State of Homelessness

State of Homelessness

Providers: Dynamic Duos in Permanent Supportive Housing Carrie Craig, MSW, LCSW, Director of Housing First and ACT Services What is Permanent Supportive Housing? HUD Definition: Long-term, community-based housing that has supportive services for homeless persons with disabilities. This type of supportive housing enables

special needs populations to live as independently as possible in a permanent setting. Property Management and Supportive Services in PSH Single Provider: One organization provides both property management and supportive services Partnership: Two or more organizations work together to provide property management and supportive services

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless Housing First / Social Impact Bond Project CCH: Non-profit organization providing housing, integrated healthcare, and supportive services to people currently or formerly experiencing homelessness. Housing First Department: Consists of 5 modified Assertive Community Treatment teams including two Social Impact Bond teams. Social Impact Bond (SIB) project: 5-year randomized control study focusing on high utilizers of jails and emergency services in Denver.

Renaissance Downtown Lofts (RDL): 101-unit apartment building with robust services available on-site for SIB project clients. Renaissance Property Management Company RPMC owns and operates 18 multifamily properties throughout Denver 1,703 units for families and individuals

Owned by CCH Majority of the projects office the management team and some CCH service staff RPMC represents the asset and CCH represents the services Dynamic Duos in PSH Property Management Focus Occupancy vs Income is a constant balancing act

Maintain the Asset RPMC adheres to Fair Housing laws RPMC and SIB/RDL Focus Services and PM staff visited other PSH projects with integrated models Resident Services Coordinator (RSChybrid position between two entities) RSC role- liaison between PM and services, resources to residents, service planning and coordination Advocacy for tenant will be planned,

coordinated, and deliberate ACT team housed in the building Eviction Prevention efforts Resident/Client Orientation Solicited client feedback from other newer properties Services orientation and PM orientation (separated but integrated) Ensuring residents know we are working together

Multiple education meetings prior to lease signing SIB clients in one building- mass leaseups Robust service program on-site Further education after move-in Lease Signing and Community Policies PM, housing team, and services staff meeting regularly to discuss lease terms and community policies

Reviewed community policies with clients PRIOR to lease-up day Location of the buildingneed for increased security Guest policies Input from Resident Council and Town Hall meetings Assimilation and Community Integration Intensive services, especially for first 1-3

months Life skills classes, BH groups/services, healthcare, peer outings, socialization events, etc. Incentive Program Resident Governance Council Quarterly Town Hall meetings Stabilization and Housing Retention Tenant conferences

Resident Governance Council and Town Hall meetings Eviction Prevention Committee Housing First model often 3-4 times housed before successful RPMC and SIB staff working together to find other housing options at various other properties Dynamic Duos in Eviction Prevention

Step 1: Eviction Prevention Subcommitteeidentifying residents currently experiencing lease issues/violations Step 2: Informal/preliminary intervention Step 3: Tenant conference Step 4: Eviction Prevention Subcommittee follow-up Step 5: Full Eviction Prevention Committeemutual lease rescission or notice to quit SIB Preliminary Results Since February 2016, SIB Program housed 285 individuals experiencing homelessness

85% remain stably housed to date Preliminary data on reduction in jail days is promising but results will not be fully released until the projects end- 2020 Questions?

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