Citrus Heights Comprehensive Transit Plan OCTOBER 11, 2018 1 Staff Recommendation Hear public comment regarding the proposed Citrus Heights Transit Plan Adopt the Citrus Heights

Transit Plan as presented or with modifications as directed by the City Council 2 2 PRESENTATION AGENDA 01 Project Overview 02 Preferred

Plan 03 Service Standards 04 Next Steps 3 PROJECT OVERVIEW 4 4

Citrus Heights Transit Plan Purpose and Objective Provide a long term transit vision for the city with prioritized approaches to guide the city to support transit service that meets the current and future needs of Citrus Heights Ensure consideration of traditional and emerging mobility options and flexible operational models Determine the most appropriate alternative for transit service provision and management 5

5 Project Overview - Timeline Service Analysis Spring/Summer 2017 Market Demand Analysis Spring Summer 2017 Community Input Activities Summer/Fall 2017

Coordination with Adjacent Transit Agencies On-going Findings Review & Documentation Winter 2017/18 Alternatives Analysis Winter/Spring 2018 City Council Study Session June 28, 2018

Final Report on Comprehensive Analysis, Plan, and Recommendations September 2018 Plan presented to City Council for adoption - October 11, 2018 6 6 Community Outreach Pop-up Pop-up Workshops Workshops Online Online Engagement

Engagement Tool Tool Public Public Information Information & Notification & Notification Stakeholder Stakeholder Focus Focus Group Group Meetings

Meetings 7 7 Transit Plan Organization Executive Summary Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Market Demand Analysis Chapter 3 Transit Service Overview Chapter 4 Evaluation of Existing Bus Service Performance Chapter 5 Paratransit Services Chapter 6 Outreach Chapter 7 Alternatives Analysis Chapter 8 Preferred Plan Appendix A Detailed Route Profiles

Appendix B Comments from surveys 8 PREFERRED PLAN 9 Service Alternatives Considered Local Trips Microtransit Restructure SacRT routes to serve locally focused trips within Citrus Heights Expand service on Old Auburn Blvd, Roseville Road (west of I-80), and neighborhoods east of Fair Oaks. New service is hourly. Reduce frequency on Route 23 to every 60 minutes from every 30 minutes Builds off Local Trips alternative to focus on internal trips through expanded microtransit

Eliminate poor performing routes (such as Route 24, 28, and 95) to invest in on-demand microtransit Service would be an expanded version of SmaRT ride with faster response times Commute Connectivity Extends Route 21 to serve destinations in Roseville (Kaiser Hospital, Galleria, etc) New Express Route 28 alignment to serve Sunrise Station and employment centers in Rancho Cordova Additional Express Route 103 along Old Auburn Blvd New Regional Service Unconstrained option that includes service expansions both locally and regionally. Additional cost of $2 million/year that will guide future service expansions such as new

Express Routes and regional service described in pervious alternatives 10 Service Delivery Alternatives Considered Status quo: Continue contracting service delivery to SacRT Stand alone service: Citrus Heights provides transit services to its

residents Annexation: Citrus Heights becomes part of SacRTs service area 11 Transit Service Priorities General Public Services 1. Preserve local circulation for Citrus Heights residents combination of fixed route and microtransit service 2. Ensure Citrus Heights is connected to the regional network e.g. fixed route to light rail 3. Improve access to regional employment destinations such as Roseville and Rancho

Cordova improvements to include route extensions and express services Paratransit Service Ensure access and service to ADA Paratransit eligible individuals remain constant, this includes direct access to medical facilities in Roseville and Adult Day Health locations in Carmichael and Rancho Cordova 12 Relationship Transit Plan to SacRT Annexation Transit Plan Most important existing service to Citrus Heights residents Largest gaps in existing service Trade-offs within existing funding Service Provision

Alternatives How best to provide the services identified in the plan? Continue contract with RT Annex into SacRT taxing district Establish stand-alone transit system Annex in SacRT Negotiated annexation How to ensure more important services and improvements are protected 13 13 Transit Service Management Preferred Approach

