Class of 2018 Senior Conferences Whos Who. Principal

Class of 2018 Senior Conferences Whos Who. Principal

Class of 2018 Senior Conferences Whos Who. Principal Justin Oxley Counselors : Marianne Rodriguez (A-Cha) Shannon Martini (Chb-Gar) Seth Sampson (Gat-Kr) Felipe Cardenas (Ku-Or) Rose Garcia, Lead Counselor (Ot-Rh) +AVID Cynthia Patterson-Lopez (Ri-Sn) + ESL Jeannie Dimaline (So-Z) Kathy Johnson (STAN) IMPORTANT DATES Sept 28 Oct

6,7 Oct 12 - Panoramic Pic* - Senior pic retakes !! *MPC(8am) -FAFSA Parent Night Oct 14 -FAFSA DAY (9am-12pm) Nov 1 - District College Night at BAC 6-8pm Nov 3 - Jostens Senior grad meeting Nov 15 - Senior Lunch (paid dues by Oct 28) April May - Summa Reception

7-18 - AP exams May 9 - Senior Awards June 9 - Graduation 730pm Senior Sponsors

Mrs. Drechsel Mr. Drechsel Mrs. Robison Mr. Hernandez **Pay SENIOR DUES-$30** AP Exams AP Exams will be administered from May 7th May 18th. A score of 1 5 is given on an AP exam HB 1992 now states that a score of 3 will be awarded college credit at a TX public school! To check AP scores / College credit awarded Go to https:// ment/search-credit-policies

WC - Go Center *Room 8115A within the counseling office. *Open before school, after school, and during all lunches. *Ms. Flores helps with VOE, registrations. *Ms. Sorola helps with SAT/ACT registration, and your official transcripts! CAF COLLEGE 131 El Paso St. Tue-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 8am-5pm College admission assistance Financial Career exploration

College SAT Free aid guidance applications & ACT Preparation Wi-Fi 207-4528 Post High School Options Technical or Trade school

Military Service, Military Academies, ROTC Programs Junior/Community 4 Colleges year Colleges & Universities If you are interested in a Trade school, Technical School, Vocational Program Visit

This will allow you to search by trade/area/interest Now is the time to begin visiting the Trade schools in which you are interested and talking to the admissions counselors about requirements If you plan to attend a 2 year college.. Apply Spring 2018

Visit the college website for admission details Plan a college visit If you plan on attending a 4 year college or university * Admissions deadlines are quickly approaching-many are December 1, 2017 * If applying to a Texas Public School- use * If applying to a U.S. Private School-use *Check college websites for specific admissions

information and deadlines College Visitation You are allowed 2 days a year for college visitation. You must bring proof of your visitation to the attendance office. Tips for your college application 1. Be authentic 2. Watch your spelling

3. Be aware of deadlines 4. Continue track of excellence Final day to request your summer rank is this Friday! September 15th 4:30pm. College Admission #1 Automatic: Based on rank/test scores You still need to apply by deadline UT Austin top 7%

All other Texas public schoolstop 10% College Admission #2 Under Committee Review: Expanded resume Submit optional essays Make a phone call/return a phone call! Resume Tips Make it easy to read Use a Chronological format (12th9th)

List school- related and non school related activities & any leadership positions community service and activities volunteer work / work experience / internships

summer activities & special programs Include awards, honors, Requesting Official Transcripts Ms. Sorola processes all transcript requests. First transcript is free, any additional are $5.00. All official transcripts must be sent from Churchill to institution. Allow at least 5 working days for processing.

Transcripts cannot be mailed via overnight services. SAT/ACT scores must be sent directly from or PLAN AHEAD SO THAT YOUR TRANSCRIPTS ARRIVE BY THE PUBLISHED DEADLINE. LAST DAY FOR SUMMER RANK SEPT. 15th !!! Requesting Recommendation Letters *Complete a Senior Information Sheet. This provides teachers/counselors with valuable info for letters. The information sheet is available in the Counseling Office.

