Lewis Katz School of Medicine Faculty Development Seminar

Lewis Katz School of Medicine Faculty Development Seminar

Lewis Katz School of Medicine Faculty Development Seminar May - June, 2017 Promotion: Information for Assistant Professors on the Clinician Educator Track (CET) Clinician Scholar (CS) Option Helen E. Pearson, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology Associate Dean For Faculty Affairs Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University Conflict of Interest Disclosure

I have no financial conflicts of interest to disclose. CET = Clinician Educator Track Clinical faculty are involved primarily in seeing patients, and teaching medical students, residents and fellows. 2 options on CET: CET - Clinician Educator Option Patient care, teaching, service Title e.g. Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine CET Clinician Scholar Option Patient care, teaching, service

Plus scholarship Title e.g. Assistant Professor of Medicine Promotion to Associate Professor, CET Clinician Scholar This level is intended for individuals who: have held faculty positions for at least five years have demonstrated excellent performance in patient care and education have demonstrated at least satisfactory performance in scholarship and service

are ready to assume leadership roles Promotion on CET - CS: Requirements For promotion, there are requirements that are: General, minimum requirements (apply across ranks and options) : Must hold the M.D., D.O. or equivalent degree. Be licensed to practice medicine in Pennsylvania. Be board certified. Have sufficient time in rank. Specific to rank and option. Promotion on CET: Time in Rank

Time in rank is a minimum, but not sufficient, requirement for promotion: Promotion to Associate Professor requires at least 5 years in rank at Assistant Professor, or as Instructor then Assistant Professor, at any academic institution. e.g.1 year as Instructor at UPenn + 2 years as Assistant Prof at UPenn + 2 years as Assistant Prof at TU Once the minimum time requirement is met, the question then becomes what have you done in that time? Criteria for CET-CS Associate Professor Recognition as an excellent clinician. Where

appropriate, should have developed a strong referral-based practice. Recognition as an excellent educator by peers, residents and students, as documented in the faculty members teaching portfolio. Evidence of scholarship in terms of publications and presentations. Demonstration of service to profession and/or Temple. At least regional recognition as an expert in his/her clinical discipline. How to Demonstrate Excellence

in Patient Care High quality clinical outcomes clinical reputation If appropriate, an expanding referral base demonstrating regional and/or national recognition Peer recognition as an expert in his/her clinical discipline Add-ons: CME presentations Grand Rounds presentations Publishing book chapters case studies etc

How to Document Excellence in Patient Care CV

Chronological listing of all clinical roles and activities Clinically-related publications Clinically-related presentations Optional Personal Statement expands on items in CV to explain roles, responsibilities etc Recommendation letter from Department Chair Letters from External Evaluators

How to Demonstrate Excellence in Teaching Meaningful, high-quality involvement in education program for TU students and/or residents Quality more important then quantity Course administration program director, etc Curriculum development new course, new teaching method Serving as role model, mentor, advocate Add-ons:

Teaching awards CME , Grand Rounds presentations Publishing Textbook chapters, Education journals, MedEd Portal Teaching Awards Some are voted on by medical school class or residents Some departments or divisions have a teaching award Some are colleague nominated Find out what teaching awards you qualify for What award do you deserve and who can you ask

to nominate you? How to Document Excellence in Teaching CV - Chronological listing of teaching activities Teaching Portfolio, including student and peer

evaluations Optional Personal Statement expands on chronological listing in CV to explain roles, responsibilities, achievements etc Recommendation letter from Department Chair Letters from External Evaluators familiar with your talks (seminars, grand rounds etc). Essentials of a Teaching Portfolio Teaching philosophy List of teaching activities Examples of teaching materials, eg: Course syllabi

Handouts PowerPoint presentations Innovative teaching methods or materials Teaching evaluations Student evaluations Peer evaluations Educational scholarship Teaching Evaluations Online systems at hospital and medical school for medical students and residents Ask them to fill them out evaluations Make sure your dept is collecting them

