Anglo Saxon Life Warfare as a means of

Anglo Saxon Life Warfare as a means of

Anglo Saxon Life Warfare as a means of law and order Single-family homesteads (wooden building enclosed in fences for protection) Lord-vassal relationship

(loyalty) Farming tools Mead halls & feasts Mead= honey wine Mead hall= central meeting

place for village Anglo-Saxon drinking horn Anglo-Saxon Storytelling -Oral Traditioncelebratory storytelling & song -Themes of fighting, vengeance,

battles -Heroic tradition -A form of immortality Oral Tradition= entertainment

-Uses language more creatively for an audience -focused on sound -focused on description (imagery) Anglo-Saxon storytelling & song

Bards/Scops- skilled storytellers Highly revered talent Poetic, memorized How to read this poetry, ; . 1. Pay attention to punctuation Dont stop at the end of lines

2. Look for action words (verbs)separate description & action 3. Pay attention to literary devices likealliteration, kennings, & rhythm 4. Visualize it the action Englands Middle Ages

1066-1485 Feudal System Military, Economic, & Political form of power -For safety and for defense, people in the Middle Ages formed small

communities around a central lord or master. Most people lived on a manor, which consisted of the castle, the church, the village, and the surrounding farm land. These manors were isolated, with occasional visits from peddlers,

knights, and pilgrims on their way to the Crusades. Knights Followed Code of ChivalryMercy -Towards the poor and oppressed. Punish evil-doers. Humility Honor

Sacrifice Fear of God Faithfulness Courage Utmost graciousness and courtesy to ladies Anglo-Saxon & Middle Ages

Storytelling Festival TASKS: Day 1-2 Read and annotate the text together Skill Guide (Vocab, Themes, Authors Structure) Plan discussion questions Day 3- Put events into a modern script (description, action, dialogue)

Practice acting it out, rehearse ------------------------------Day 4- Perform your story for the class (props, costumes, etc.) Lead a Discussion of Themes Create a pre-performance thought question Create 3 follow-up discussion questions TEST

Beowulf: a heroic tale of man vs. monsters Sir Gawain & the Green Knight pg. 226

A tale of battle & chivalry with a twist! Federigos Falcon pg. 204 A tale of loss and lovewith a twist!

The Wife of Baths Tale pg. 180 What women really wantwith a twist!

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