The Twelve Core Action Values Joes Notes Created

The Twelve Core Action Values Joes Notes Created

The Twelve Core Action Values Joes Notes Created by Joe Tye, CEO and Head Coach Values Coach Inc. Copyright 2010, Values Coach 1. Intros

2. Handouts 3. Grad school for life 4. U & E Values 5. 1-6 and 7-12 6. CAVs & RICE values 7. Gym salesman Core Action Values 1-6:

Laying a Solid Foundation Authenticity 1. Greatest triumph 2. Corporate lawyer 3. LFH experience

4. WDYD? You are a moving target 5. If every job paid the same 6. Bridge to who you are Self-Awareness 1. Begins with who not: roles, moods, past, opinions of others 2. Strengths vs. weaknesses

3. Do not compare 4. 360 self eval not a good listener 5. Journal = high leverage quadrant 4 Self-Mastery 1. Meet YOWE 2. ITFP 3. Reference group

4. SLBs and SILs 5. Negative ST = mental graffiti Self-Belief 1. Dont settle for anemic dreams 2. Low self-esteem is an excuse 3. Pyramid of self-belief 4. Self-defining metaphors

5. Not arrogance Self-Truth 1. Accept yourself for who you are 2. But work on the warts 3. Take total respty for circs & outcomes 4. Use DDQs

5. Paradox 1 = out of CZ (Spencer Tracy) Integrity 1. Trust is an outcome 2. Cannot win long term w/o integrity 3. Just a word at Enron 4. Integer same person in dif

settings 5. Always a gap, never painless Honesty 1. Begins with self we rationalize 2. The I cant lie 3. Honesty is active not just not lying 4. Just because you believe something

5. Fear motivates dishonesty (Deming) 6. Know when to shut up (hairdo) Reliability 1. Its a habit build before you need it 2. Under-promise and over-deliver 3. Be consistent where counts (mgr, parent)

4. Avoid debt and procrastination 5. Eat the frog first Humility 1. Level 5 leadership 2. Paradox of servant leadership 3. Give credit, take blame 4. Be interruptable 5. Invite criticism

6. Root of the word all children same Stewardship 1. No free lunch (or movie tickets!) 2. Chief Seattle & culture of MSI 3. Frugality, productivity, conservation 4. Dave Ramsey & Julie Morgenstern 5. Do more with less

6. Reduce, reuse, recycle Awareness 1. Autopilot to Lincoln ? 2. Key to success: sales, care, career 3. Temporal & spatial attention 4. Inner awareness 5. Travel light & enjoy the journey

6. Stand on one foot Mindfulness 1. All emotional pain caused by lack 2. Pay attention 3. Learn past, plan future, live present 4. Meditative practices 5. More, not less, in the world

6. Soul vs. ego Objectivity 1. See world as it really is 2. Opinions, beliefs, and principles 3. People look for facts to fit beliefs 4. Distorting lens of ITFP 5. Gut vs. intuition

6. Play the Reporter Game Empathy 1. Commiseration, sympathy, empathy 2. Mutuality in AA 3. Social radar Daniel Goleman 4. Mary Kay & MMFI AZ hospital ER 5. Be a Dionarap

Reflection 1. No one on deathbed = more TV 2. Silence is good for the soul 3. Prayer Tevye and Gilda Radner 4. MoM & PoG 5. 2 detachments 2 freedoms 6. You never FIND time for it

Courage 1. No fear, no courage (2 jail bars) 2. Reaction, decision 3. Anxiety, fear, and worry 4. 3 bad things: memory, perception, vision 5. Fear an ally: not ready, wrong path

Confrontation 1. RPM, Billy, & Chief Bromden 2. Give it a name (or number) 3. Talk back to it lion roar 4. Irrational fears (Buckle Up!) 5. Anxiety-Perf Curve 6. Faith = ultimate antidote

Transformation 1. Terror and exhilaration em. energy 2. Change your metaphors (tank, hang, blood, net, chicken) 3. SWA vs. United post 9-11 U-571 lesson 4. Forrest Church: we dont feel courage

5. Mark Twain & the as if principle Action 1. Og Mandino 2. Positive vs. wishful thinking 3. Research as action 4. Death of the fear is certain 5. Dare most when times are darkest 6. Keep moving!

