Presenting Yourself on the UC Application for Undergraduate

Presenting Yourself on the UC Application for Undergraduate

Presenting Yourself on the UC Application for Undergraduate Admission Freshmen October 2013 Overview Before Beginning How Applications are Reviewed

Completing the Application The Personal Statement Submitting the Application October 2013 2 Before Beginning Application Timeline

Freshman Date/Deadline Task October 1 UC Application Opens November 1-30

Submit UC Application Online Mid-January Self-Report December Test Results February - March E D Notification of Admission

May 1 Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) Deadline B Mid-May to Early June Waitlist Admission Notification

C A October 2013 4 Student Preparation Research Campuses Early

Gather Materials Brainstorm Apply Broadly Ask for Advice and Feedback Email Communications is Critical October 2013 5 How Applications are Reviewed

Requirements vs. Selection Every UC Campus Gets the same application Reviews for minimum requirements Reviews for admission individually using content of the application October 2013 7

Comprehensive Review Campuses Look For Strong grades, test scores & course preparation An inclusive educational experience Assess Student Within Context Educational environment Available resources and opportunities The Full Application Not just the personal statement

October 2013 8 Comprehensive Review

Grade-Point Average Test Scores Courses Completed/Planned Honors Courses Top 9% Local Context (ELC) Quality of Senior-Year Program of Study Academic Opportunities in California High Schools Performance in Academic

Subject Areas Achievements in Special Projects Improvement in Academic Performance Special Talents, Achievements, and Awards Participation in Educational Preparation

Programs Academic Accomplishment Within Life Experiences Geographic Location October 2013 9 Completing the UC Application

Importance Accurate Details Statement of Application Integrity Personal Information Academic History Examination Scores Activities Outside of School Verification of Application Information October 2013

11 The Basics Contact Information So campuses can contact you Campus/Major Selection Apply broadly 30-Minute Time Out Next or Logout to save

October 2013 12 Getting Started First time users start here! Application Deadline: November 30, 11:59 p.m. PST Apply Online at

October 2013 13 Navigating

Use the progress bar above to navigate Use sections on the right for guidance Use buttons below to move from page to page Note my uc application, help, and sign out October 2013 14 Starting Your Application

October 2013 15 Starting Your Application All students must enter a social security number if they have one October 2013

16 Selecting a Major Click to expand the list of majors October 2013 17

Ranking San Diego Colleges You must click here before ranking the colleges October 2013 18 Scholarships

Review and select up to 16 scholarships that match your characteristics, interests, and background! October 2013 19 Biographical Information October 2013

20 Academic History for Freshmen Applicants 7th/8 th Grade Courses Advanced math and language other than English courses in middle school can be used to meet A-G requirements

October 2013 22 High School Attendance Must list every high school attended since 9th grade October 2013 23

High School Attendance Provide basic information about your high school October 2013 24 High School Coursework

Enter academic courses taken and grades earned at each school as they appear on your official academic record October 2013 25 High School Coursework Enter academic courses that do not appear on the UC-approved course list

October 2013 26 College Courses Taken in High School October 2013 27 Academic History Comments

Use this space to explain unusual circumstances, not as an extension of the personal statement October 2013 28 Activities & Awards

Non a-g Coursework Educational Preparation Programs Community Service Work Experience Awards & Honors Extra Curricular Activities

Choose up to 5 of your most meaningful experiences for each category. October 2013 29 ACT & SAT Test Scores Self-report scores here and order official scores to be

sent to at least one UC campus October 2013 30 Advanced Placement Test Scores Passing AP & IB exam scores can be used to show subject mastery October 2013

31 The Personal Statement The Personal Statement Two Prompts Must address both 1,000 words total maximum View as a personal interview on paper Compose outside of application

Request feedback Paste responses in plain text October 2013 33 Freshman Statement Prompt One Describe the world you come from for example,

your family, community or school and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations. October 2013 34 Freshman Statement Prompt Two Tell us about a personal quality, talent,

accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud, and how does it relate to the person you are? October 2013 35 Personal Statement Final Thoughts

Start early, get feedback, and revise Define your motivation in topics that you are passionate about Decisions are never made on the personal statement alone Avoid common mistakes October 2013 36

Submitting the Application Submitting the Application Additional Comments Include when appropriate Dont Forget to Click Submit Updates Return to the application to make updates October 2013

38 Submitting the Application Disabled until all circles are solid. October 2013 39

Completeness Check October 2013 40 Release & Signature October 2013

41 Fees, Payment & Waivers October 2013 42 Submit Click here

and expect this Check your email for a submission confirmation October 2013 43 After Submission

October 2013 44 Resources UC Admissions Home Page How to Apply Online Application Help Desk [email protected] 1-800-207-1710 (U.S. only) 1-661-336-5723 (outside U.S.) UC Application Center P. O. Box 1432 Bakersfield, CA 93302 October 2013

45 Submitting the Application

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