American Institute National Standards American Institute National Standards

American Institute National Standards  American Institute National  Standards

American Institute National Standards

American Institute National


ISO 20858, Ships and Marine Technology Maritime Port Facility Security

SES 3, Recommended Practice for Joint Standards Development

ANSI/SCTE 07, Digital Transmission Standard for Cable Television NFPA/T2.12.11-2, Hydraulic

fluid power components Assessment of reliability by testing ANSI/NEMA C78.1199, Electric Lamps - Single-Capped Fluorescent Lamps - Safety

Specifications NECA 100, Symbols for Electrical Construction Drawings

ANSI/ISEA Z89.1, American National Standard for Industrial Head Protection

ANSI/ISA 12.00.02, Certificate Standard for AEx Equipment for Hazardous Locations

UL 19, Standard for Lined Fire Hose and Hose Assemblies IPC 1758,

Declaration Requirements for Shipping, Pack and Packing Materials ANSI/INFOCOMM

10, Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification

ANSI/INCITS/ISO TS 19130, Geographic Information Imagery Sensor Models for Geopositioning

ANSI/IICRC S500, Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration

ISO 37101, Sustainable Development in Communities Management System for Sustainable

Development IEST-G-CC035.1, Design Considerations for Airborne Molecular

Contamination Filtration Systems in Cleanrooms and Other Controlled Environments

ANSI/IES RP-22, Tunnel Lighting ISO 28005-2, Security Management

Systems for the Supply Chain Electronic Port Clearance ASME B30.22, Articulating

Boom Cranes ANSI/ASSE A10.47, Work Zone Safety for Highway

Construction APTA SS-ECS-RP001, Cybersecurity Considerations for Public Transit

ASME Y32.7, Graphic Symbols for Railroad Maps and Profiles

IEEE 2030.2, Guide for the Interoperability of Energy Storage Systems Integrated with

the Electric Power Infrastructure IES LM-71, Photometric

Measurement of Tunnel Lighting Installations ASCE MOP 107, Ship Channel

Design and Operation IEC 62279, Railway Applications Communication, Signaling, and Processing Systems Software for Railway

Control and Protection Systems SAE AIR 5387, Airport Electrical

Power System Harmonics APTA SS-SIS-RP016, Recommended Practice for

Tunnel Security for Public Transit NFPA 424, Guide for

Airport/Communi ty Emergency Planning ASCE 31, Seismic Evaluation of

Existing Buildings API 2015, Requirements for Safe Entry and

Cleaning of Petroleum Storage Tanks CSA S448.1, Repair of Reinforced

Concrete in Buildings and Parking Structures ASCE/SEI 49, Wind Tunnel Testing for

Buildings and Other Structures NFPA 307, Standard for the Construction and Fire Protection

of Marine Terminals, Piers, and Wharves ATIS-03000202, Internetwork Operations Guidelines for Network

Management of the Public Telecommunications Networks under Disaster Conditions

ANSI/IES RP-3-13, American National Standard Practice on Lighting for Educational Facilities

NEMA EWS 1.2, Use of Performance Contracts for Advancing Efficiency in Water

Infrastructure ASME A13.1, Scheme for the Identification

of Piping Systems ANSI/IAPMO UPC 1, Uniform Plumbing Code

ISO/TS 21219, Intelligent Transport Systems - Traffic and Travel Information via Transport

Protocol Experts Group ICC A117.1, Accessible and Usable

Buildings and Facilities ANSI/NEMA SG-IC 1, Smart Grid Interoperable and

Conformant Testing and Certification Scheme Operator Guidelines ICC/ASHRAE 700,

National Green Building Code ASME B31Q, Pipeline Personnel

Qualification ACI 301, Specifications for Structural Concrete

APTA-RT-RGC-S-004, Standard for Rail Transit Grade Crossing Warning System Design

Criteria, Installation, and Operation ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024, Conformity

Assessment General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification of Persons

