SOFTWARE REUSABILITY - Louisiana Tech University

SOFTWARE REUSABILITY - Louisiana Tech University

SOFTWARE REUSABILITY AJAYINDER SINGH CSC - 532 What is Software Reuse Software reuse is the process of implementing or updating software

systems using existing software components. Types of Reuse Horizontal Reuse Vertical Reuse HORIZONTAL REUSE AND

VERTICAL REUSE Horizontal reuse to software components used across a wide variety of applications. Vertical Reuse the reuse of system functional areas, or domains, that can be used by a family of systems with similar functionality .

Organization and Process Reusable components should be designed and built in a clearly defined, open way, with concise interface specifications, understandable documentation, and an eye towards future use. CHALLENGES IN SOFTWARE

REUSE Defining an organizational structure for maintaining the product line, including core assets and the customer specific products with special non-core functionality Defining a process for producing a new member of the product line (or upgrading an old one) from the core assets with customer specific requirements Defining a process for adding functionality to the core

product line assets based on new customer requirements Instituting a training program for reuse strategies in management, design, implementation, test-all phases of the development process. REUSE COSTS It is costly

It involves spans organizational, technical, and process changes, as well as the cost of tools to support those changes, and the cost of training people on the new tools and changes. REUSE PROCEDURE Component Evaluation

Component Certification Reuse Implementation TOOLS USED IN REUSE Component management tools, such as repositories, for architectures, designs, documentation, and code must be developed and maintained

Domain analysis tools and procedures for the development and maintenance of a domain architecture Reuse Advantages

Higher quality products Less development time Higher scheduling accuracy Reliability

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