Marketing Management: Entrepreneurship Option

Marketing Management: Entrepreneurship Option

Agenda Tired of listening to orders? Tired of working for someone else? B.Y.O.B BE YOUR OWN BOSS! How to get in/requirements for the E-ship program: Applicants from high school Adult applicants

University transfer applicants What you will learn in 1 term st Managerial Finance Marketing Research 1 Computer Applications in Marketing Business planning principles Advanced sales and negotiation

Self employment skills What you will learn in 2 term nd

Business laws International marketing New product and service development Marketing planning Venture development and growth Entrepreneurial skills practicum Directed studies Internet marketing applications Customer service strategies

Current issues of entrepreneurship Benefits & Opportunities Learning from industry professionals Business Faculty Volunteer Opportunities Expand Learning Testimonials

Whether you intend to open a new business immediately upon graduation, or plan to work within a large corporation for the next 20 years, the entrepreneurship program will provide you with the tools to excel in your chosen career. - Gillian Clune, Graduate "The Entrepreneurship Program is exceptional. I entered the program intent on starting my own business

immediately after graduation. What I left with was an understanding that entrepreneurship is not limited to selfemployment, but is the attitude that growing companies are seeking in an employee. Now I have tools for both! Kim Alke, Graduate Adrian Duke

Marketing Management - Entrepreneurship grad Adrian Duke knows a thing or two about building solid working relationships. During his final year in the diploma program, Adrian and his team of colleagues undertook a practicum project for Make It Business, a local bimonthly publication for small business owners and the entrepreneurially-minded. The BCIT student team was tasked with developing a national expansion plan for the publication, to be implemented in the fall of 2010. Not only did the owners and publishers at Make It Business like what the team recommended, they liked Adrians working style and positive outlook so much that they tapped him to lead their sales and marketing efforts, including the national expansion, as their marketing specialist.

After graduating from his program in June 2009, Adrian, who was also a participant in the Ch'nook Scholars program, took on the exciting new role full-time. He now dedicates himself to promoting the publication to potential advertisers, subscribers, and small business owners. Make It Business is currently expanding their resource base for small business owners, starting with the launch of an innovative new book club. Designed to facilitate discussion, relationship building, and resource sharing amongst the small business community, the book club will review selected business books with a facilitator once per month. Meetings will take place at various Blenz coffee house locations around the Lower Mainland. Adrian credits his mentors, BCIT Entrepreneurship program head Rick Kroetch, Make It Business president Josh Chicher

and publisher Victor Chew Wong, for his success in his career thus far. He looks forward to the continual development and challenges at Make It Business, including plans to relocate to Toronto to lead the national expansion in 2010. Why Choose the Entrepreneurship Option? Life time knowledge Any job in any industry Conclusion heading: Conclusion

subheadings: marketing, management,and entrepreneurial subheadings: acquire knowledge and develop skills subheadings: "identification and satisfaction of customer needs" References

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