ANSI/ASAE EP364.4, Installation and Maintenance of Farm Standby Electric Power

ANSI/NETA ETT2015, Standard for Certification of Electrical Testing Technicians

ANSI/MSE 50021, Superior Energy Performance Requirements for Energy Management Systems

ASTM F1847, Standard Guide for Minimum Training of Search Dog Crews or Teams

IEEE 1264, IEEE Guide for Animal Deterrents for Electric Power Supply Substations

IEC 60079-17, Explosive Atmospheres - Part 17: Electrical Installations Inspection and

Maintenance SAE ARP 4101/6A, Stowage of Flight Crews Survival Emergency and

Miscellaneous Equipment ANSI/NFPA 407, Aircraft Fuel Servicing

ASTM F2117, Standard Test Method for Vertical Rebound Characteristics of Sports Surface/Ball Systems; Acoustical

Measurement IEC 62396-1:2016, Process Management for Avionics

Atmospheric Radiation Effects ASTM F1193, Standard Practice for Quality,

Manufacture, and Construction of Amusement Rides and Devices ANSI/NFPA 302, Fire

Protection for Motor Craft ISO 22000, Food Safety Management Systems

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 26, Mechanical Refrigeration and AirConditioning Installations Aboard Ship

ASTM E2691-16, Standard Practice for Job Productivity Measurement ATIS-0500008,

Emergency Services Network Interfaces (ESNI) Framework AWWA M28, Rehabilitation

of Water Mains ANSI/ASA S12.60, American National Standard Acoustical Performance Criteria,

Design Requirements, and Guidelines for Schools ANSI/ADA 1001, Guidelines for the

Design of Educational Software APTA SS-I&M-012, Standard for Passenger Car Truck

and Suspension Periodic Inspection and Maintenance CSA Z317.10, Handling of Waste Materials in

Health Care and Veterinary Health Care Facilities ANSI/ISO/ASQ 10002, Quality Management

Customer Satisfaction Guidelines for Complaints Handling in Organizations ANSI X9.119, Retail

Financial Services Requirements for Protection of Sensitive Payment Card Data Part 1: Using Encryption Methods

ISO 13810, Tourism Services Industrial Tourism Service Provision

ANSI Z245.1, Mobile Wastes and Recyclable Materials Collection, Transportation, and Compaction

Equipment Safety Requirement ANSI/NGA R1.1, Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass

Standard ANSI/ACDE 01, Divers Commercial Diver Training Minimum Standard

IAPMO GPMC, Green Plumbing Mechanical Code Supplement ANSI/INCITS/ISO/IEC TR

19765, Information Technology Survey of Icons and Symbols That Provide Access to Functions and Facilities to Improve the Use of

Information Technology Products by the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities ANSI A300,

Tree Care ANSI/AHRI 575, Method of Measuring Machinery Sound Within An Equipment Space

ANSI/GS-46, Green Seal Environmental Standard for Restaurants and Food Services

NSF/ANSI 170, Glossary of Food Equipment Terminology

NFPA 96, Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations

IEC 60335-2-24, Safety Requirements for Refrigerating Appliances, IceCream Appliances and Ice Makers ISO/IEC 17020,

Conformity Assessment Requirements for the Operation of Various Types of Bodies Performing Inspection

IEC TR 61289 Ed. 1.0, High Frequency Surgical Equipment Operation and Maintenance CSA Z314.3, Effective

Sterilization in Health Care Settings by the Steam Process ASTM E2413, Standard Guide for Hospital

Preparedness and Response ANSI/AAMI ST35, Safe Handling and Biological Decontamination of

Reusable Medical Devices in Health Care Facilities and in Nonclinical Settings ANSI/ASHRAE/IES 1002015, Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings

ISO/IEC 27035, Information Technology Security Techniques Information Security Incident Management

ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA 180, Standard Practice for Inspection and Maintenance of Commercial Building HVAC Systems

ANSI/ASAE S318.17, Safety for Agricultural Field Equipment

NSF/ANSI 35, High Pressure Decorative Laminates for Surfacing Food Service Equipment