Peer evaluations Ask 1 or 2 colleagues to observe your teaching & write a summary Evaluations from CME talks or Grand Rounds Ask organizer to collect Thank you notes, emails from grateful students, mentees Save copies of all evaluations Include all evaluations in your Teaching Portfolio How to Demonstrate Educational Scholarship Educational scholarship productivity:

New teaching methods, new course design etc publications in education journals, preferably peer-reviewed publications in MedEd Portal textbook chapters abstracts presentations at regional and national

education meetings (e.g. NEGEA) How to Demonstrate Satisfactory Research/Scholarship Research/scholarship productivity: publications, preferably peer-reviewed book chapters abstracts presentations at regional and national meetings presentations at other institutions research-related service grant review, manuscript review etc extramural funding federal, foundations,

industry (not required, but excellent to have) How to Demonstrate Satisfactory Research/Scholarship 1 - 2 peer-reviewed publications/year in current rank Two others may substitute for one peer-reviewed publication, where other = oral presentation at a national meeting poster at a national meeting non-peer reviewed publication (including books, book chapters, etc.) abstract etc. Not all papers can be substituted by others need

some peer-reviewed publications Funded Research Number of resources at Temple School of Medicine Grants Foundation Grants

Pharmaceutical Grants Read those emails Ask- mentor, division chief Writing - Strategic Decisions Before you write a research manuscript: Agree on authorship Make sure your name is listed in the correct position Figure out where to send it Check journals instructions for authors Check journal impact factors Set a deadline Research in a peer-reviewed journal > review article > case

report > non-peer reviewed Book Chapters How to Demonstrate Satisfactory Service Need involvement beyond department level Temple University, hospital or school committees Know work-load of committee before joining Dont join and then not show up at meetings or not do the work Committees for regional or national organizations Manuscript and/or grant reviews

How to Demonstrate Regional/National Recognition Peer recognition as an expert in your area(s) of excellence by colleagues at institutions outside the Temple system and/or across the US: Research/scholarship abstract review panels, meeting planning committees, journal reviewer Teaching publications, involvement in professional orgs. Patient Care invitations for Grand Rounds, CME talks Service to regional/national professional organizations External Letters Need minimum of 3, from people with academic

appointments, preferably outside Temple system Can include others Requested by OFA, but names are suggested by candidate or department chair Must be written by a faculty member at the rank of the promotion Associate Professor cant write a recommendation letter for a promotion to Professor Your Dossier TU Organizational Outline for Promotion Files:

Curriculum Vitae Optional Personal Statement Teaching Portfolio Publications External Support Form Letters from External Evaluators

Getting promoted requires planning: Steps 1 - 3 1. Review your updated CV against the promotion policy requirements 2. Determine any deficiencies in areas of excellence and make a plan to resolve them: Include details Set deadlines 3. Begin to assemble your dossier materials Getting promoted requires action: Steps 1 - 3 1. Let your Chairperson/Section Chief know that you

want to be considered for promotion 2. Ask that person to review your updated CV 3. Ask for feedback on whether you are ready for promotion in the upcoming cycle, and if not what you need to work on. Steps in Promotion Process Step 1. Department Chairpersons are contacted by Office of Faculty Affairs for names of individual faculty members to be considered for promotion (October- November) Step 2. Faculty member assembles supporting documentation into promotion dossier, with assistance from Office of Faculty Affairs (January)

Step 3. Independent review by: Department Appointments & Promotion Committee Department Chairperson School Appointments & Promotion Committee (Feb Mar) Dean Importance of Mentoring Everyone needs at least one mentor - preferably more than one Potential mentors: Your Department Chair and/or Section Chief Mid-level and senior-level faculty from your own or other departments at TUSM

Mid-level and senior-level researchers, educators, clinicians outside TU Peers TUSM Office of Faculty Affairs Essential Functions Process new faculty appointments and reappointments. Maintain faculty personnel files and database records. Coordinate all tenure and promotional activities with Departmental and School administration. Assist candidates in obtaining necessary materials for appointment, promotion, tenure, etc. Mentor/advise faculty in decision making regarding any

aspect of faculty appointments/advancement. Thank you for your attention Please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs for assistance with career planning and preparing for your next promotion 2-9582

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