* Provide a resume *When you request a recommendation letter from your counselor be sure to indicate the destination of the letter. *Allow at least 2 weeks for recommendation letters to be written. UTSA Top 25% - no minimum test scores 2ND QTR - 1100 oSAT, 1170 nSAT, 24 ACT

Honors College Automatic Admission (At least one) Top 15% HS Rank AND (At least one) Min 1290 oSAT 3.9 GPA/4.0 scale Min 1350 nSAT 90 GPA/100scale Min 29 ACT

Texas residency Must live on campus the first 2 years, maintain 3.25 GPA, complete 30 hrs each yr, 1 comm. service/leadership project Distinguished Presidential Scholarship - UTSA $24,000 (6,000/yr) Top 10% 1400 $16,000 (4,000/yr) Top15% 1300

oSAT / 1360 nSAT / 29 ACT $12,000 (3,000/yr) 12oo oSAT / 1450 nSAT / 32 ACT top 20% oSAT / 1270 nSAT / 26 ACT $8,000 (2,000/yr) top 25% 1200

oSAT / 1270 nSAT / 26 ACT Texas State Campus visit days Bobcat Days Oct 21, Nov 18, Feb 17, Apr 7 Priority Admission deadline: March 2018

Top 10% No minimum score* No minimum score* No minimum score* 1st Quartile 920 1000 20

2nd Quartile 1010 1090 22 3rd Quartile 1180 1250 26 4th Quartile

1270 1330 29 Presidential Honors Scholarship $32,000 /4 yr., top 25%, 1450 SAT, 32 ACT TX State Achievement - $16,000/4 yr. top 25%, 1270 SAT, 2731 ACT UT Austin Priority deadline-Nov 1Regular deadline Dec 1

Top 7% = auto admission Take both SAT and ACT exams, send both. CAP, PACE, waitlist by March 1st. Scholarship appl. done with application Letters of recommendation preference is using document upload system

Expanded resumes are encouraged Essays for UT Applications for Summer/Fall 2018 and later All applicants must submit an essay responding to Topic A Special Requirements Nursing, in addition to Topic A, Topic N is required Three short answers-All applicants must submit 3 short

answers responding to prompts in ApplyTexas (limited to no more than 40 lines (about 250-300 words) Special Requirements-an additional short answer is required for those applying to Art, Art History and Social Work TEXAS A&M Academic Admits -Top 25% - 1360 nSAT w/ at least 620 Math, 660 RdgWrit - 1300 oSAT w/ at least 600 Math, 600 CR - 30 ACT comp. w/ at least 27 in Math & English. Review Admits: essays (A and B are requiredC for those under review),

leadership, extra curricular activities, work exp., comm. service, other circumstances. Alternative Admission Decisions: Aggie Pathway, Blinn Team, Program for system Admission (PSA) and other Engineering options. Aggieland 2017 Information Day Nov 20,

Texas Tech Texas Tech University Undergraduate Admissions 2500 Broadway Lubbock, TX 79409-5005 Phone: 806.742.1480 Fax: 806.742.0062 Assured Admits: Top 10% - no minimum on ACT/SAT Top 25% - 1180 nSAT or 24 ACT Top 50% - 1260 n SAT or 26 ACT Third Qtr 1290 nSAT or 27 ACT 4th Qtr - review Merit Based Scholarships completed with Applytexas! For Texas Tech National

Merit Finalist 100% of cost Top 10% with 1400 SAT/ 30 ACT = $24,000 (6,000/ yr) Top 10% with 1300 SAT / 27-29 ACT = $20,000 (5,00/ yr) Top 25% with 1200 SAT / 25-26 ACT = $16,000 (4,000/ yr) San Antonio Education

Partnership Keren Jimenez College Access & Success Advisor Tues/Thur 830am-4pm 210-356-0051 [email protected] Admission Terms to Know Regular Admissions The regular application deadline specified by colleges is typically December through February Rolling Admissions No deadline date, applications are processed as received Early Action Non-binding, deadline usually in Oct/Nov

Early Decision Binding agreement and should only used when applying to your top choice $$$$ for college the early bird gets the worm! Scholarship s: Merit based Grants FAFSA for need based Work Study

Loans Financial Aid Free Application for Federal Student Aid *** starting Oct, 2017 *** Earlier date*** **Every college/university bound student must complete the FAFSA to determine eligibility for financial aideven if you think you dont qualify ** FAFSA PARENT NIGHTTHURSDAY, OCTOBER 12TH 6:30PM ** FAFSA DAYSATURDAY, OCTOBER 14TH 9AM Scholarships Check the WC Counselors website for scholarship link to the new district scholarship database ! COUNSELING TEXT MESSAGE REMINDERS & Resources SEND A TEXT TO THIS NUMBER: 210-348-3806 Text this message: @jdimaline

follow on twitter: @CounselorsWc Thank you! DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! Observe deadlines Contact your counselor

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