IEEE TENCON-SPRING 2013 Eddie Fong NSW Section Chair Conference Date and Venue Date: Venue: 2 17 to 19 April 2013 Radisson Blu, Sydney

Conference Committee

3 Stefan Mozar - General Chair Eddie Fong - Co-General Chair Mark O'Mally Treasurer Jinhong Yuan - Technical Chair Communications Vassilios Agelidis - Technical Chair Power Karu Esselle & Trevor Blackburn - Technical Co-Chairs Ollencio D'Souza & Bruce Poon Webmasters

Antony Zaglas - Sponsorship Chair Bruce Poon - Membership Chair Eddie Fong - Social Events Chair Ali Hellany - Doctoral Workshop Chair John Robinson - Tutorial Chair Ollencio D'Souza Publicity Yogeshwar Ranga - Gold Chair John Robinson & Ian Boyd - Committee Members Charlotte Kobert - EDAS Support Technical Program Theme 1 - Advanced Technologies & Economics of Energy Systems Power Electronics & Energy Conversion

Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development Power Systems Electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles Electrical Machines & Drives Electricity Markets and Electrical Power Economics Emerging Applications & others 4 Technical Program Cont. Theme 2 - Personal Communication in a mobile world

5 Signal Processing and Applications Communications and Networks Circuits and Systems Antennae and Propagation Biomedical Engineering and Others Technical Program

2 Technical strands: Power Chair: Prof Vassilios Agelidis Communication Chair: Prof Jinhong Yuan Paper Submission 260 valid submissions 27 Countries 107 Student papers Expect about 125 authors to register (due to multiple paper submissions) 6

Keynote Speakers Prof. Mary OKane - NSW Chief Engineer Bob Franston - Co-inventor of the electronic spreadsheet [VisiCalc] and Home Automation Pionee Prof. Toshio Fukuda R10 Director, Director of Centre for Micro-Nano Mechatronics, Nagoya University Dr Kim Senior Master/Technical VP Samsung, Korea Dr T. Bird Former Australian Engineer of the Year Prof. Gerald B. Shebl - Professor & Ausgrid Chair in Power Economics, UNSW Mathew Wilson Artist & Musician

7 01/25/20 Formal Functions Gala Diner Event 17 April 2013 Sydney Harbour Diner Cruise 18 April 2013 8 01/25/20

Other Activities GOLD Participation WIE Participation Partner Programs Experience Learned 1st of its kind Call for proposal in Feb 2012 Award in June/July 2012 CFP from Sept 2012 Close of CFP - 26 Nov 2012 Deadline extension 31 Jan 2013

Tutorial Proposals 30 Nov 2012 Notification to successful authors 1 to 10 Mar 2013 Conference Registration 5 Mar 2013 Final Paper Upload to EDAS - 18 Mar 2013 Thank You See you in Sydney! 11 01/25/20

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    Joe Clare - What's changing in what's being stolen? Examining ...

    Hsueh (2011) An inventory control model with consideration of remanufacturing and product life cycle. Int. J Production Economics. Implications for the market-side (value/disposability) of CRAVED. Quotes taken from Pricing decision model for new and remanufactured short-life cycle products with time-dependent...


    * Connect the circuit of RF with encoder decoder. * Programing PIC at the receiver side to take data from RX, analyzing it, and display it on the screen * Connect the whole circuit together (RF TX, RX), (PIC at...
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    Performance and Power Benchmarks

    In November 2000 Intel's heavily advertised advances in clock speed reached an extreme with the release of the Pentium 4 which sacrificed per-cycle performance and used a deep instruction pipeline to gain higher clock speeds, ignoring problems that this introduced...
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    The General Linear Model

    Summary The general linear model is a powerful statistical tool allowing determination of multiple parameters predicting multiple dependent variables. Many other parametric tests are special cases of the general linear model (t-tests, ANOVAs, F-test, regression) The design matrix contains the...
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