10 Proteins are found floating in the This

10 Proteins are found floating in the This

10 Proteins are found floating in the This layer can then act like aaround tough An These important proteins part have of membranes many very is the lipid The cell membrane is the outside layer membrane. Some of them only go halffluid much like that of a nearly CHOLESTEROL. important functions: It is keeps the heads & CHOLESTEROL (skin) of the cell. way through the membrane, others stick unpoppable soap bubble. The tails from being tangled together. One type of proteins act White as SIGN This is important for cells like your Blood the way through. membrane will flow around theofcell. Itwhole is made from a combination HOLDERS

thatto tellgoother parts of kill HOLDERS Cells, are supposed around and Cells which Lipids & body Proteins. Proteins your exactly kind of cellisit things that dont belong. Onewhat great example yourform Redtwo blood cells. The is. lipids back-to-back layers known as a LIPID BILAYER. BILAYER 11 A doctor can give Type O blood todoesnt anyone, sinceany it does anyonehave Type O blood is blood that So, if your blood is Type A your white blood cells not have any signs, there is nothing tolike: make the WBCs signs on it. It looks There are FOUR different types of would recognize the big green protein sticking out mad, so they wont attack! This is why hospitals want If you were Type AB, though, you could receive of it who andare leave it alone. However, if for some blood: people Type O to donate blood as

often as any type of blood because your WBCs would reason, they can. a doctor gave you Type B blood, you recognize eitherA, theB, A-signs or O the B-signs, so AB, & would be in trouble. Your WBCs would not they would not attack anything! recognize thetwo purple protein and itawould attack There are different signs protein in What do you think an AB and destroy the blood cell. This can would end up a red blood cell membrane hold: type up blood cell would look clogging your blood stream with dead cells and you would die. die like? 3 Analogy This is like line on a Other :proteins canthe actoffensive as footballteam. line wants to DOORWAYS to get The materials into the keep the defensive players from cell. A cell membrane is SEMI-PERMEABLE getting through at all costs, but . In Latin, means back to pass theyPermeable WANT the running to get through something is semi- to through.soIf he can run forward permeable, get yards.it allows some objects through, but keeps others out. Oxygen (O2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), & Water (H20) can pass through a membrane any time they wish.

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