UTS Systems Email and webmail Find, book, use

UTS Systems  Email and webmail Find, book, use

UTS Systems

Email and webmail Find, book, use student computers and computer labs

Printing and student printers Do online study activities and see course materials Library catalogue, ejournals, online materials Connect your device to our wireless network View or change your subjects, enrolment activities, allocate classes Get note taking or other assistance Book into sessions, such as orientation Find job vacancies and other careers information Get help and special consideration

Access locked rooms and labs Maps, websites, mobile apps UTS Systems Information about UTS Systems is on the Current Student website Current student website http://www.uts.edu.au/current-students/managing-your-course/usinguts-systems/it-support

UTS Systems Get started UTS-WPA wireless service Current student > Managing your course > Using UTS systems > Wireless

Get started Open your settings Select wireless Choose UTS-WPA Get started To connect you may be required to accept a certificate When requested enter your:

student number IT account password UTS-WPA Secure wireless while on site EDUROAM Secure wireless while visiting a participating university

http://www.uts.edu.au/current-students/managing-your-course/using-utssystems/uts-wireless ask.uts.edu.au Ask UTS is a knowledgebase containing helpful how-to information and guides to assist you throughout your study at UTS My Student Admin

www.onestopadmin.uts.edu.au Use My Student Admin to:

Update your contact details (phone and address) Download your e-Invoice Submit Commonwealth Assistance Forms (HECS) Download your Study Plan (personalised course structure) Enrol or withdraw from subjects View your personalised exam timetable View your results and download your transcript

My Student Admin My Student Admin My Subject Activities My Student Portal mystudent.uts.edu.au eRequest

special consideration Online Enquiries E-request vs Online Enquiry Both accessed via Mystudent Portal E-Request vs Online Enquiry

E-request is a formal application for changes to your study plan eg. Enrolling into a subject you arent able to self-enrol into; changing your major; special faculty approvals (subject substitution). Online Enquiry UTSs formal emailing system, email our staff for any

enquiry you would normally go to a counter or call us about. Eg. how do I apply for credit recognition. We make sure it gets to the right person. MyStudent Admin vs UTS Online MyStudent admin is official university data and feeds directly into your academic record Serviced by SAU

UTS Online Forum for academics to share resources and announcements not officially linked to any of your records or enrolment Serviced by Faculty ID Cards

MUST register for an session to obtain your student ID cards - http:// www.uts.edu.au/current-students/managing-your-course/your-student-inf o/student-id-cards#how-to-get-your-student-identity-card NO cards or travel concessions will be issued by Student Centres until 6th March

Your IT account (MyAccount) User name or Login: Your student number Password: A password you establish Must be activated Make sure you have Set up your security questions UTS email

Your UTS email is used as an official communication tool of the University Uses Office 365 Log in using your account user name and password Email address: [email protected] Get your email Over the web

https://email.itd.uts.edu.au/email/ On your computer Desktop clients like mac mail or outlook On your mobile See the settings on http://web.uts.edu.au/email/setup/index.html Student computers Computers are available in lab and open study spaces

around campus in all buildings Login to any UTS computer using your UTS access account Find available computers http://www.uts.edu.au/current-students/managingyour-course/using-uts-systems/computer-labs-andfacilities Printing Services How to Print From a UTS computer

Press print Visit the nearest printer and release the file using your student ID card/number and password. Wireless using MyPrint Upload your file and press print Visit the nearest printer and release the file using your student ID

card/number and password Specialist help Student Print centre Digital imaging service How to Add Credit Online www.mymonitor.uts.edu.au

Card City Library KG Library

CB02.04 CB05C Cash CB02.04 City Library KG Library UTS: Student Printing Services

Student PRINT CENTRE and Digital Imaging Service (Both Centres offer a range of printing and presentation services for students)

A4, A3 digital printing & copying Poster Printing Plan Printing Binding Thesis Printing & Binding Pull up banners Contact: SPC

Phone: 9514 2042 [email protected] Location: Building 2, Level 3, Room 11

Photo Books T-Shirt Transfers Scanning Foamcore Mounting Laminating Fascimile Service

Contact: DIS Phone: 9514 8030 [email protected] Location: Building 6, Level 3, Room 11 UTS Online www.online.uts.edu.au UTS Online is the system where you can find: The subject outline

Lecture/Lab/Tutorial Notes Important announcements Contact details You can also use UTS Online to: Complete online assessments Submit assignments View your grades Participate in discussion forums

Once you are comfortable using the web-based system, try out the Blackboard mobile learn app Service Connect Online support and self-service application for students seeking IT help ask questions, make requests and report problems to the IT Support Centre

track the progress of your reported questions, requests and problems chat online in real-time with the IT Support Centre to get quick answers Find step by step instructions in the knowledge base UTS IT & Web Systems Library

lib.uts.edu.au utslibrary utslibrary www.lib.uts.edu.au Orientation tutorial Tours and workshops

Catalogue, MyLibrary, eBooks Journals, databases, referencing The Library whats in there? Catalogue: Books, Journals, Subject Resources UTS Subject: 26100 eBooks

MyLibrary Journals (magazines but academic) Databases (journal articles and more) Referencing (otherwise you imply they were all your ideas) lib.uts.edu.au

utslibrary utslibrary This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Help online Library website & catalogue AskUTS for fees, subject, course queries

ServiceConnect for IT systems Help in person Library counter Student Centre for fees, subject, course IT Support Centres for IT systems

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