ANSI INCITS 118, Personal Identification Number PIN Pad B651.1, Accessible

Design for Automated Banking Machines ISO/IEC Guide 41, Packaging Recommendations

for Addressing Consumer Needs ASTM F2372, Standard Consumer Safety

Performance Specification for Shopping Carts ASTM F2372, Standard

Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Shopping Carts ASTM F2772, Standard

Specification for Athletic Performance Properties of Indoor Sports Floor Systems ASTM F539-01, Standard

Practice for Fitting Athletic Footwear ICC A117.1, Accessible and Usable Buildings

and Facilities ANSI/RIA R15.05-2, Industrial Robots and Robot Systems - Path-Related and Dynamic Performance

Characteristics - Evaluation ICC IgCC, International Green Construction Code

ANSI/ASHRAE 154, Ventilation for Commercial Cooking Operations

ASTM F2795, Standard Test Method for Performance of SelfContained Soft Serve and Shake Freezers ICC G3, Global

Guideline for Practical Public Toilet Design ISO 22320, Societal Security Emergency

Management Requirements for Incident Response ASTM E2844-15e1, Standard Specification for

Demonstrating That a Buildings Location Provides Access to Public Transit NECA 412, Installing and

Maintaining Photovoltaic (PV) Power Systems API Std 20M, Qualification of Suppliers of Machining

Services for Use in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA 180, Standard Practice for

Inspection and Maintenance of Commercial Building HVAC Systems CAN/CSA Z614, Childrens playspaces

and equipment ANSI/LEO-4000, American National Standard for Sustainable Agriculture

ANSI/ASABE S612, Performing Onfarm Energy Audits ISO 18744, Microbiology of the Food Chain Detection

and Enumeration of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in Fresh Leafy Green Vegetables and Berry Fruits IEC 60335-2-64,

Household and similar electrical appliances Safety : Particular requirements for commercial electric kitchen machines

ANSI/AIHA/ ASSE Z10, Occupational Health and Safety Management

Systems ANSI/ISEA 107, High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Accessories

SAE J 1939-2, Agricultural and Forestry Off-Road Machinery

Control and Communication Network ANSI/ASSE A12642, Provision of Slip Resistance on

Walking/Working Surfaces ANSI/ASA S12.2, Criteria for Evaluating Room

Noise ISO 12056, Aircraft Self-propelled passenger stairs for large capacity aircraft Functional requirements

ISO 24114, Instant Coffee - Criteria for Authenticity IAPMO PS 108,

Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems ANSI/BHMA A156.10, PowerOperated

Pedestrian Doors ANSI/ASABE S623, Determining Landscape Plant Water Demands

RIA TR R15.606, Industrial Robots and Robot Systems - Safety Requirements Collaborative

Robots ASABE/ISO AD26322-1, Tractors for Agriculture and Forestry Safety Part 1: Standard

Tractors ANSI B11.0, Machines - Safety of Machinery IEEE 3007.3,

Recommended Practice for Electrical Safety in Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

SMACNA 1767, Kitchen Ventilation Systems and Food Service Equipment

Fabrication Installation Guidelines IES DG-10, Design Guide for Choosing Light

Sources for General Lighting ANSI/IKECA C10, Cleaning of Commercial Kitchen

Exhaust Systems API Spec 16F, Specification for Marine Drilling Riser Equipment

NIST Handbook 133, Checking the Net Contents of Packaged Goods

National Building Information Modeling Standard - United States NFPA 1122, Code for

Model Rocketry NFPA 150, Standard on Fire and Life Safety in Animal Housing Facilities

ISO TR 11360, Nanotechnologies -Methodology for the classification and categorization of nanomaterials

ISO 20957-9, Stationary training equipment -- Part 9: Elliptical

trainers, additional specific safety requirements and test methods

ANSI Z80.31, Specifications for Single-Vision Ready-toWear Near-Vision Spectacles API 650, Welded Tanks for Oil Storage

