee (most are around $50) Request transcript to be sent Apply for housing Compare offers in Spring (watch for deadlines) Notify schools of your decision Take TSI if needed APPLICATIONS Apply Texas all Texas public schools (both 2 and 4 year) www.applytexas.org Common Application single application for over 500 private schools. www.commonapp.org Individual School Application used only at a particular school; applications are available on the respected schools website.

Links to the applications are available on the individual universitys/ colleges website. APPLICATIONS (CONT.) Be aware of deadlines and plan ahead by applying to 3-5 Good Fit colleges by Thanksgiving! Reach apply to a school that its admissions criteria are somewhat beyond your credentials Match apply to a school that its admissions criteria match your credentials fairly closely Safety apply to a school that its admissions RECOMMENDATION LETTERS

Notify faculty 10 days in advance so that they can adequately prepare. Counselor letters require additional information from the student to be done professionally. Letters should be confidential and should never be released to the student or parent. COLLEGE VISITS Call the school for an appointment

Check web for Preview Days Go when students are in session if possible to maximize the visit Bring a list of questions if you have them Get paper documentation from Admissions Office 2 excused absences are allowed in 11th and 12th grades as long as documented proof is provided $$$ HOW TO PAY FOR COLLEGE $$ $ Scholarships, Loans, & Grants

Go to www.fafsa.ed.gov and request a FSA ID. You and your child will each need one for your electronic signature. FAFSA is the starting point for financial aid from your college! Use most current year tax info. It never hurts to see if you qualify for financial assistance. You might be surprised! Check Class of 2018 Remind & the high schools STUDENTS QUALIFYING FOR FREE OR REDUCED LUNCH? Qualifying students can receive the following: 2 fee waivers for ACT test (grades 11-12)

2 fee waivers for SAT test (grades 11-12) 4 free college application fee waivers (grade 12) Reduced fees for AP testing (grades 9-12) Fee waiver for NCAA Eligibility Center (grades 1112) POTENTIAL COLLEGE ATHLETES Athletes wanting to play sports in college need to complete their NCAA paperwork at the close of junior year or beginning of senior year. Go to www.eligibilitycenter.org for forms and information. ASVAB CAREER INVENTORY TEST

Could be useful in deciding on a major Funded by the military, but not specific to military jobs NOT A RECRUITMENT TOOL!!!!! 2 tests offered per year; one in the Fall and one in the Spring WHAT U NEED 2 KNOW Sophomores Juniors Seniors

Make good grades Make good grades Take PSAT Research colleges & careers Remain active in clubs & organizations Volunteer/Get involved Visit colleges Take ACT and/or SAT Register with NCAA if youre an athlete Reference materials

received at college fair ASVAB test if military is desired or unsure of career choice Make good grades Apply to 3-5 schools Retake ACT/SAT if needed ASVAB test if military is desired or unsure of career choice

Remain active in clubs & organizations Volunteer/Get involved Visit colleges Complete FAFSA Apply for scholarships Reference materials received at college Take PSAT Research colleges & careers

Join clubs & organizations Volunteer/Get involved Network - talk to older siblings, relatives, and friends about colleges ASVAB test if military is desired or unsure of career choice

WHOS DRIVING THE CAR? Your child needs to be in the drivers seat because: he/she is capable and prepared. he/she is in training. your relationship is evolving. it makes a valuable impression with colleges. it will build confidence. youre still in the car, just as a support/guide/coach!

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