Negotiated Annexation agreement with SactRT Guidance for negotiating the agreement comes from the CHTP: o Maintain and improve local access/connectivity o Maintain and improve regional access/connections o Improve access to regional job centers Establish service priorities through service access and travel time standards, as opposed to a particular transit network Achieve community priorities through performance criteria based on service access and travel time standards 14 SERVICE STANDARDS

15 Local Access and Coverage How does the preferred alternative establish a future for local access? 16 Regional Access How does the preferred alternative establish a future for regional access? Access to Blue and/or Gold Line: Minimum service frequency 15 minutes from 6 am until 7 pm Travel time not more than 10% greater than auto travel time Access to regional employment centers: Travel time not more than 10% greater than auto travel time Service in express or limited stop mode

17 NEXT STEPS 18 Next Steps Adopt the 2018 Citrus Heights Transit Plan (CHTP) Include the recommended deal points in the negotiations toward annexation and related agreements Incorporate CHTP as much as possible throughout SacRT Forward process using adopted service standards Continue to monitor SmaRT Ride and improve based on community feedback Keep community engaged and informed as transit service changes are considered and implemented 19

Staff Recommendation Hear public comment regarding the proposed Citrus Heights Transit Plan Adopt the Citrus Heights Transit Plan as presented or with modifications as directed by the City Council 20 Tim Payne 811 First Avenue Seattle, WA 98101 [email protected] Sam Erickson 621 SW Morrison Street Portland, OR 97205

[email protected] NELSON\NYGAARD CONSULTING ASSOCIATES 2018 Snapshot of SmaRT Ride 22 Topic Area Annexation Administrative Relationship

Capital Projects Proposed Annexation Deal Points Annexation will increase the voting power for Citrus Heights, which will vary depending on the total number of member jurisdictions, with 100 total shares divided as follows: five shares to each annexed jurisdiction and the remaining shares allocated based on financial contribution of TDA and other local and federal funds. City and SacRT to explore changes to annexation threshold legislation. Citrus Heights will continue to receive Transportation Development Act (TDA) funds for local bicycle, pedestrian, and transit projects. These funds are typically used as matching funds. There shall be a process for robust and collaborative interaction between SacRT and Citrus Heights staff. Annual reports to City Council by SacRT or jointly between SacRT and city staff. Ensure agreement includes commitment to collaborate on planning, and implementation of strategic capital and operational investments; cost-share on transit related capital project construction SacRT shall maintain a basic level of service as part of the negotiation. A performance-based model is Minimum

proposed with minimum thresholds for the percentage of the population and employment within mile of Service Levels bus service every 15 minutes and every 30 minutes. This ensures service restructures preserve frequent service in Citrus Heights. 23 23 23 Topic Area Proposed Annexation Deal Points ADA Services The negotiated agreement should set minimum service levels for ADA service. Need to address how the

expansion of SmaRT Ride service impacts the provision of ADA service in Citrus Heights. Recommend all Citrus Heights residents currently eligible for ADA service continue to qualify for a minimum amount of service Monday-Friday. Transit Facility Maintenance Ensure a minimum level of infrastructure maintenance for SacRT facilities within Citrus Heights city limits. SacRT infrastructure includes bus stops, transfer centers, and shelters. Travel Time Guarantees Mobility of the Future Set minimum travel times between major connections in the region to Citrus Heights to prevent service

restructures from negatively affecting residents. Propose minimum travel times from key locations in Citrus Heights such as Sunrise Mall to the Watt Blue Line Station and Gold Line Stations in Rancho Cordova. Current express service travel times should be maintained. Propose specific investments in new mobility infrastructure in the City of Citrus Heights such as electric charging stations, smart technology, and other amenities as SacRT continues to receive funding for these programs. 24 24 24 SacRT VOTING STRUCTURE 25

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