Profitable Re-utilization of Floating Plastics in The Indian ...

Profitable Re-utilization of Floating Plastics in The Indian ...

Objective: Implement Green Industrial CLEANTECH processes to benefit all Five/5 Environment, Employment, Economy, Exports & Emissions. -Rahul Nagpaul RESCUE Earth Innovative Technologies & Advisory Group, www. - Increase Indian efficiency in availability of Resources -India committed to reduce GHG emissions. - PM MODI,

29th Jan.2016, Global Business Summit (GBS). Non-Biodegradable Wastes: e-Waste/WEEE, Assorted & Thermoplastics + Thermosetting Plastic Wastes (including Plastic bags, Municipal Solid Wastes, PET Bottles, C&D or Construction Wastes, Old Tires etc), Wood chips/ pieces, Saw Dust can also be converted into Wooden/Timber Board, Panels & Beams, Bricks, Marble/ Granite slabs etc. Brick with e-Waste contents E-Waste Prototypes (3 nos) Brick, Board/Panel

Beam & Support stand/leg. Rapid turnout:Production can start from 1st day itself & results are produced with-in 24-36 hrs (maximum 48 hrs, depending upon the category of Waste or for very large sizes).Wood & Brick etc. substitutes can be produced from Wastes. Other shapes/sizes of Timber /Wood & Brick substitutes are Boards/ Panels/legs/ support stands & Slabs/ ledges/ blocks

/side beam or border stone as well as Marble/ Granite slabs. Pavement & Kerb side - Minimum Capital/ Low initial investment, Safe. - No high Energy/No heating requirement, Nil emission, Zero exhaust, - No Gestation or waiting time required & rapid results after Technology Transfer .

Side-walk & Elevated shoulder on Road Space debris or MMOD around the Earth - Timber/Wood & Brick substitutes are having NonPolluting, Nil emissions, Nil byproducts/ end-Products as the re-utilization is 100%. - COLD 24-36 hrs GREEN TECHS.No complicated m/c, No infrastructure necessary, No special training required - Also use on Space Debris for Future Space Cities. - Both ESTs enable an

indefinite extension of the Product Life Cycle (for Life Cycle Assessment/ LCA). Six (6) Prototypes tested & mechanical jobs (Drilling, Cutting etc) successful. - Reduce Deforestation For Boundary Wall 1st Order of Wooden boards -Contribute towards Climate Change mitigation -1st Order of Wood/substitute consists of

72% Solid Waste & uses only 28% Real Wood at less than 75% Cost of Real & Natural Wood. Cut up & Drilled piece of Prototype Material Test rig Material Test values as follows: Solid Waste to Natural Wood ratio: 72: 28 *Compression Strength: 133.10 Kg/cm2, ASTM D690, *Heat ageing test: withstands upto 95C.

*Hardness Shore D: 78 ASTM D 2240. *Nail Extraction Test: 54.21 Kg, *Screw Extraction Test: 73.4 Kg, *Moisture Content: NIL *Time/ Age durability: Unlimited & Termite/ Rodent proof. This is an Ordinary wooden board (all the Test values are indicative only). Possible for any Type of Wood ie. Teak, Oak, Ash, Maple, Balsa, Walnut, Blackwood etc. For Table Top

Patent for Two/2 nos Environment Sound Technologies/EST (WIPO examination favorable) *** /MUM/ & *** /MUM/ 2012 (ie. International PCT/ IN2013/000*** & PCT /IN2013/000***) have entered the Regional/ National Phase of 44 & 39 countries respectively viz. USA, JAPAN, CANADA AUSTRALIA, SINGAPORE & EUROPE (38 COUNTRIES) (INDIA as Receiving Office/RO)

Patent protected in 188 countries (under PCT). Recently, an MoU was signed between SINTEF, Norway and Central Public Works Department (CPWD) for research in recycling of Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste (TOI dt. Dec 3015. SINTEF, Norway does not have this Technology yet & we are wasting precious Time & Foreign Exchange in R&D with them. In USA Jan15, AT&T Fined was $52 Milllion for Illegally Dumping e-Waste in Landfills, India can Strengthen relations

with Knowledge export of the Green Technology which has entered the National Phase with USPTO (ie. is registered). Wood substitute Board piece (filled with RDF contents) For a Door. Exclusivity of both ESTs is confirmed by a considered opinion from International Bureau (IB), WIPO on International applic.