ISO/IEC 29361, Information Technology Web Services Interoperability IEC 61747-40-1, Liquid Crystal

Display Devices Mechanical Testing of Display Cover Glass for Mobile Devices SAE AIR 1845A, Procedure for the

Calculation of Airplane Noise in the Vicinity of Airports IEEE Std 602, Recommended Practice

for Electric Systems in Health Care Facilities ASTM F2276, Standard Specification for

Fitness Equipment ASTM F1882, Standard Specification for Residential Basketball Systems

ASTM F1487, Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment

for Public Use ASTM F2650, Standard Terminology Relating to Impact Testing of Sports Surfaces and Equipment

ANSI/ADA 99, Athletic Mouth Protectors and Materials ISO/TR 20183, Sports

and other recreational facilities and equipment -- Injury and safety definitions and thresholds -- Guidelines for their inclusion in

standards AISG-I-206, Safety as a Restaurant Employee ASTM D7329, Standard

Specification for Food Preparation and Food Handling (Food Service) Gloves NSF/ANSI 37, Air curtains

for entranceways in food and food service establishments NSF/ANSI 2, Food Equipment

ISO 5970, Furniture - Chairs and Tables for Educational Institutions - Functional Sizes NFPA 10, Standard for

Portable Fire Extinguishers ANSI/IEEE 730, Software Quality Assurance

Plans CSA D250, School Buses ANSI/NISO Z39.48,

Permanence of Paper for Publications and Documents in Libraries and Archives CLSI AUTO10-A,

Autoverification of Clinical Laboratory Test Results ISO/IEC 30101, Information Technology Sensor Networks for

Smart Grids SAE ARP 5151, Safety Assessment of General Aviation Airplanes

IEC 61400-12-1, Power Performance Measurements of Electricity Producing Wind Turbines

APTA RT-OP-RP-009, Rail Transit System Station Procedures ANSI/UL 711, Rating and Fire Testing of Fire

Extinguishers ANSI/IAPMO UPC 1, Uniform Plumbing Code

CSA SPE-900, Solar Photovoltaic Rooftop - Installation Best Practices ISO 18606, Packaging

and the Environment - Organic Recycling ASTM F2043, Standard Classification for

Bicycle Usage IEEE 1642, Protecting Publicly Accessible Computer Systems

from Intentional Electromagnetic Interference National Institute of Standards and

Technology Cybersecurity Framework ANSI/AAMI ST77,Containment Devices for Reusable

Medical Device Sterilization SAE J 1505, Brake Force Distribution Test Procedure - Trucks and

Buses IEC 60335-2-64, Household and similar electrical appliances Safety : Particular requirements for

commercial electric kitchen machines ANSI/NEMA Z535.5, Safety Tags and Barricades for Temporary

Hazards IES RP-6, Sports and Recreational Area Lighting

NSF Pro 149, Oven Mitts used in Commercial Food Service ANSI/AAMI/ISO 13485, Medical devices - Quality

management systems Requirements for regulatory purposes ABYC A-16, American National Standard Electric Navigation Lights

AHAM HRF-1, Energy and Internal Volume of Refrigerating Appliances

ANSI/ASSE A10.8, Scaffolding Safety Requirements RI 1200, Commercial Refrigerated Display

Cases ANSI/ASCE/EWRI 12, Standard Guidelines for the Design, Installation, and

Operation and Maintenance of Urban Subsurface Drainage ANSI X9.100-187, Electronic Exchange of

Check and Image Data ANSI/ASHRAE 146, Methods of Testing Pool Heaters

ANSI/ASIS PSC.4, Quality Assurance and Security Management for Private Security Companies Operating at Sea

ANSI/ASME A112.19.6, Hydraulic Performance Requirements for

Water Closets and Urinals AWS Z49.1, Safety in Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes

CLSI AUTO10-A, Autoverification of Clinical Laboratory Test Results; Approved Guideline

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