Managing Student Workers - West Virginia Association of ...

Managing Student Workers - West Virginia Association of ...

Managing Student Workers Workshop Facilitator: Candice Stadler WVASPA & TRiO Joint Fall Conference Parkerburg, WV Whos here? INTRODUCE YOUR SELF! Student On Campus Work Experience is

hands on experience professional development for the student experiential learning leadership training Meet the Millennials (born 1980-2000) Most tech savvy of all generations Social networking experts Me generation

Connected to family Comfortable in working as a group or team Look for feedback frequently - almost daily Desires flexibility in scheduling & work So you want to hire a student worker? Steps to Get Started Develop a job description Identify key job tasks, duties and qualifications.

Create interview questions Develop an orientation/training Example Job Description Include: Position summary Duties Qualifications Compensation

Steps to apply Hiring Practices Interview & Select Candidates Set orientation and/or training dates Select an official start date Communicate any deal breakers during the interview. Have they worked on campus before? Complete Hiring Paperwork with Human Resources

Create personnel filejust like you would for any supervisee Go over confidentiality statements and responsible computer usage statements Orientation/Training Introduce student employee to key individuals that they will be working with

Give a tour of the office Develop a training plan checklist that includes the knowledge and skills needed for the job Discuss on-the-job basics Example: If student is expected to use copy machine, you must show them how to use it.

Set Clear Expectations Provide an overview of the mission of the University, your department, and their position Orientation/Training General office knowledge and skills.

Phone system Email Sending and receiving campus mail Office equipment Cash handling procedures (if appropriate)

Job specific knowledge and skills. Customer service skills. Managing conflict and communication skills. Differentiate between work relationships and friendships. Tell, Show, Do, Review Approach to train processes, procedures, or tasks TELL them what they will be doing and why

SHOW them how to do it Have them DO the work under supervision Have them REVIEW to prove they can do it Expectations of Employment Absences Flexibility in scheduling Dress Electronic communication

Phone etiquette Scheduling Address scheduling challenges immediately Class schedules Last minute schedule changes due to clubs, athletics, class assignments, etc. Unavailability to work during breaks Desire to work additional hours

Identify when you can be flexible In most cases its best to have a specific agreement about when the student will be working. Example: Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 1:004:00 is much more effective than approximately nine hours per week. Conduct Performance Evaluations Use this opportunity to provide formal feedback to the

student. Customize the evaluation to the job Give more positive than negative Allow time to read & review Coaching for Improvement Review standards and expectations of the job. Give clear examples of unacceptable performance.

Utilize effective communication skills (i.e. be clear and concise). Make a plan to correct the problem. Monitor the problem and performance. Case Study Exercise Our Role in College Student Career

Readiness The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) defines career readiness as: Career readiness is the attainment and demonstration of requisite competencies that broadly prepare college graduates for a successful transition into the workplace.

Career Readiness Competencies Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Oral/Written Communication Teamwork/Collaboration Information Technology Application Leadership Professionalism/Work Ethic Career Management

Tips Get to know them personally. Set clear expectations from the beginning. Take the time to give them projects with meaning. Give them professional development opportunities. Help the student translate the skills they have learned into marketable skills for the resume.

References National Association of Colleges and Employers. (2015). Career Readiness Defined. Retrieved from University of Minnesota. (2010). Tips for Selecting and Supervising Student Employees. Retrieved from @toolkit/documents/asset/ohr_asset _493348.pdf

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