Connection 1. Caring is the root of courage 2. Edward Hallowell Worry book 3. Best friends made in support groups 4. Dionarap Take 2 distrust 1st impression 5. Eliminate silo effect

Perseveranc e 1. Perseverance = decision every day 2. Every great accomplishment once 3. Bad things do happen to good people 4. Brick walls are not there to stop you

Preparation 1. Obstacles are not optional 2. Prepare like fire dept 3. Stamina (sleep, diet, exercise, hydration, breathing, habits) Samurai Paradox 4. Prepare for worst, expect best 5. Avoid analysis paralysis

Perspective 1. Best or worst? problems & Predicaments 2. Everything can look failed in middle 3. 23rd Psalm keep walking 4. Motion picture vs. snapshot 5. No such thing as false hope

Toughness 1. Robbins ability to endure frustration 2. WC: bounce one failure to another 3. Should before Want 4. Dont play victim, martyr roles 5. Dont lie to yourself

Learning 1. Four good things 2. Good for character (A.M. Lindberg) 3. Most important lessons 4. One door closes (Last Chance Mine) 5. The people you meet 6. Nietzsche was right

Dirt bag story Faith 1. Not religion (but wisdom in every) 2. Faithful = fidelity + trust 3. Four pillars: self, others, future, power

4. Graebel moving company story 5. Greatest power in history (Hawaii) 6. William James to Ann Armstrong Gratitude 1. Whining is the anti-prayer 2. Choosing to see best, to see blessings

3. Gratitude Optimism Achievement 4. If you live in America 5. Gratitude is reflected in giving 6. Make a joy list Forgiveness 1. Every major spiritual tradition 2. Grudges = prison, poison (I Ching)

3. Reduces anxiety & depression 4. Support group for parents killed kids 5. Self and God (Kurtz & Ketchum) 6. Bury a rock in the desert (Big Bend) Love 1. The Beatles not a mushy emotion 2. SWA & Colleen Barrett story 3. Tim & Cindy story

4. How much love is in your calendar? 5. Hate makes people stupid 6. Increase love by giving it hug metaphor Spirituality 1. Who dies w/ most toys is still dead! 2. Faith, health, healing (placebo effect)

3. Diane Tice research prayer anx & depn 4. Have a sacred place (Grand Canyon) 5. EaM but no DL (John Kennedy Toole) 6. Honor faith of patients Interlude for The SelfEmpowerment

Pledge Core Action Values 7-12: Taking Effective Action Purpose

1. WDYD? icebreaker 2. On purpose McZen LBJ bees buzz 3. Calling, mission, and purpose (NM,NM) 4. Flow and quota busting 5. Purpose statement (rewrite old scripts)

Aspiration 1. Kid what want to be when grow up 2. Am. Dream lottery, lawsuit 3. Rural mail carrier 4. Having, Doing, Being 5. Problem #1 with The Secret = work 6. Expect a miracle! 7. Dealing with dream stealers

Intentionality 1. Monomaniac with a mission Joe Diffie 2. Do or do not no try (FN on excuses) 3. A bias for action (Iacocca cut off top) 4. Discipline of prototypes

5. Urgency plus patience Selflessness 1. Its not about you Rick Warren 2. Davids House story 3. Kroc you win then I win 4. Foundation of teamwork 5. Michael Jordan story

6. Oak tree grove in Solon Balance 1. Avoid double bind situations 2. Or And 3. From balance to integrate 4. Creativity = intelligence having fun 5. Avoiding tyranny of the urgent

Vision 1. Porsche dream story 2. J. Swift & Proverbs 3. Walts last day Roy & Dworld 4. Vision & visualization noun & verb 5. MotF lot of people like you! 2nd bday

Attention 1. Platform for future dreams Seligman 2. Turn off the tragi tainment 3. You wont know it when you see it 4. BHAG paradox: More likely, same risk, platform bigger 5. 5 tools (comp, mg, mag, flywheel, SP)

Imagination 1. Katie 2. Questions > answers 3. Creative ideas adaptations 4. Garbage can theory of intelligence 5. Dont waste on worry and fantasy

6. Lucid dreaming and subconscious Articulation 1. Steve Jobs reality distortion field 2. Telling your story 3. MLK, JFK 4. Dialog toward goals 5. 6-As: Articulate, Affirm, Ask (Aladdin

factor), Act (5 a day rule), Adapt, Authent Belief 1. A force of nature 2. MVH at NFNQ conf (BHAG reinf by action) 3. See it when you believe it

