Precise Traffic Generator Geoff Salmon, Monia Ghobadi, Yashar

Precise Traffic Generator Geoff Salmon, Monia Ghobadi, Yashar

Precise Traffic Generator Geoff Salmon, Monia Ghobadi, Yashar Ganjali, Martin Labrecque, J. Gregory Steffan University of Toronto What is the Precise Traffic Generator (PTG)? Uses NetThreads on the NetFPGA to generate packets. Goals 1. Send packets precisely at the requested

time. 2. Allow packets to be constantly streamed from host PC. No separate load phase. Why Are These Goals Interesting? 1. Precise transmission times: Can emulate diverse network conditions and topologies. 2. Stream packets from host PC:

Allows generated traffic to be reactive ie. TCP flows with congestion control Motivation: Network Testbed Experiments Testing systems which are sensitive to packet arrival times (ie. packet buffering and scheduling in routers) requires realistic test traffic. Need to explore a wide range of traffic

With a small testbed, this is difficult or impossible. With a large enough testbed, this is difficult and expensive. Simplified Problem A few computers can create required traffic volume. However, resulting traffic may not be

realistic. How is the traffic different? The PTG focuses on controlling the packet transmission times. Components of the PTG Linux Kernel NetFPGA 3. pktgen

NetLin k 2. nf2 Linux Driver PCI Host Computer Packet Travel Direction

1. NetThreads Application Gig E Userspace Program: pktgen Simple command-line utility used for testing PTG.

Sends descriptions of packets and transmission times to the driver. Uses inter-transmission times and payload sizes that are either: fixed, or read from files. Communicates with driver using a NetLink socket. Easily replaced by other userspace or kernel

nf2 Linux Driver Modified version of nf2 driver. Main jobs: Receive packet descriptions from NetLink socket. Build command packets containing multiple descriptions. Send command packets to the NetThreads app over the PCI bus. NetThreads Application

Eight threads of execution in NetThreads: 7 threads receive command packets and prepare packets to transmit in output memory. Input Memory Output Memory 1 thread sends packets from the output memory at correct times. PCI Bus is a Bottleneck

Cannot copy all packets across PCI bus. Main idea: do not copy packet payloads Payloads are zeroed when sent from NetFPGA. Experiment often only look at packet headers anyway. PCI transaction overheads require driver to gather multiple packet descriptions into single command packet.

Transmission Time Precision Compare against Stanfords Packet Generator (SPG) PTG/SPG Sending fixed rate packets NetFPGA router measures

inter-arrival times Remember it takes 8ns to send 1 byte on GigE. Throughput: MTU-Size Packets Preamble Ethernet Hdr

22 bytes MTU-sized Packet = 1526 Data CRC bytes Transmits in 1526 * 8 = 46-1500 bytes4 bytes 12208 ns Throughput: Smaller Packets Throughput: Smaller Packets cont.

Errors appear between 6000-7000ns. See the same problem for different packet sizes. The mean inter-transmission times are correct, not a PCI bottleneck problem. Most likely: the sending thread is doing too much work between packet transmissions. In 6400ns each thread has

6400 ns / 8 ns per cycle / 4 threads = 200 clock cycles Future Work Implement receiving packets Currently PTG cannot receive packets and send them to the host PC, so generating reactive traffic requires another NIC. Augment existing software network emulator (ie. NISTNet) with PTG to transmit packets at the correct times.

Conclusion The PTG precisely controls the transmission times of packets streamed from the host PC. It has the potential to enhance the realism of software network emulators, and allow researchers to perform experiments which are currently difficult or impossible. Modified Hardware Designs

NetThreads design: Removed Output Queues increase accuracy of transmission times. NetFPGA reference router design used in measurements: Removed Input Arbiter and Output Port Lookup.

Inaccuracy of NISTNet Software network emulators schedule packet transmissions with fixed-rate timers/interrupts. Ran experiment to measure inaccuracy using NISTNet. PTG NISTNet host Delays

packets by 100ms Measure inter-arrivals here NetFPGA router measuring arrival times Measure inter-arrivals

here Packets Sent Every 70 ss Packets Sent Every 640 ss Packets Sent Every 700 ss

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