New/Future ESSP and/or ESD Initiatives

New/Future ESSP and/or ESD Initiatives

New/Future ESSP and/or ESD Initiatives Christina Moats-Xavier, Deputy Program Manager ESSP [email protected] Commercial Data Purchase Pilot 2 Pilot to obtain 1 year of commercial earth science data Commercial companies operating a small satellite constellation

RFI released July 2016 to assess capability and interest RFI #2 released Nov 2017 with intent to sole source contracts to all qualified respondents Contracts should be in place by June 2018 Data will be assessed for its utility in achieving NASAs Earth Science goals and objectives related to Research and Analysis (R&A) and to Applied Sciences and decision-support applications.

NASA will support the assessment through augmentations to existing R&A and/or Applied Sciences awards and/or directed funding to investigators at NASA Centers. 3 Data Purchase Contracts There were 11 RFI #2 respondents; 4 contracts are being initiated Planet Labs has three satellite constellations--SkySat, Dove and RapidEye--with over 200 satellites supplying imagery and derived products over the entire Earth at variable, high resolution with high repeat frequencies. Satellogic has the Aleph-1 constellation of six satellites providing high-resolution data with resolution of one meter and they have one hyperspectral sensor with a resolution of 30 meters. SPIRE has a constellation of 48 satellites collecting Radio Occultation

(RO) soundings and ship reports via the Automated Identification System (AIS). DigitalGlobe has five constellations of very high-resolution (31-50cm) commercial imaging satellitesGeoEye-1(2009), WorldView-1 (2007), WorldView-2 (2010), WorldView-3 (2014) and WorldView-4 (2017). 4 Commercial Satellite Study Team ESD Flight: Dave Jarrett, Eric Ianson (Ex-Officio) ESD R&A: Ben Phillips, Barry Lefer ESD Applied Science: Lawrence Friedl (alternate Elbert Lucian Cox) ESTO: Bob Connerton ESSP Program: Christina Moats-Xavier (Study Lead), Barbara Hilton ESM Program: Paul Brandinger JPL: Amit Sen, Frank Webb Study: June October 2017 Brief to ESD Director: Jan 2018

5 Charter Explore opportunities resulting from: Large scale, mass-produced, assembly line production of small satellites Increase in number of satellite manufacturers Identify opportunities, capabilities, limitations, and risks Identify implementation approaches Identify next steps

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