AGAs Blended and Braided Funding Guide HELENA SIMS

AGAs Blended and Braided Funding Guide HELENA SIMS

AGAs Blended and Braided Funding Guide HELENA SIMS DIRECTOR OF INTERGOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS AGAS Intergovernmental Focus Intergovernmental Partnership Established in Cooperation with OMB High Ranking Federal, State and Local Officials

Open Lines of Communication Among Governments Free, Online Tools and Guides AGAS Free Online Tools Blended and Braided Funding: A Guide for Policy Makers and Practitioners Cooperative Audit

Resolution and Oversight Initiative (CAROI) Guide Making Better Decisions: Leveraging Government Resources in Challenging Financial Times Risk Assessment Monitoring Toolkit

Fraud Prevention Toolkit Candidate Assessment Toolkit for Grants Managers Subrecipient vs. Contractor Checklist

Partnerships Matter: How a Federal, State and NonProfit Collaboration Improved Efficiencies in Delinquent Debt Collection The Blending & Braiding Guide: Serves as a conversation starter Explains advantages and challenges Provides practical, experience-based examples Answers fundamental questions

Provides suggested statutory language B&B Process - Oversimplified Convene Stakeholders Conduct Needs Assessment Develop a Consolidated Plan Develop a Consolidated Budget Collaborate in Implementing the Plan Audit Against the Plan Cooperatively Resolve Any Findings Provide Feedback on Lessons Learned

Dept. of Education Schoolwide Programs Title I of the No Child Left Behind Act Encouraged schools to consolidate funds from other Federal, State, and local sources Required state educational agency tomodify or eliminate State fiscal and accounting barriers Act reauthorized in December 2015 as the Every Student Succeeds Act the Department is sorting through 1,000 pages

EPAS Performance Partnership Grants Concept piloted in 1993 Authorized in Appropriations Act of 1996 and codified at 40 CFR 35 in 2001 Allows states to combine up to 19 separate environmental program grants into a single grant 46 states, 2 territories, and DC participate Administrative efficiencies are valued as much as programmatic flexibility

Key features & how they work: Flexibility! States have the ability to direct resources across programs based on their unique environmental priorities and needs Administrative Efficiency! One grant work plan, budget, performance/progress report, and financial status report for up to 19 grants Funds are not required to be tracked by individual grant program (see Flexibility!) Offers help for states in meeting cost-share requirements.

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