Why Data Management (Governance) Matters! John Pepper Director

Why Data Management (Governance) Matters! John Pepper Director

Why Data Management (Governance) Matters! John Pepper Director and Co-Founder of OceanWise Ltd [email protected] 1 What is Data? Any facts and statistics collected together for

reference or analysis Data is the new oil, the new electricity Data is absolutely everywhere! 2 Big Data Volumes 2.5 QUINTILLION GRAINS OF SAND ON EARTH


I quintillion is a 1 followed by 18 zeros 3 Is This You? 4 Is This You? 5

Or is This You? 6 Beyond the data deluge! flickr fdecomite 7

Data Entropy FACT - Data is the most valuable asset in an organisation after its people FACT - Data is critical to the running of businesses FACT - Without vigilance and effort to maintain order, data anarchy will prevail!

Source: sciphilos.info 8 Data Anarchy exists if No clear defined system or accountability exists No one is responsible for data as a business asset No data policy and data strategy is in place Processes to use and maintain data for decision-making are not in place

Sensitive data is not properly protected Source: http://tdan.com/its-all-in-the-data-data-anarchy-vs-governance/20781 9 What is Data Management? The development, execution and supervision of plans, policies, programmes and practices to control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of data and information assets by knowing...

a t a D d i o What have we got o y v A trop

o Where we get it from o How it is used n E o When it is updated o How it is controlled o We can get it back if we lose it The Impact of Poor Data Management On average, organisations waste 15-18% of budgets

dealing with data inaccuracies The US economy loses $3.1 trillion a year because poor data quality In UK in 2013 0.18% of online orders could not be delivered because of poor address data

thats 1.4 million orders Millions of UK National Health Service patient records sold to insurance firms 11 The Impact of Poor Data Management

Economic: Revenues, Costs, Profits Brand & Reputation Customer Loyalty Law & Regulation 12 What is Data Governance? A process for managing and improving data for

the benefit of all stakeholders 13 Is this You? 14 Is this You? Silo working???

Sales Despatch Finance Operations 15 The Data Governance Solution CUSTOMER DATA

PRODUCT DATA Sales Despatch Operations FINANCE DATA Finance

EMPLOYEE DATA 16 Data Management in Context Data Management Staircase OK to very goo d 5-star model Linked Data

URI Data Dataset in open format e.g. CSV Dataset in proprietary format e.g. .XLSX Non editable PDF (or Paper or Raster Chart) http://5stardata.info Why Data Management matters? It will lead to Increased business efficiency Greater effectiveness

Cost savings Streamlining of working practises and processes Greater staff satisfaction Sharing and Exchange of data Robust Governance

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