Brookville High School Senior Parent Meeting Class of

Brookville High School Senior Parent Meeting Class of

Brookville High School Senior Parent Meeting Class of 2013 September 19, 2012 Welcome! Mr. Bronner Principal Mrs. Sayre Nickell Assistant Principal Mrs. Donati School Counselor grades 10-12 Mrs. Spangler School Counselor grades 7-9 Mrs. Phillips Athletic/Attendance Secretary Mrs. Hogue Principals Secretary Mrs. Limbert Guidance Secretary

Agenda Final Review of Graduation Requirements Post High School Education and Career Options Timeline for College Application/Acceptance Process Financial Aid and Scholarships Questions/Discussion Items Class of 2013 Graduation Requirements

4 Credits of English 4 Credits of Math 3 Credits of Science 3 Credits of Social Studies 2 PE Classes (1/2 credit) Credit - Health

Credit 21st Century Technology 1 Credit of Personal Economics (does not apply to CTC students) 1 Credit of Fine Art (Art, Band, Choir, Woods, Blue Blazer/Scroll) Completion of Community Service Hours (15 for last year, 20 for this year) Total of 22 credits needed to graduate Post High School Options Planning Take the ACT or SAT no later than December ACT

October 27th (deadline to register October 5th - this is the late registration) December 8th (deadline to register November 2nd) SAT October 6th November 3rd December 1st Post High School Options Planning ACT Online Prep

Every Junior and Senior student has an account Practice tests with real ACT test questions Practice essays for the new optional ACT Writing Test, with real-time scoring Comprehensive content review for each of the ACT's four required tests English, Math, Reading, and Science Diagnostic test and personalized Study Path Anywhere, anytime access via the Internet Free!

Link is located on the High Schools website under the Link and Downloads tab College Selection Unsure of where to go? What to major in? See Mrs. Donati for log-in info NextStepU See pg. 9 in the

planning guide for a guide to college selection Education Pays Learn to Earn Ready to LEARN when you enter Kindergarten and ready to EARN with post secondary credential Take the pledge 9th grade through high school: Individuals will be ready to learn when graduating from high school Goal # 3: Ready to learn when graduating from high school High School Diploma long term academic and career success 9th grade year earn minimun of 5 credits Algebra I English 9

Science 10th grade year proficient or above on OGT 12th grade year Graduate Internet Safety

No such thing as Private Agreement on what is okay to post Be a good digital citizen Cyberspace Golden Rule applies Agree on downloads Critical thinking Stay in safe neighborhoods Review your own habits Better safe than sorry

College Selection Narrow college selections down to three or four colleges. Be sure your qualifications meet the colleges criteria (ACT/SAT scores, GPA, major is offered, etc) to avoid losing application fees and being disappointed See pgs. 12 and 13 in handout College Selection College Representative Visitation Schedule

September 20th Hanover College 8:00 am September 24th Sinclair Community College 11:30 am September 24th United States Marines September 26th - College Fair at Fifth Third Field 6:00 8:00 pm

September 27th University of Dayton 9:00 am October 2nd Cedarville University 9:48 am October 5th US Navy Lunch Table October 9th University of Rio Grande 8:00 am October 17th Ohio State University 1:45 pm November 5th Miami University 1:45 pm

November 6th Manchester College 9:00 am November 7th Grace College 10:40 am November 2nd -College Fair at UD Arena 6:30 8:30 pm November 9th University of South Carolina 9:50 am November 20th Ohio State Lima 11:32 am College Applications Begin application process in the Fall Applications often ask for: High School Involvement (see pg. 19) Essays Personal Statement Recommendation letters Be aware of deadlines!

$cholarships! Ongoing process, most scholarships are available after you are accepted (February April). Monthly Newsletters Dayton Montgomery County Scholarship

Compiled monthly by Mrs. Donati GPA 2.5 or higher Need based Brookville Community Scholarship Dansen Brown from BCSF meets with the seniors in

the spring (here and at CTC) Typically, everyone who applies gets a scholarship. $cholarships! Brookville High School Guidance Office on Facebook to stay in the loop of

new scholarship announcements Financial Aid File in January of 2013 using income information from 2012 Colleges that you have been accepted to will send you a financial aid package BHS Hosts Financial Aid Meeting, January 15th at 7 pm Financial Aid College Goal Sunday Get free, on-site professional assistance completing the FAFSA (Free

Application for Federal Student Aid) February 10th at Sinclair Community College For more information go to: Financial Aid Page 12 13 in the handout lists the cost of attending Ohio Public and Private Colleges Consider attending a two year community college and transferring to a four year university to complete the last two years Work Study is often a good way to help out financially this is listed on the FAFSA

Housekeeping Begin preparing your students for the transition now Time management Organization Healthy eating Laundry Budgeting College Student Panel BHS will host its 2nd College Student Panel Great opportunity for students to ask

questions about life after high school from their former peers Former BHS students Currently enrolled in a two year or four year University (public, private, and out-of-state) Working full time after attending CTC or Sinclair Dates To Remember

September 26th Homecoming Parade 6:30 pm September 28th Interims/SWAP Day September 28th Homecoming Football Game September 29th Homecoming Dance 8:00 pm October 8th Teacher Inservice/No School for Students October 25th End of First Nine Weeks November 1st and 6th Parent Teacher Conferences 4:30 8:00 pm November 2nd Grade Cards Go Home November 7th Star Day (1:00 Dismissal) Coffee With The Counselors

Communication between home, school and the community Topics may include career planning, test taking skills, and technology These will be held in the high school office: October 9th December 11th April 9th Questions/Discussion Items

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