PowerPoint 演示文稿

PowerPoint 演示文稿

TOP-LOCK TOPLOCK INDUSRTY CO.,LTD Add: No.2 Jingfeng Str, Yu An Road, Yu Ming Village, Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan City, China528414 Tel:+86(0) 760-22221259 Mob:+86 13068167979 E-mail: [email protected] Jodi Fang 1 CATALOG > 01. Factory Profile > 02. Product Detail > 03. Certification > 04. Customer

> 05. Service 2 Factory Profile ONE Founded in 2006, located in Zhongshan City, with 8000M 2 Industrial Park & over 80 empl oyees, Zhongshan TOP-LOCK Hardware Co.,Ltd is one of most professional electronic lock manufacturers in Zhongshan. Quality first, reasonable price, prompt delivery and satisfied service are our factory's prio rities. TOP-LOCK keeps stable growing with different innovative technologies which lead t o our proud records and various awards today. And we will keep contributing.

3 > Factory Capacity Trade Capacity America: 40% ; Domestic Market: 15% ; Africa: 10%; Eastern Europe: 10% Other Market: 35% Product Capacity Electronic rim lock: 50,000pcs/month Electronic motor lock: 20,000-30,000pcs/month Electronic magnet lock: 30,000pcs/month

Accessories control: 30,000pcs/month R & D Capacity Patents More than 10 people Dozens 4 > Factory Overviews There are 15pcs production lines and auto

machines; 15pcs dozens Dozens of stamping workshops 5 TWO Product Detail Electronic

rim Lock Electronic motor lock ELectronic silent lock Electronic magnetic lock Accessories control 6

> Electronic rim Lock 7 > Advance of electronic rim lock Perfect product detail Well cooperation with b uilding intercom 500,000 cycles Stable quality

1 2 3 4 8 > Electronic motor Lock 9

> Advance of electronic motor lock Low failure rate Metal gear PCB designed b y ourselves Stepping motor 1 2

3 4 10 > Electronic silent Lock 11 > Advance of electronic silent lock Mechnical key & knob open l Constant current ock once without power

Patent stop-setting Patent open-setting 1 2 3 4 12 > Electronic magnetic Lock

13 > Advance of electronic magnetic lock Strong magnetic force 01 02 03 Real thing Control component made by ourselves

Three levers. Full anti-waterproof 04 14 > Accessories control 15 > Advance of accessories control All-in-one machines

01 02 03 Stability Style & PCB designed by ourselves Diversification for style an d material 04 16

THRE E Certification Awards Most Professional Supplier Standard of Q-TDSY, MA,CNAS & AL Test Reports Appearance patent

Patent of unility model Patent Certification Patent technology 17 > Certification 18 FOUR Customers YALE

Americ DEXTER a KALE Africa FORTE Interbras Eastern Europe

Others 19 FIVE Service Before production In production Service After sales 20

> Service Samples will be sent to customer before confirmed order 1 After sales Quality feedback f orms 5 Before shipment 100% full check, even the we

ight of one pcs screw 2 4 3 Before mass production 1,Control raw material 2,All drawing confirmed In mass production 100% full check 21


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