4. TBSS incremental belief creation 5. Who else has done what you want to do? Focus 1. Dorothea Brande no one on deathbed 2. If trouble with time or money start

here 3. Dorothy poppy fields RBADD culture 4. The water cooler is deadly to focus 5. Triage your goals and priorities Target 1. Be clear about what you really want 2. Dont chase what you dont want

3. The real cost of a new TV 4. Fewer targets, more likely to hit 5. Fewer goals at once, more over time 6. Having fun vs. being happy 7. Target that you can control Concentration 1. The Shallows problem

2. One Big YES lots of little Nos 3. Creativity requires concentration 4. Diversified interests, focused goals 5. Breaking out of 80-20 6. Sitting on a thumb tack 7. Keep two lists Speed

1. Grocery shopping: the 4-get formula 2. Moving faster, less likely distracted 3. Speed is a logarithmic function 4. A state of mind 2-time yourself 5. The day before vacation 6. Does not mean taking shortcuts Momentum

1. Louis LAmour novels 2. The learning curve 3. Combat entropy Zig Now what? 4. The leaders best friend (Maxwell) 5. Urgency + patience 6. Golden half hour B4 bed tomorrow to do

Enthusiasm 1. Master value 2. Terminal profism & Dilbertism 3. Catalyst for SFPs 4. Emotions are contagious 5. The hidden ingredient of hi productivity Attitude

1. Attitude is everything (almost) 2. Passionate + optimistic + cheerful 3. Dilbert Disease 4. Mental computer 5. The Pickle Pledge 6. The Pickle Challenge Energy

1. Energy is life 2. A choice Ed McMahon 3. Nobel Prize for create energy by using 4. Cheap energy (red bull) vs. lasting 5. Energy faucet vs. energy drain 6. 69 Actions special report

Curiosity 1. Two year old why? The 5 Whys 2. Beginners mind 3. Antidote to stress & boredom 4. Fear = learning disability if no questions 5. Google and Wikipedia 6. McZen questions and clues

Humor 1. HQ > IQ (Harvard U study) 2. Laugh clubs & laughter therapy 3. Laugh for no reason 4. Christopher Reeve & Patty Wooten 5. Laugh at your Self 6. Derogatory is not humor

Service 1. Work is love made visible 2. Wealth, work, wisdom 3. Service recovery united breaks guitars 4. RAK movement 5. Rafes Law

Helpfulness 1. Two defns: assistance, friendliness 2. Mr. Hollands Encore 3. JD as floor 4. Tom Peters: you are your projects 5. Becoming indispensable 6. Does not mean doing it for them

Charity 1. King Midas vs. Johnny Appleseed 2. Gratitude + compassion + generosity 3. Dont wait until you are rich 4. Problem #2 w/ The Secret = stuff 5. Suing the church!!! 6. Extravagant generosity in small ways

Compassion 1. Whats in a hat? 2. Davids House 3. Emotion + Action 4. Non-judging 5. Charisma and mutuality 6. Lost causes only ones worth fighting

for Renewal 1. Cannot pour from empty pitcher 2. Practice Golden Rule in reverse 3. Renewal rituals 4. Neuro-attitudinal positioning 5. Be a status contrarian

6. Crisis = time for renewal Leadership 1. If you work on 1-11, will become 2. Takes people to a place 3. Level 5 leadership 4. Transactional and transforming JMB 5. Mgmt = JD, leadership = life decn 6. Leaders teach values !!!

Expectations 1. Gandalf & Bilbo successful athlete 2. Replace OR with AND 3. Behavioral expectations from values 4. Hawthorne effect 5. Transcendent sense of purpose in team

6. Keep raising the bar Example 1. Start by living the 12 CAVs 2. FILO Palmatch 3. Post The Pickle & S-E Pledges 4. Give up certain freedoms 5. Willing to take risks & to fail

6. Invite feedback and mean it Encouragement 1. Back trouble? 2. Encourage others in their dreams 3. The power of stories to inspire 4. Appear where most needed, least expected

5. Know when to shut up (after delegating) Celebration 1. OToole the cheer in leading 2. SWA culture 3. Any excuse for a celebration 4. A spirit of community

5. Golden banana & Queasy Eagle 6. Leaders legacy Wrap up 1. How to start a movement video 2. Character is destiny (values = character) 3. See one, do one, teach one

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