Ag Science I Mr. Dieckhoff Unit: Leadership Development

Ag Science I Mr. Dieckhoff Unit: Leadership Development

Ag Science I Mr. Dieckhoff Unit: Leadership Development How Do We Lead a Group or Organization FFA What is FFA? View Video

Is it Future Farmers of America anymore? Is it the National FFA Organization? Is it the largest high school youth organization? US more than 650,000 MO more than 26,000 CCC more than 130 Is it the premier agricultural organization for young men and women? What to the letters FFA stand for? The letters FFA stand for Future Farmers of America; however, the

Future Farmers of America organization shall be known and shall do business as the National FFA Organization. Strong Ties to United States Government Ties to George Washington US government gave 28.5 acres of Washingtons farm to the FFA FFA has a Federal

Charter Public Law 81-740 (Revised to 105-225) Only High School Organization to have Federal Charter Mission Statement FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.

Organizational Structure National Headquarters Was located on George Washingtons Farm New site donated by Dow Chemicals Now Located in Indianapolis, IN National Advisor

Steve Brown Originally from Orrick, Missouri National Officers.. View Video Organization History 1917 Smith-Hughes Act started Ag Education 1928 Ag Education male students who were at the American Royal in Kansas City established the Future Farmers of America at Hotel Baltimore

1930 FFA Creed written 1933 Blue jacket adopted as Official Dress 1952 Magazine started, The National Future Farmer Organizational History (cont.) 1965 FFA merges with New Farmers of America, an African-American Organization 1969 Females are allowed to join the FFA 1988 Future Farmers of America changed to National FFA Organization 1989 Magazine changed the name to FFA New Horizons 1998 National Headquarters moves to Indianapolis, IN 1999 First National Convention not in Kansas City

(Louisville & Indianapolis) Local History Future Farmers of America started in 1928 in Kansas City. When did Missouri join the FFA? 1929. What year did the Harrisonville FFA join? 1949. What year did the Lees Summit FFA join? 1929. (shut down in 1978) Local History Harrisonville and Cass Career Center

Ag Education classes in 1926 without FFA FFA began in 1949. First advisor was William (Bill) Day. Classes were held at old high school (where Middle School is now) until 1975.

Stan Gardner, 2nd advisor, allowed students from Ray-Pec to attend Ag classes in Harrisonville in 1974 Moved to Cass Career Center in 1975, allowed all other sending schools to participate Became Cass County FFA Chapter in 1975

Ron Ellis became State President in 1977 Changed name to Cass Career Center FFA in early 1994 Jay Fogle from Peculiar became State Star Farmer in 1995 2015 Placed 4th in National Ag Mechanics Contest Jarrett Craig, Jacob Erwin, Austin Moreland, Blake Moreland

Famous Former FFA Members Orin Samuelson host on RFDTV, Radio Hall of Fame Jim Davis creator of Garfield Comic Strip Steve Doocy Anchor on Fox and Friends Trace Adkins Country Music Artist Baxter Black Cowboy Poet Matthew Fox Actor on Lost and Party of Five Richard Tuff Hedeman famous bull rider Don Henley member of The Eagles Jared Hess Writer/Director of Napoleon Dynamite Tim McGraw Country Music Artist Eddie Montgomery Country Music Duet (Montgomery Gentry) Willie Nelson Country Music Artist

Taylor Swift Country Music Artist Tom Wopat Actor on Dukes of Hazzard Sam Brownback Former Kansas Governor Jimmy Carter United States President, Nobel Prize Winner Sam Graves United States Congressman from Missouri Chris Johns Editor for National Geographic Magazine Nicholas Kristof Associate Editor for New York Times, won Pulitzer Bo Jackson Heisman Trophy Winner, played for KC Royals and LA Raiders Sterling Marlin NASCAR driver Jordy Nelson Wide Receiver for Oakland Raiders Chris Colfer Actor-Kurt on Glee Easton Corbin Country Music Artist Brantley Gilbert Country Music Artist Maurkice Pouncey Center for Pittsburg Steelers

Jim Ross WWE Announcer Lets See if you Can Match the Following Emblem to their Organization / Company My Favorite FFA Emblem Cross Section of the Ear of Corn - unity Rising Sun - progress Plow labor Eagle national

scope Owl - wisdom Agricultural Education - courses FFA Creed 5 Paragraphs Written by E.M. Tiffany I believe. History of E.M. Tiffany: a-creed/85th-anniversary Mottos..

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Dont leave home without it. Think different. The quicker picker-upper. Whats in your wallet? Like a rock.

The fabric of our lives. A diamond is forever. It keeps going, and going, and going... 9. Head for the border. 10. Obey your thirst. 11. Must see TV. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

18. 19. 20. Play. Laugh. Grow. Built for the road ahead. Nothing runs like a Deere. Finger-lickin good! Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. Beef. Its whats for dinner. Just do it. You are now free to move about the country.

