Congratulations to all those who applied to university

Congratulations to all those who applied to university

Congratulations to all those who applied to university in 2017 and for winning places at Eoin Baker, reading Geology.

Laura Barriball, reading History, Politics and International Relations. Harry Carter, reading Geography.

Frances Allen, reading English Literature and History. Peter Bebbington,

reading Applied Farm Management. Alex Dauncey, reading Agriculture. Toby Benson, reading

Business Management. George Hooper, reading Aerospace Engineering. RuChen He, reading Physics. Emma Gillard, reading Physics.

Emma Platt, reading English and French. Issy Paul, reading Theology and Religion. Leisha Bond, reading

Environmental Science. Taylor Brazil, reading Geology. George Bunn, reading Geology. Allys Dodd, reading Adult Nursing.

Tom Gist, reading Geography. Andrea Silvestre, reading Ines Martins, reading Adult Nursing. International Relations. Josh Warden, reading Aaron Puffett, reading

computing Geography. Cassi Caslake, reading Graphic Design for Digital Media. Isabelle Cromarty, reading

English Language and Linguistics. Nadine Collins, reading Politics and International Relations. Bradley Drowne, reading

Automotive Engineering. Chloe Gill, reading Forensic Science. Angelika Grabowska, reading Business Management and Leadership.

Megan ODell, reading Forensic Science. Hayley Sargent, reading Diagnostic Imaging. Emily Ferris, reading Art.

Toby Turner, reading Biological Sciences. Jess Daw, reading Mathematics. Liam Downing, reading

Biological Sciences. Jack Knowles, reading History and Politics. Emily Lovell, reading History. Sam Walters, reading

Middle East Studies. Callum Gorman, reading Television. Holly Kressinger, reading Marine and Natural History

Photography. Karina Kundzina, reading Interior Design. Sam Hatch, reading Physics. Gemma Ryall, reading

English Curtis Tout, reading Biomedical Electronic Engineering. Sam Tucker, reading Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Dan Hill, reading Sound Technology. Kate Jenkin, reading Law. Emily Lang, reading English

Literature. Sarah Pengelly, reading Medicine. Bronte Spargo, reading English Literature and Creative Writing.

Barnaby Thorne, reading Psychology Laura Jenkin, reading Animal Biology and Physical Geography.

Marcel Lawnicki, reading Business management. Toby McMillan, reading Historical Archeology.

Jordann Norman, reading Illustration. Shaloma Petchey-Ellis, reading Media and

Sociology. Oliver Platt, reading Computer Science Tom Sharman, reading

Mathematics. Max Whale, reading Computer Science Megan Ridgeman, reading Criminology and Psychology.

Vicky Smith, reading English Literature. Remi Spargo, reading Psychology. Rob Taylor, reading Biochemistry.

Agi Wojtas, reading Modern Languages with Business Management. Jago Watson, reading Business and Management

Studies Billy Whitehead, reading Accounting and Finance.

Where will YOU go?

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