REDOXS© Trial Pilot

REDOXS© Trial Pilot

Consent Training Module Version 4: August 7th, 2013 Obtaining Informed Consent Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans Free and informed consent refers to the dialogue, information sharing and general process through

which prospective subjects choose to participate in research involving themselves Timing : When? Consent must be obtained within 72 hrs of admission to ICU Who obtains consent?

Site Investigator or delegate i.e. sub investigator or research nurse must be specified on the Delegation of Authority Log Whom to get consent from? Patients are often incapable given acuity of illness

Substitute decision maker (SDM) or patients legally acceptable representative Pre-Consent Check to see if patient has refused participation in research in general. Ensure patient meets the inclusion & no exclusion criteria

Familiarize yourself with the patients history Discuss the eligibility criteria and appropriateness of enrolment with Site Investigator. Involve nursing staff Approach bedside nursing staff/medical staff for and update on the familys involvement and their degree of knowledge of the patients condition.

Inform the appropriate nurse you are considering this patient for the TOP-UP Study. Ask RN when family member is expected. At the time of Consent Arrange for a quiet, private location for discussion with family member(s) with the Site Investigator/delegate. The Site Investigator will provide an overview of the study to

the family members and inform them that their family member is appropriate for participation in the TOP-UP study. The Site investigator will then introduce the Research coordinator to the family. State that you are seeking permission for the patient to participate in a research study Highlight that your hospital promotes improving patient care through research

Language Use simple and clear language Avoid medical jargon Do NOT coerce family member Personalize the discussions i.e. Patients like your family member, may benefit from participating in this study....

Explain Study Procedures Feeding via EN is standard of care Feeding via PN is standard of care, if patient unable to take enough EN SF-36 follow up at 3 and 6 months to check on patients status

Olimel Critically ill patients can become malnourished quickly and this may lead to an increased rate of infections and death. Intensive care units are not being fed well and on average they receive only 40-60% of the calories and protein that they should be receiving. Signals from studies show that giving more calories and protein to overweight and underweight patients may improve survival.

The purpose of this study is to find out if giving more calories and protein to underweight and overweight critically ill patients (BMI <25 or 35) will improve their chances of survival. Risks and benefits Risks: No known risks but there maybe others that we do not know about. If the MD in charge of your family member feels that your family member is deteriorating because of the

supplement, he can stop the study supplement. Your family member will be monitored daily Benefits: your family member may have a better chance of survival but we do not know for sure. Other elements of ICF Voluntary participation If refuse participation, will still receive the same medical

care. Consent may be withdrawn at any time No compensation, no cost Contact person for their rights and questions Data will be accessed but kept confidential Provide ICF to SDM Provide a copy of the REB approved ICF to family for their review

Give them sufficient time to ask questions and encourage them to speak to the Site Investigator. Ensure that they have understood that they are signing on behalf of their family member Provide contact numbers for questions or concerns After consent obtained When the SDM has given consent, ensure that they

have dated and signed the ICF. Provide them with one copy. Place a copy of the signed ICF in the medical chart and copies in your site files Follow up with SDM Thank the SDM for the opportunity to include the patient in TOP-UP

Provide the SDM with informal updates when you see them during future ICU visits, whether things are uneventful or not Ongoing contact with the SDM will help to make their exposure to medical research a positive experience Resources online

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