To Make the Best Better FFA Motto Learning to Do Doing to Learn Earning to Live Living to Serve FFA Colors National Blue Corn Gold FFA Salute Pledge of Allegiance

Official Dress Black Slacks or Black Skirt White-collared shirt or blouse Official FFA tie or scarf Black dress shoes with closed heel and toe Black socks or nylons Official FFA jacket

Medals on Jacket No more than 3 medals should be worn on the FFA Jacket at one time. Those medals should be the highest degree, most-current office, highest award. Levels of FFA Membership 1. Active 2. Honorary 3. Alumni Degrees of Active Membership

1. Greenhand Degree 1st year member 2. Chapter Degree 2nd year member 3. State Degree 3% of state membership 4. American Degree 0.5% of national membership Office President Cass Career Center FFA Officers Duties

run meeting Stationed Rising Sun Who Ethan Kohl Vice President organizes committees Plow

Harley Sipple Secretary record minutes, roster Ear of Corn Treasurer finance, budget Reporter

news releases Sentinel organize meeting room Parliamentarian Historian answers questions regarding parliamentary law prepares chapter scrapbook Chaplain

gives prayers and invocations Advisor Supervise chapter activities Maddie Hoffman Bust of George Ethan Inman Washington US Flag Caitlyn Wimsatt

Door, Shield of Britini Bronson Friendship Roberts Rules Savannah of Order Timmons Scrapbook Caroline Campbell Bible Lauren Burlingame Owl Dieckhoff & Streit

Meeting Room Arrangement Front of Room President Secretary Reporter Treasurer Sentinel Stationed by Door Advisor

Vice President POA (Program of Activities) list of activities in the chapter

Missouri State Fair September Member BBQ Trapshooting Volunteer for Burnt Festival Area Leadership Conference Fall Speech Contest November Cow Tongue Football Area Barnwarming Dance Fall Field Trip

Laser Tag Night Greenhand Motivational Conference Washington Leadership Conf. National FFA Week George Washingtons Birthday Chapter Ski Trip

Drive Tractor to School Day FFA Breakfast Food for America at ECC FFA Spirit Day at HHS & CCC Ag Olympics Contests at CCC

District Ag Contests at UCM District FFA Contests State FFA Convention FFA Banquet FFA Camp Cass County Junior Livestock Show District FFA Fair Fall & Spring Community Service Project Planting Flowers in the Park Order of a Meeting All meetings should be conducted using Roberts

Rules of Order (Parliamentary Procedure) Parliamentary Procedure the organized method of how business meetings are conducted Order of Business:

Opening Ceremonies Minutes Officer Reports (Treasurer's Report) Special Features Unfinished Business Committee Reports New Business Ceremonies Closing Ceremony Entertainment, Recreation Why Parliamentary Procedure?? 1.

2. 3. 4. 1 Item at a Time Courtesy to All The Majority Rules Minority Can Be Heard Steps to Passing a Main Motion 1. State the motion with Mr./Madam President, I move..

Ex: Mr. President, I move we volunteer at the food pantry on Tuesday after school. 2. Someone to second the motion. 3. Discuss the motion 4. Vote on the motion Other motions During Discussion. Amendment change wording of a motion Lay on the Table put off a motion until the next meeting Previous Question stop debating a motion

and take a vote Refer to Committee transfer discussion of motion to smaller committee Use of the Gavel 1 Tap members to sit down 2 Taps start a meeting 3 Taps members to stand on 3rd Tap Series of Taps Quiet & Settle Down Career Development Events (CDE) Leadership Development Events (LDE) Horse Evaluation Livestock Evaluation

Dairy Cattle Evaluation Farm Management Ag Sales Soils Agronomy Entomology Food Science

Ag Mechanics Dairy Foods Floriculture Nursery/Landscaping Public Speaking FFA Knowledge Meats Poultry

Forestry Parliamentary Procedure Chapter Banquet Give awards and showcase accomplishments of year CCC FFA has big banquet, over 300 people Over $8,000 of college scholarships Award Degrees Star Greenhand, Chapter Farmer, Agribusiness, Placement Proficiency Awards based on SAE Projects Contest Results

Scholar Awards Leadership Awards Outstanding Conservation Student Induction of New Officers Proficiency Awards Based on SAE Project

Ag Communications Ag Education Ag Mech Design & Fabrication

Ag Mech Repair and Maintenance Ag Mech Energy Systems Ag Processing Ag Sales Ag Services Aquaculture Beef Production Dairy Production Diversified Ag Production Diversified Crop Production Diversified Horticulture Diversified Livestock Production Emerging Ag Technology Environmental Science & Natural

Resources Equine Science

Fiber/Oil Crop Production Floriculture Food Science & Technology Forage Production

Forest Management Fruit Production Grain Production Home/Community Development Landscape Management Nursery Operations Outdoor Recreation Poultry Production Sheep Production Small Animal Production & Care Specialty Animal Production Specialty Crop Production Swine Production Turf Grass Management

Vegetable Production Wildlife Management Trips Chapter: State State Convention in Columbia at MU FFA Camp at Lake of Ozarks HYMAX Agribus. Academy

MU Animal Science Leadership Academy HYPE State Fair Field Trips Fall Field Trip Farm Show Greenhand Conference at MO State Fairgrounds Community Service Projects Ski Trip to Weston, MO

National National Convention Washington Leadership Conference

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