OLMEC & MAYAN UNIT 2 EMPIRES Title Text During the Ice Age, prehistoric nomads migrated across the land bridge between Asia & America During the Neolithic

Revolution, these nomads settled into farming villages; Some of which became advanced civilizations The Olmecs The Olmecs are often called the mother culture because they influenced other Mesoamerican societies

The first American civilization were people known as the Olmec in an area known as Mesoamerica The Olmecs developed a strong The trade Olmecs network in Mesoamerica that brought them great wealth The Olmecs used their Olmec trade allowed wealth to build large stone

them to spread their monuments & pyramids to culture to other honor their leaders & gods Mesoamericans For unknown reasons, the Olmec civilization declined by 400 B.C. but their cities & symbols influenced later cultures, especially the Mayans

Economy: While the Olmecs were in Government: Mayans The Mayans The Mayan economy decline around

400 B.C., were divided into basedwere on trade & & Mayans evolving individual city-states thewas farmingmany maize, beansideas borrowed

Olmec ruled by king-gods Society: (1) Kings (dynasties) (2) Nobles, priests (3) warriors (4) Merchants, artisans (5) Peasants The Mayans

The Mayans Religion: Mayans were polytheistic & offered their blood, food, & sometimes human sacrifices to please the gods Technology: Mayans invented a writing based on pictures called glyphs, an accurate 365-day calendar, & advanced temples The Mayans

Around 800 A.D., the Mayans mysteriously declined perhaps due to warfare among Mayan city-states & over-farming Closure Activity: Which American Society? Can you distinguish among the early societies of America? Examine the descriptions on the back of your notes Place the number of each descriptor into

one or more parts of the chart Be prepared to share your answers Olmec Mayan

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