Welcome to Ms. Walters Fabulous First Grade Class!!

Welcome to Ms. Walters Fabulous First Grade Class!!

Welcome to Ms. Walters Fabulous First Grade Class!! Let start our adventure. Yeah for First Grade!! We are BUCKET FILLERS

Arriving at school.. Drop backpack, lunch and snack bags off in front of the classroom Go to the playground until the bell rings at 8:30am. Line up on our classroom numbers 7 & 8

Snack Routine Please bring snacks in a brown bag or ziplock baggie with your childs name written on it. All items from snack need to be either eaten or thrown away when snack is over. (No big water bottles, bag of chips, whole sandwiches etc.) Kids have 10 mins. to eat and then 10 mins. to play on the playground. Its is short and goes quickly. Water bottles can be brought to school and taken home daily. These water bottles need to have their

name on it and will be left on their desk. Lunches... *Lunch boxes- Write name clearly on front *Pack items your child can open independently *Include utensils if needed *No messy containers/lids

CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR CHART.. We have a class behavior chart which consists of seven colors. Four colors are for exceptional behavior and produce a reward for your child at the end of the day. RESPECT CHECKS..

At the end of the day, I will hand out respect checks.These are coupons that represent excellent behavior for the day! The students will keep these at school in their desks and when they have collected TEN of these coupons, they can take a trip to our classroom treasure box!!

GREEN=all clips start here at the beginning of the day and each child who ends up on this color will get a Respect Check BLUE= all clips that end up on this color will get a sticker from the sticker basket-plus a Respect Check. YELLOW= all clips that end up here will get DOUBLE respect checks. THE GOLD STAR= If your child gets moved up to the star he/she will get a respect check

and earn a trip to go to the treasure box. They also get to wear a special gold medal all day. There are also 2 colors which serve as consequences for misbehavior. ORANGE= If your childs clip ends up on this color at the end of the day it means that they came VERY close to having a Time-out They will still get a respect check. This color serves as a Warning!!

RED= If your childs clip ends up on red, that means that they had to have a time out during the day and they WILL NOT receive a Respect check that day. Birthdays.. BIRTHDAYS: We celebrate Birthdays at the end of our day. On your childs birthday, they may bring in a STORE BOUGHT TREAT ONLY. No bake goods please. Ideal treats are popsicles, fruit snacks, cookies, and

fresh fruit. The district recommends that Big Cupcakes are saved for special at home family celebrations! On your childs actual birthday, your teacher will acknowledge it with a special pencil and card! Please email me or contact me a few days before your childs birthday if you plan on bringing in a treat. Birthday Book Club

Your child may bring in a book to donate to our school library on their birthday. The Friday before or after your childs birthday they will bring in the book then stand on the stage during Friday Flag Salute. Mrs. Lee will take their picture and your child will get a special Donated by____ sticker on their book.

STAR OF THE WEEK: Each Friday one student will be chosen Star of the week for the Following week. If your child is chosen, he/she will have certain duties for the week. *The star of the week gets to sit in a special chair all week *They will bring home an All about me poster and will be encouraged to bring in pictures from

home to decorate the board with. Home Work Routine: Your child will be bringing home a yellow homework folder. This folder is to come back to school everyday. Please check this folder for important papers and daily homework assignments. If this folder is lost or damaged it will need to be replaced as soon as possible. This folder will contain a nightly

check off list of homework for parents as well as a check off area regarding your childs behavior for that day. Keeping track of this folder will help your child learn organizational skills and will insure that notes to/from home and school are delivered. I check them each morning and I ask you to check them each evening. Here is a glance at what

type of homework you can expect for your child each night.. MATH: A worksheet that reinforces that days math concept/lesson will be sent home Monday-Thursday. Our new math curriculum also provides access to some online practice games for your child.

More info will follow soon. READING: The most important thing a parent can do for their child to support their education is to read to and with them for at least 10 mins. each night. On your childs nightly homework check off sheet, there will be a box for you to initial that you have read with your child.

SPELLING: Weekly spelling lists will begin in January and follow our Open Court curriculum. We will be focusing on about 2 vowel combos or blends each week. The words will be sent home on Friday in my weekly newsletter and the test will be given the following Friday. I will be sending home spelling activities for you to do at home with your child as part of the homework.

ICE CREAM WORDS: (Rainbow Words) In first grade we have a list of 100 high frequency words we call Ice Cream Words. They are split into color levels just like in Kindergarten. I will be testing your child on these words three times this year. (see attached sheet for dates/details) These words need to be read by your child within 2 seconds and without sounding them out. (they do not follow the phonetic rules).

Your child should be able to read the first 30 ice cream words by our first report card period. Sample Reading Passage The Black Cat Look at the black cat. It is big. The cat can run to me. I like to play with the cat. We play with the ball and then we will have a nap.

ROCKET FACTS: MATH We will be memorizing simple addition facts and subtraction facts from numbers 0-9 with sums up to 10. In first grade will be having 2 min. math drills. The different fact family drill levels

will be available on my website. We will begin Rocket math in October. We also will be going to the school Computer Lab 3 times a week for 25 mins. to practice fact family drills on Fast Math. There is a at home component to Fast Math that I will be sending home to you shortly. WRITING: Occasionally, there will be a writing or journal response

activity. It is important that on these activities, your child completes the response in their own handwriting (not big brother/sister or mom/dad) as well as uses appropriate phonetic/inventive spelling. Our Weekly Extras Schedule

Monday: Early Release 8:30am-1:40pm Tuesday: Computer Lab 1:45-2:10 Wednesday: 1:30pm-1:00pm-Library & Computer Lab 1:45-2:10 Thursday: Computer Lab 1:45-2:10 Friday: Motor Skills 9:00am- 9:45am (all kiddos must wear appropriate tennis shoes-no sandals or flip flops) Can I help in the

classroom? Parent Volunteers are GREATLY appreciated! Please sign up tonight for a time/day Room Mom, Meet the Masters & Weekly Volunteers We will start parent volunteers at the beginning of September Volunteers need to be able to commit to being consistent and on time weekly. (if any emergencies arise and you are unable to come,

please email/call the night before) How can I help my child succeed? Read to and with your child every night! Set aside a place and time for a daily homework routine. Ask your child questions about their day..ask the specifics.

Be a good role model Praise, hug and tell your child they are special everyday! Websites/Resources http:// www.murrieta.k12.ca.us/Page/19057 http://www.murrieta.k12.ca.us/Page/ 1158

P.T.A *Membership= $6.00 per family member= fun stuff for kids Assemblies, Family Fun Nights, Computer Programs *Book Fair*Reflections- How do I contact Ms. Walters? Email: [email protected]

Phone: 445-4110 *Before/After School *Notes *Phone calls *Emails Children Learn What They Live If children live with hostility, they learn to fight.

If children live with ridicule, they learn to be shy. If children live with tolerance, they learn to be patient. If children live with encouragement, they learn confidence. If children live with praise, they learn to appreciate. If children live with fairness, they learn justice.

If children live with security, they learn faith. If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves. If children live with acceptance, and friendship, they learn to find love in the world.

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