AAQG RMC Surveillance Team Report 2006 Prepared by:

AAQG RMC Surveillance Team Report 2006 Prepared by:

AAQG RMC Surveillance Team Report 2006 Prepared by: Guy Johansen United Technologies Corp September 12, 2006 Team Members Guy Johansen, Lead United Technologies Corp Randy Dougherty ANAB Lori Scheid ANAB Reg Blake BSI Americas Jay Park Northrop Buck Crenshaw NASA Peter Kucan PRI Registrar Fred Becker The Registrar Company Spencer Rodgers Spirit Aerosystems Topics 2006 Surveillance Schedule

2007 Surveillance Schedule 2007 Surveillance Issues Lessons Learned from 2006 Summary 2006 Oversight Oversight Participants 3 Accreditation Bodies (ANAB, SCC, INMETRO) 36 Certification Bodies 18 AAQG Member Companies 2006 Completed Oversight Assessments (as of September 12) Accreditation Bodies Onsite Office Assessments of ABs = 1

Witness Audits of AB = 1 (IAF Peer Evaluation) Certification Bodies Onsite Office Assessments of CBs = 26 (24 Joint Team Assessments & 2 Independent Assessments) Witness Audits of CB = 26 (25 Joint Team Assessments & 1 Independent Assessments) Certification Body Activity CB Witness Audits by Month 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Independent Joint Audits Running Total Scheduled Jan

Feb Mar Apr May Num berof Escapes Num berof Assessm ents CB Office Assessments by Month Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct

Nov Dec Goal 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Independent Joint Audits Running Total Scheduled Jan Feb Mar Apr Month May

Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Month Comments 1. 4 OEM's missed CB joint office assessments, 2 independent assessments completed. 2. 3 OEMs missed CB joint witness audits, 1 independent audit completed. 3. OEMs worked together to resolve 12 scheduling issues.

4. 72% of CB over sight activity completed. Dec Goal 2007 Oversight 2007 Oversight Participants 3 Accreditation Bodies (ANAB, SCC, INMETRO) 40 Certification Bodies (up 4 from 2006) 19 AAQG Member Companies (up 1 from 2006) 2007 Oversight Schedule To be finalized at RMC Meeting in Mystic 2007 Oversight 2007 Oversight Assessment Issues Ensure follow-up of an 2006 independent audit findings. Determine need for additional audit activity. If a CB provides multiple AS9100, AS9120, and AS9110 accreditations, need to adjust required witness audits.

Provide uniform training to all participating OEM auditors Train the Trainer Workshop January 2007, linked to annual over sight meeting. (Based on AS9104/2) Create questionnaire to obtain Feedback from OEM / AB / CB auditors on over sight process. (scheduling, coordination, training, improvements,..... Appendix 7 Inputs Lessons Learned from 2006 (Preliminary data from Appendix 7 forms submitted to date) Repeats from 2005 Not a Process Orientated Audit Depth of Audit Audit Time Allowed OASIS Entry Errors

Scoring Issues Corrective Action Potential Issues for 2006 Objective Evidence for Compliance CB Internal Audit CB Management Review of AS Files Root Cause Analysis (Need to include ANAB findings/documentation) 2006 Activities Needed Support form AAQG/RMC OEM Member Contact Make sure OEM Assessor is aware of assignments Make sure OEM Assessor is properly trained Identify any conflicts in schedule and arrange for OEM replacement or independent

assessment. Insure OEM Assessor documents results and submits required reports to Accreditation Body Summary Overall performance and participation is very good for 2006. Need continued support from OEMs to ensure completion of 2006 schedule. Need to sustain continuous improvement of the process.

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