ONLINE INDIVIDUAL LANGUAGE LEARNER PLAN (ILLP) SESSION Language Acquisition Department 2015-16 Introduction

Arizona English Language Proficiency Standards Individual Language Learner Plan Forms and Procedures Introduce the On-line ILLP Attachment AB template Procedures on how to access and complete the On-line ILLP Attachment AB Arizona Department of Arizona (ADE) Monitoring

requirements Best Practices for ELL Instruction SIOP Language Rights Participants will

be able to document the Arizona ELP Standards in their lesson plans. be able to complete the ILLP Lesson Plan template. be able to show evidence of required documentation for ELLs to meet ADEs model. become familiar with the on-line ILLP process. become familiar with resources to shelter

instruction for ELLs. ELLs in schools with 20 or fewer ELLs within three consecutive grade spans (including Kindergarten). s ELP Standards Time Allocations English Language Proficiency

Standards (ELP) The ELP Standards provide prerequisite language skills for English language learners (ELLs) to access academic content. The standards provide the foundational linguistic knowledge for students who are not proficient in English. A strong grammatical foundation is essential in the language acquisition process for ELLs.

There is a purposeful overlap of the ELP and the Common Core language skills. The K-12 English Language Proficiency Standards should be utilized to guide instruction for English language learners. Classroom materials used in ELD instruction reflect content from a variety of academic disciplines including math, social studies, and science. II -LS-1: B-1

Stage II: Listening Speaking- Standard 1: Basic-1

IIL-1(N):LI-1 (Nouns) Whats My Code? II-W-1:PE-5 III-R-2:LI-3

I-L-1(v):B-4 III-L-2:E-1 II-LS-1:HI-6 Document the code Then, write the stem with Performance Indicator to document the standard

This is the Stem: Use this to begin writing your objective This is the Performance

Indicator: add this to the stem In Plans: II-LS-1:B-1- The student will demonstrate understanding of oral communication by distinguishing between phonemes in the initial,

medial and final positions of words and phrases Posted in student friendly language: I will be able to tell a partner whether the letter s comes at the beginning, middle or end of the word. Note- You may modify the objective to match what you will be doing.

ELP Standards Time Allocations Time Allotments Congruent with ELP Standards Time Allocations and Corresponding ELP Standards Time

Allocation s Oral English Conversation and Vocabulary ELP Standards to Listening & Speaking Domain be used

Language Strand-Standard 2-Vocabulary Reading Writing Reading Domain

Writing Domain Grammar Language StrandStandard 1 (only) Standard 1 Standard 2

ILLP ILLP Quarterly TemplateAttachment AB The ILLP process has two forms: Individual Language Learner Plan File the completed form in students cumulative folder and ensure that the

classroom teacher and ELD teacher has an additional copy with their lesson plans On-Line Elementary ILLP Quarterly TemplateAttachment A/B Handout ILLP (page 2)

Enter date standard was mastered Note: Required areas of

instruction Enter the teacher responsible for the instruction Enter the ELP

code and standard Enter Assessment used and data

The ILLP will be reviewed quarterly by the teachers identified on the ILLP. Recommendations for any modifications can be made to the ILLP team. Handout ONLINE DIRECTIONS

2. Click on Special Programs and then across to Language Assessment 3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on

ILLP Quarterly Review (Grades K-5) to access the title page 4. Type in your TUSD STATS username and password 5. Click on

submit 6. The teacher of record will have a list of ELL and ELLAR students (exclude ELLAR (N) ) 7. In order to access the ILLP Form, select one of the students and click on Edit under

the Quarter to be documented 8. The student / teacher information will be populated Time Allocation Time

ELP Standards Reading 60 Min Reading Domain: Standards 1,2,3,4

Grammar 60 Min Language Strand: Standard 1 Oral English/Conversation and Vocabulary

60 Min Listening and Speaking Domain: Standards 1, 2 Language Strand: Standard 2 (Vocabulary) Writing

60 Min Writing Domain: standards 1, 2, 3,4,5 Note: Required areas of

instruction Please note: Kindergarten is 30 minutes for each time allocation

***TEACHER TIP: Choose your standards 1st and use a word document to type them out. Then highlight and cut and paste into the template.*** 9. Once accessing the form, begin to complete the instructional portion of the Elementary ILLP Quarterly Template-Attachment AB

10. Access the English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards by using the live links at the top left side of the form.

11. Select appropriate ELP Standard(s) and Performance Indicator according to the students grade, level of English proficiency and time allocation. 12. Highlight copy and paste the standard in the appropriate column. Include a minimum of 4 ELP standards for each of the required ILLP Areas

II-R-1:B-1 The student will demonstrate knowledge of print concepts by: tracking written words read aloud with one-to-one correlation. Enter the ELP codes and standards with

the Stem & Performance Indicator Enter Assessment/s used and data results

II-R-1:B-1 The student will demonstrate knowledge of print concepts by: tracking written words read aloud with one-to-one correlation. Enter date standards were

completed Avenues E-Assessment Unit 3: 60 % . Teacher Observation during Guided Reading and Literacy Centers 12/14/13

Reading: Use reteaching Options for Unit 3. PDF lesson and workbook pages 13-14 Handout Enter instructional modifications needed to attain goals not met in this quarter

12/14/1 2 Handout All computer printers are different After saving the completed ILLP Attachment AB, you will get this

screen Go to file and page setup Be sure to choose Landscape option when printing Click Shrink to Fit option if applicable Handout

SIOP strategies for Instruction and for reteaching. Use materials from the ELD adoptions (Avenues, Windows on Literacy, Phonics Components, Kidspiration) which can also include supplementary and adapted materials from content areas (i.e. Into English, realia, hands-on manipulatives, visuals, Science FOSS

kits, graphic organizers, etc.). Use e-Assessments to progress monitor ELL students at grades 1-5 and document progress on the Quarterly Template AB. In addition, all schools can choose assessments that appropriately reflect expected outcomes for the ELLs level of English language proficiency. Assessments

can be teacher created and/or vary in process (Running Records, projects, DRA, writing prompts, etc.). For additional information, see the assessment portion of the SIOP (green) handout. Ensure all teachers providing ELD instruction sign the form.

The original ILLP (which includes Attachment AB) will be placed in the student's cumulative files. A copy of the ILLP will be given to each teacher who has a responsibility in implementing the plan. Keep the Elementary ILLP Quarterly TemplateAttachment AB with Lesson Plans for instructional, documenting, and monitoring purposes. Refer to ILLP Quarterly Template to guide instruction and to support the ELLs English language

development needs. Log into TUSD STATS Select a student Select a time Allocation Think about the standards you will be covering this quarter Keep in mind your ELLs level based on AZELLA in each domain The Resource/ Itinerant teachers have to work together with the

classroom teacher of record. It is a collaborative effort. ADE statement: If more than one teacher is responsible for the instruction for a specific student(s), collaboration should be ongoing to ensure that coordination of instruction is reinforced during the various time allocations.

Using the Live links to the AZ ELP standards, select one or two ELP standards to complete a row on the template Note: On the actual ILLP template Attachment AB, each time allocation needs to include a minimum of 4 ELP Standards per quarter Handout


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