Algebra 1 Eighth grade Abigail Hollenbeck Basic Information

Algebra 1 Eighth grade Abigail Hollenbeck Basic Information

Algebra 1 Eighth grade Abigail Hollenbeck Basic Information About me Materials

[email protected] g Pencils, notebook, dry erase markers, graphing calculator Textbook: Glencoe McGraw Hill Algebra 1 Class Routine Keys to Success

Step 1 Respect me by being prepared to learn: Come to class with an open mind and all of your materials. Be prepared to learn and practice new skills. Step 2 Respect others by participating: Raise your hand to speak. Treat others with dignity. We are all here to learn and improve. Our greatest resource is one another.

Step 3 Respect yourself by being persistent: In this class we dont do easy, we make things easy through hard work and learning. I will challenge you to become the best you can be. Mistakes are part of the process. Give your best effort every day. Course Outline

Chapter 1: The Language and Tools of Algebra Chapter 2: Solving Linear Equations Chapter 3: Functions and Patterns Chapter 4: Analyzing Linear Equations Chapter 5: Solving Systems of Linear Equations

Course Outline Statistics and Probability Chapter 7: Polynomials Chapter 8: Factoring Chapter 10: Radical Expressions and Triangles Chapter 11: Rational Expressions and Equations

State Testing 8th grade PSSA (April 24-28) Every 8th grader takes 12 standards: Understand and apply the Pythagorean Theorem to solve problems. Algebra 1 Keystone (May 1526)

Students enrolled in Algebra 37 standards: Represent, solve, and interpret systems of equations/inequalities and systems of equations/inequalities Grading High School Scheduling 8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade

12th Grade Algebra I Geometry Algebra II/Trig PreCalculus Calculus

95% or greater to quality for Honors Geometry (testing required) 80%-94% to qualify for Geometry 60-79% to qualify for Fundamentals of Geometry PA01000176/Centricity/Domain/112/PPG %202016-2017%20Final%202-08-16.pdf Other Stuff

Retake policy Dress for Success Weekly Email/Remind @hollen to 81010 Website Methacton School District Teacher Sites Arcola Hollenbeck Conclusion/Questions

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