The Chassis -

The Chassis -

A Look at Computer Parts YT Video (2:19) 901 Exam Objectives Compare and contrast various PC connection interfaces, their characteristics and purpose Identify common PC connector types and associated cables 2 The Chassis

A computer case is sometimes called the chassis A case holds the power supply, motherboard, processor, memory modules, expansion cards, hard drive, optical drive, other drives A case will come in different shapes and sizes Tower case sits upright and can hold several drives Desktop case lies flat and sometimes holds monitor Laptop case mobile All-in-one case used with all-in-one computer 3 All-in-one

All-in-one computers use a mix of components sized for a desktop and a notebook 4 I A D VGA S-Video A VGA (Video Graphics Array) port, also called a DB-15 port, is a 15-pin female port that

transmits analog video. All older monitors use VGA ports. An S-Video port is a 4-pin or 7 pin round video port sometimes used to connect to a tv. The 4pin port is missing extra pins and is the more common type. A DVI (Digital Video Interface) port transmits digital and analog video . 3 types of DVI ports exist, DVI-D, DVI-A, and DVI-I.

HDMI DisplayPort RJ-45 An HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) port transmits digital video and audio from 1 cable and is often used to connect home theater equipment. A DP transmits digital video/audio and is replacing DVI and VGA. Thunderbolt ports are

shaped the same as Mini DP ports. A network port, also called an Ethernet port, or an RJ-45 port is used by a network cable to connect to the wired network 5 Ports used with computers DVI-D MM Video 11:4 4

S/PDIF USB Audio ports, or sound ports are used for a microphone, audio in, audio out, and stereo audio out. A S/PDIF (Sony-Philips Digital Interface) sound port connects to home theater audio systems providing digital audio output. A USB (Universal Serial

Bus) port is a multipurpose I/O port used by many devices. Super-Speed USB 3.0 (blue) is faster than HiSpeed USB 2.0. FIREWIRE eSATA PS/2 A FireWire port (also called an IEEE1394, pronounced I-triple-E 1394) is used for highspeed multimedia devices such as digital camcorders

An external SATA (eSATA) port is used by an external hard drive using the eSATA interface. eSATA is faster than FireWire. A PS/2 port, or mini-DIN port is a round 6-pin port used by a keyboard or mouse. The purple port is for the keyboard and the green is for the 6 mouse. AUDIO

Ports used with computers PARALLEL A parallel port, sometimes called a DB25 port, is a 25pin female port used by older printers. This older port has been replaced by USB ports. MODEM SERIAL An older serial port, sometimes called a DB9 port, is a 9-pin male port used on older computers. It has been mostly replaced by USB ports. A modem port, or RJ-11

port, is used to connect dial-up phone lines to computers. A modem port looks like a network port, but is not as wide. 7 Ports used with older computers Inside the computer case 8 Whats Inside the Case Motherboard sometimes called system board Largest and most important circuit board

Every piece of hardware, from the processor to expansion cards, directly or indirectly makes a connection to the motherboard Without the motherboard, you literally have no PC 9 Whats Inside the Case Processor central processing unit (CPU) Processes most of the data and instructions for the entire system Its the chip inside your computer that many often describe as the brain of the system 10

Whats Inside the Case CPUs generate heat and require a heat sink and fan (together called the processor cooler) A heat sink consists of metal fins that draw heat away from a component 11 Whats Inside the Case Expansion cards - also called adapter cards A circuit board that provides more ports than those provided by the motherboard Today, most ports are provided by motherboards Ports provided

by a motherboard 12 Whats Inside the Case Memory modules random access memory (RAM) Temporary storage for data and instructions as they are being processed by the CPU DIMM slots hold the memory modules RAM is mounted directly on a motherboard 13 Whats Inside the Case Hard drives and other drives

Hard drives may also be called hard disk drives (HDD) Permanent storage used to hold data and programs Other drives include: optical drives and tape drives Magnetic drive, smaller solid-state drive, and a DVD drive 14 Whats Inside the Case Power supply also called power supply unit (PSU) Receives and converts house current so that components inside the case can use it Most come with a dual-voltage selector switch Allows switching input voltage from 115V to 220V 15

Power Supply Connectors 20-pin P1 connector: used by the first ATX power supplies and motherboards 24-pin or 20+4-pin P1 connector: the older 20-pin P1 connector still works in this connector 4-pin and 8-pin auxiliary connectors: used to provide additional 12 Volts for evolving CPUs 6-pin and 8-pin PCIe connectors: connect directly to the video card Video cards draw the most power in a system 16 Drives, Cables, and Connectors Hard Drives Two standards: Serial ATA standard (SATA) Used by most drives today

Uses a 7 pin data cable and connector Uses a 15 pin power connector Parallel ATA (PATA) slower than SATA Also called IDE interface Uses 40-pin ribbon data cable and connector Uses a 4-pin power connector called a Molex power connector 17

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