Is Your AED Program up to Date? Presented

Is Your AED Program up to Date? Presented

Is Your AED Program up to Date? Presented to Tampa Bay RIMS Meeting November 16, 2016 By Kelly Podsiedlik & Leslie Roberts 2016 Altra Medical 727-541-5900 11/16/16 Agenda Current AED Legislation Liability Key aspects of good programs Where programs fall down Current state of the art in AED design

Why Periodic Program Assessments are Important 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 2 Snapshot of Altra Medical Founded in 2000 >2500 Customers Maintenance contracts with major colleges,

counties, school districts, electric utilities, businesses, car manufacturer, law firms throughout the US 74 Lives saved AHA Training site - Annually train 1,200 in CPR, FA, AED, BBP @altramedical 3 Florida Legislation Cardiac Arrest Survival Act

Good Samaritan Act 768.13 Medical Telecommunications and Transportation & Educational Campaign 2916, 401.107 Definitions, 401.111 Grant programs Education Code Defibrillators in State Parks 258.0165 Assisted Care Communities 429.255

Multiservice Senior Centers 430.902 Placement of AEDs in State Buildings Complete listing Search for defibrillator or Good Samaritan 768.1325 401.2915 1006.165

768.1326 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 4 Cardiac Arrest Survival Act Key Section: any person who uses or attempts to use an automated external defibrillator device on a victim of a perceived medical emergency, without objection of the victim of the perceived medical emergency, is immune from civil liability for any harm resulting from the use or attempted use of such device. In addition, notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, and except as provided in subsection (4),

any person who acquired the device and makes it available for use, including, but not limited to, a community association organized under chapter 617, chapter 718, chapter 719, chapter 720, chapter 721, or chapter 723, is immune from such liability, if the harm was not due to the failure of such person to:(a) Properly maintain and test the device; or (b) Provide appropriate training in the use of the device to an employee or agent of the acquirer when the employee or agent was the person who used the device on the victim, except that such requirement of training does not apply if:1. The device is equipped with audible, visual, or written instructions on its use, including any such visual or written instructions posted on or adjacent to the device; 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 5

Good Samaritan Act Key section Any person, including those licensed to practice medicine, who gratuitously and in good faith renders emergency care or treatment either in direct response to emergency situations related to and arising out of a public health emergency declared pursuant to s. 381.00315, a state of emergency which has been declared pursuant to s. 252.36 or at the scene of an emergency outside of a hospital, doctors office, or other place having proper medical equipment, without objection of the injured victim or victims thereof, shall not be held liable for any civil damages as a result of such care or treatment or as a result of any act or failure to act in providing or arranging further medical treatment where the person acts as an ordinary reasonably prudent person would have acted under the same or similar circumstances.

2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 6 Other Statutes Each public school that is a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association is required to have an AED on school grounds Assisted Living facilities are required to have AEDs

State Parks are encouraged to have AEDs Senior Centers are encouraged to have AEDs 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 7 Liability Typically revolves around not having AEDs Not having an AED available (locked up)

AED not ready for use (battery dead, pads out of date) Taking too long to respond Not being able to quickly locate the AED Not identifying a life threatening emergency quickly enough, calling 911 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16

8 Examples 2009 MD - family sues pool because no AED; teen left disabled 2014 NY Health club sued because two AEDs werent working when they went to use them no batteries in one and other was dead 2009 Community School Naples- ultimately cleared 2015 Hillsborough County School sued because waited too long to call 911, 6 year old died

2015 FL College sued because didnt have AEDs at Football game; medics allegedly took too long An AED is a lifesaving device that can be used to prevent fatality when a heart attack occurs. But they must establish protocols to ensure it can be correctly applied. -- Heart Attack 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 9 AEDs do save lives AHA estimated 40,000 lives could be saved each year. Thousands of lives are saved every year from children to seniors Altra Medical is celebrating 74 people who are alive today from AEDs weve sold

Johns Hopkins study Our results were emphatically clear, says principal investigator, Myron Mike L. Weisfeldt, M.D., a cardiologist at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Good Samaritans, when given access to automated defibrillators in potentially fatal emergencies, save lives. This is a serious matter of public health policy and similar to previous discussions about placing fire extinguishers near building exits, wearing seat belts while driving, or manufacturing cars with airbags, says Weisfeldt, the William Osler Professor of Medicine at Hopkins and past president of the American Heart Association (AHA). Previous research has shown that time is critical in saving the majority of people from sudden cardiac death. Care must be provided as rapidly as possible, he says, within five minutes of the heart attack, and must employ the physical chest compressions that are part of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and, if needed, a defibrillator. 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 10

11 Key Aspects of AED Programs Site Assessment appropriate locations and number of AEDs, signage, time study Emergency Response Program Training Program kept current AED Coordinator Responsible for program

Maintenance Program follows manufacturers guidelines Communication of program to staff Coordination / Registration with Fire/EMS Keep program current, software updates, AHA Guideline changes 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 12 Go get the AED down the hall at

local college Hmm where? Oh Hidden by the ATM 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 13 Go get the AED Where? Oh here! 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 14

Recent inspection Dead battery as spare Pads expired 07/2008 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 15 Check the status indicator at least monthly BP Kit and AED is crammed in 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16

16 Follow manufacturers guidelines Each one is different Zoll requires Duracell, Sanyo or Varta batteries Found a County Sheriffs office that had Interstate batteries in all of theirs; and college with Eveready 17 Daily, Monthly, Annual Maintenance 18 Good Practices

Great visibility at Moffitt College installed signage on each floor near elevator 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 19 Do a minimum of monthly inspection Pads in date Status indicator is working Pocket mask, scissors, razor wipe is present Condition of AED Mark date battery

is installed! AED is accessible 20 AHA Guidelines updated every 5 years Renew training, update protocols, and check impact on AEDs 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 21 Impact of Guidelines on AEDs

Some need software updates Zoll 6:32 Software; CR+ 3.2 LP500 -6.0 Software; G3 4:35-2 Philips Guidelines 2005 or higher 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 22 State of the Art AED Designs Improve Survival

Clearer voice commands Pads reacting to what rescuer is doing Speed to shock shortened CPR Coaching/Feedback Improved self-tests: daily checking gel moisture of pads, not just connectivity, full joule tests SmartLink system that daily checks ready for use and notifies if fails self test Ability to hand of to EMS On-Line maintenance reminder programs 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 11/16/16

23 Products End of Life Welch Allyn AED 10/20 Lifepak 500 Powerheart (prior to 2007) First Save (prior to 2007) Forerunner 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 24 Periodic Program Assessment AEDs will be deployed quickly to save a life when needed AED Coverage is appropriate in todays standard of

care Maintenance Programs follow Manufacturers Guidelines AEDs have not become obsolete Procedures & Protocols are up to date Adequate number of people are trained Address any program weaknesses and vulnerability Ultimately help save lives and reduce potential liability 2016 Altra Medical 11/16/16 25 TM Thank you! To download a copy please visit our website

[email protected] [email protected] 727 541-5900 Helping you by providing complete AED Programs 26

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