The Normans - St. James' National School, Bushypark

The Normans - St. James' National School, Bushypark

The Normans The Normans Contents Who were the Normans? Timeline Dwellings Food Clothing & Travel Battle of Hastings Strongbow Normans in Ireland My coat of arms

Who were the Normans ? The Normans were people who lived in Normandy in Northern France. They were originally Vikings from Scandinavia. The name Normandy comes from the French

word Normand, meaning Norsemen and Normans. Timeline 800: Norse raids (from Scandinavia to the North France) 910: The King of France gives this land (Normandy) to the Normans on condition they become Christians. 1032: A small group of Normans conquers southern Italy and Sicily.

1066: The Norman invasion of England by Duke William. 1080: William conquers England and became know as William the Conqueror 1100: The first Crusade to the Holy Land by Norman and Christian knights. 1169-1177: Strongbow and Welsh-Norman knights land in Ireland

Norman Dwellings The Normans lived in wattle and daub huts with thatched straw roofs. After invading Britain they also built castles to defend there new kingdom. Building a Castle When Normans captured an area, they built a castle. The first castles were made from wood. These castles could be built in a few months, sometimes in weeks. Later they built castles made of stone.

The Normans spent a long time choosing a site for the castle (The site had to be just right): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Good view and supply of water Timber and stone nearby A large amount of people living nearby

It had to be easy to defend It had to have solid rock underneath it. Food There were no supermarkets or shops to buy food so the Normans ate what they could grow or hunt. The Normans ate plants including vegetables, wild nuts, berries and grain to make bread and also porridge, herbs and leaves.

They also hunted animals like deer, wild boar, fox, beaver and bear. They also caught fish and had chickens, goats, sheep and pigs. They ate honey from bees. Clothing & Travel Their clothes were

made from animal skins. They travelled by horse or boat, and got cattle to pull carts In battle they had very advanced protective clothing The Battle of Hastings

The Normans, led by William the Conqueror, defeated the English at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The battle was won after the English King Harold got an arrow in the eye Ouch! The Bayeaux Tapestry was made by the Normans to celebrate.

Strongbow Strongbow was a fierce Norman warrior who came from Normandy. Strongbows real name was Richard de Clare. Strongbow grew up in Wales. Normans in Ireland King Diarmait Mac Murchada of Leinster was expelled from Ireland by

High King Rory OConnor In 1166 Diarmait Mac Murchada asked King Henry II of England for help. King Henry II said he could not help him but he gave permission for Diarmait to ask his people for help. When Diarmait went to Strongbows town, Strongbow agreed to help him, on condition he can marry Diarmaits daughter Aoife and becomes King of Leinster when Diarmait dies.

Diarmait died in 1171 & Strongbow became King of Leinster King Henry II did not like that Strongbow was becoming powerful so he planned to invade Ireland. Strongbow asked him for forgiveness handed him Lenister. King Henry II made Strongbow Lord of Lenister King Henry II took control of most of Ireland & he was promised the loyalty of every major Irish king other than O'Connor of Connacht and O'Neill in the north. Normans in Ireland My coat of arms:

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