MIGRATING TO OFFICE 365 FROM GOOGLE MAIL AND EXCHANGE INTRODUCTION Session Objectives: Show how to migrate from Google Mail (IMAP) and on-premises Exchange to a single Office 365 tenant while using: Azure AD Sync

Hybrid Exchange environment 3rd Party IMAP Mail Migration product 1) Account Provisioning - understand the options and challenges 2) Mail Flow how this works and what to be aware of during coexistence

3) Migrating Messaging data both from Google Mail (IMAP) and Exchange Takeaway: BACKGROUND Overview: Project Goal - The company was looking to migrate all users to a single Cloud Messaging solution in this case Office 365. History a section of the business had been migrated to Google

Mail while keeping the back office users on Exchange Existing Pain Points: Google Mail users were not able to: View a complete company address book Send emails to on-premises Distribution Groups

Other issues company specific: Users across environments cannot view Availability information, schedule meeting rooms, etc. HIGH-LEVEL ENVIRONMENT OVERVIEW A single Google Apps tenant using @gapps.company.com A single AD domain / Exchange 2007 Organization Multiple Exchange servers in Australia and across the APAC regional sites Google Mail users exist as MailEnabled user objects in AD (with a target address of [email protected])

Symantec Cloud use for mail delivery (and INITIAL MAIL FLOW MAIN CHALLENGES Provisioning of Google Mail User Accounts into Office 365 two options: 1. Use the 3rd Party Tool to provision the users into Office 365 2. Use AADSync to populate Office 365 with both the Google Mail User accounts and Exchange Mailbox users Mail Flow ensure mail delivery works during the coexistence phase between:

Google Mail tenant On-premises Exchange Organization Office 365 / Exchange Online Migration of messaging data: Google Mail (IMAP) = use a 3rd Party Migration Tool - (MigrationWiz) Exchange = use a Hybrid environment and Migration Batches ACCOUNT PROVISIONING OPTIONS Use the 3rd Party Tool provision IMAP (Google Mail) users into Office 365 1 These tools can provision users directly into Office 365 based on the IMAP (Google Mail)

mailbox Increases complexity if you want to use Microsofts Directory Sync tools long term. Vendor Recommended Only option if there are not AD objects for the IMAP users. Use Azure AD Sync to provision only the Exchange Mailbox users into Office 365 2 Microsoft recommends to use their Directory Sync tools to provision accounts into Office 365. It is possible to use a 3rd party tool such as MigrationWiz to provision and migrate Exchange users. Vendor Recommended Use Azure AD Sync to provision both the Google Mail & Exchange Mailbox users 3 into Office 365 This is possible provided you understand the limitations and constrains of the 3 rd party tools and Microsofts Directory Synchronization tools and the Office 365 tenant in a Hybrid

VENDOR SAYS https:// community.bittitan.com/kb/Pages/How%20do%20I%20synchronize%20my%20Active%20Directory%20objects%20to%20Office%20365.aspx 3RD PARTY COMPLEXITY When following the vendors recommendations: Required for a unified GAL in Office 365 Provision all Google Mail users via 3rd Party Tool (MigrationWiz) Challenges around who is active and should be provisioned 3 rd party license is used

Filter out all Google Mail user accounts using attribute filtering extensionAttributeX = No-Sync Provision all Exchange mailbox user accounts using AADSync Additional challenges AD account for Google Mail users must come to be in-scope of AADSync once migrated AADSync must then perform a soft-match of the AD account and existing Office 365 object KEEPING IT SIMPLE Use Azure AD Sync to provision all objects to Office 365 both Exchange Mailbox users accounts and Google Mail MailEnabled user accounts

MigrationWiz can still migrate data to existing objects in Office 365 What is the 3rd party vendor talking about??? 3rd Party Migration tools cant work with objects which have the msExchMailboxGUID attribute populated in AD and then synchronized to Office 365 Further reading: http:// blogs.technet.com/b/undocumentedfeatures/archive/2014/12/08/cannot-migrate -mailboxes-via-third-party-tools-in-synchronized-environment.aspx http://wiki.mundy.co/Office_365's_Dirsync_and_Third_Party_Migration_Tools

MAIL FLOW DETAILS 3rd Party solution or device provides mail routing options and control If the MX records point directly to Google, forwarding can be configured post migration Hybrid with Centralized Mail Routing configured Best to keep the existing mail flow path until the migration is complete Environment Specifics

Symantec Cloud synchronized members of the Google AD GroupX groups Emails for members of these groups is delivered to the Google Mail tenant All other emails are delivered to on-premises Exchange Journaling requirement to Symantec Cloud (Transport Rule in Office 365) An additional migration SMTP address required for Google Mail forwarding ([email protected]) added as an additional proxy address MAIL FLOW DURING COEXISTENCE MIGRATION DETAILS GOOGLE MAIL Use a 3rd party product the default IMAP migration option only migrates email (no contacts and calendar data) MigrationWiz from BitTitan

Great web-interface for creating migration projects and monitoring/reporting/troubleshooting .CSV file import to create large migration batches Ability to automate the process using PowerShell Scripts (PS module available) Environment Specifics scripted as part of the migration: Add [email protected] to proxyAddresses of the MailEnabled user object in AD

Remove the MailEnabled user account from Google AD GroupX changes inbound mail flow Change targetAddress on MailEnabled user object to ATTRIBUTE CHANGES Starting State Prep before the Migration Migration / Switch MIGRATION DETAILS GOOGLE MAIL Template headers for .CSV input file:

MigrationWiz PowerShell cmdlets to create source-target connectors: New-MigrationWizMailboxConnectorSettingsGoogle New-MigrationWizMailboxConnectorSettingsMicrosoftOffice365 Migration Throughput: Averaging approx. 300 mailboxes per day Max throughout attempted - 400 mailboxes in a day Average Google Mailbox Size - 385 MB

MIGRATION DETAILS EXCHANGE Standard Hybrid Mailbox Moves Migration Batches Template headers for .CSV input file: Environment Specifics Requirement to minimize WAN utilization and optimize the path for migration data using local internet links at the regional sites Additional control available when using multiple Hybrid servers and Migration EndPoints MULTIPLE MIGRATION END-POINTS SUMMARY QUESTIONS??? Mail flow, mail flow, mail flow plan this thoroughly before starting

Where possible, use the Microsoft Directory Synchronization Tool it will probably be your long-term synchronization tool. Directory Synchronization from Active Directory to Office 365 is required for ADFS. Use a 3rd Party Migration tool for IMAP migrations to migrate all messaging data (MigrationWiz works great) Remember - Follow standard Microsoft best practice when implementing Directory Synchronization and the Hybrid environment: run IdFix, open the required ports, ensure Outlook Anywhere is configured correctly, run the Remote Connectivity Analyzer, etc.

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