PCT/IN2013/000 *** & PCT/IN2013/000 *** ie. 1.Novelty, 2.Inventive step & 3.Industrial applicability For Land Reclamation & build Ocean Defenses: SEA WALLs Ocean Defenses: GABIONS Claim Carbon credits & offsets GHG declaration Re-cycling & Forestry (Scope 3)

Prototype of Wooden board with e-Waste contents For a Wooden Chair Implementation/Prosecution (Technology transfer in Patent sale or Lease) of both inventions in multiple countries is possible with the effort of a single official action response-(IPRP, WIPO) European Patent Office/EPO has issued a favorable Written

Opinion (WO) on: 1. International Search Report/ ISR (with EPO as International Searching Authority/ISA) 2. International Preliminary Examination Report (IPER) & 3. International Preliminary Report on Patentability (IPRP) - refer Form PCT/ISA/237 About us We are a small core of Environmentalist, led by a Marine Engineer who gained skills/ experience in MARPOL related pollution prevention while in Mercantile Marine, supported by Sale & Marketing Manager based in New Delhi with external expertise of an International Patent Attorney & Chartered Accountant.

Business Plan We are a start-up & Bootstrapping completed. To meet the demand for mitigation of Solid Waste in various countries, this is the supply of Green Technologies as a solution from MAKE IN INDIA Platform (R&D since Provisional Patents filed year 2008). As Licensing & transfer of ownership of Patent , the returns are expected in one/1 month to six/6 months. As transfer of Technology for starting a manufacturing plant in India or Overseas, returns are expected with-in 6 months to 1 year & the Environmental Benefits shall be experienced in One Year on. References [1] International Convention for the safety of life at sea (SOLAS), International Maritime Organization (IMO), [2] Protocol of 1973/1978 relating to the International Convention for the

Prevention of Pollution from Ships, amended 1995 (MARPOL), International Maritime Organization (IMO), RESCUE Earth Innovative Technologies & Advisory Group (RESCUE Earth: 'Reinforcing Environmental Sustainability with Constructive Utilization of Waste' on Earth), -Member,Group of Experts,GESAMP -Experts/ Resource person, Global SCP Clearinghouse, UNEP -Member, Working group, Sustainable Public Procurement (SCP Clearinghouse Team) -Registered Service Provider Partnership Development Activities, Global Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA), The Technology Development Programme (TDP), Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India. -WEEE/ e Waste re-utilization Technology, WIPO Green Technologies. -Assorted waste & Plastic re-utilization Technology, WIPO Green Technologies. -Member, International Partnership for Expanding Waste Management Services of Local Authorities (IPLA), United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD).

-Member, Global Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Clearinghouse, UNEP -Member, Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA) -Member,Global Network on Sustainable Lifestyles (GNSL) -Environmental Innovations, Global Impact 2013, Deloitte's annual report (Pg.39) -Sustainable action registered,UNertia -Registered, Resource Efficiency and Environmental Services, Knowledge Transfer Network of Technology Strategy Board Network, TDB -Registered in EMITS (European Space Agency/ESA) -Participating Business Organization, GREEN INDUSTRY PLATFORM (established by UNIDO, UNEP & partner UN organizations) -Green Business Map Listings (applied) -Registered, Indian Technology Data bank, National Research Development Corporation (NRDC). - Registered, DeITY, GOI.

MR.RAHUL NAGPAUL CEng, MEO Cl.1(M), DCE (O) II, MERI,MIMarE(I), MIE(I), MISTE, MISCA CEO, RESCUE Earth Innovative Technologies & Advisory Group, A-804, Elegant Residency, SR no. 3/2, Old Mumbai Pune Highway, (near Ford showroom, Bhakti Shakti Chowk) Pune 411044, Maharashtra. M: +91 9850864623, Skype: rahuln123, e-m: [email protected] , [email protected]

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