To Kill A Mockingbird -

To Kill A Mockingbird -

To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee NOVEL OVERVIEW MISS MANN Goals of Unit Plot, Setting & Character Development What is PLOT? What is SETTING? What is

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT? The main events that make up the beginning, middle and end of a story. Understand WHAT HAPPENS in a story is crucial to figuring out WHY things happen. Essentially the setting is WHERE and WHEN the story takes place. To Kill A Mockingbird uses the setting of southern Alabama, the town of Maycomb and the courtroom to develop the story As the characters develop we see changes that are reflections of the plot. As things happen they learn things and move on, hopefully keeping the readers interest in the

process. Introduction to the Novel The Main Characters Why Boo Radley? Plot Sequence Plot Sequence The Connection? Plot Sequence Exploring Themes Exploring Symbols

Be on the lookout for: SYMBOL: A word or object that represents another word or object Small-Town Life Boo Radley Mockingbirds / Birds What do these symbols represent!? Introduction to the Novel Background Information To Kill A Mockingbird includes

several references to historical events. Knowing some information about this events is important for understanding the novel. Introduction to the Novel Background Information 25% of population had no job Hundreds of thousands lost homes, farms and possessions

Even those with jobs were affected because nothing was being produced GREAT DEPRESSION A period of extreme drought, poverty and hardships during the 1930s. Average family income dropped to 50% by 1935

Stock Market Crash caused people to lose billions. Entire banks were wiped out and by 1933 over 60% of population was considered poor The novel takes place during the mid-1930s at a time when the government was attempting to stop the Great Depression. The President at the time, Franklin Roosevelt, famously said, the only thing to fear is fear itself as his government created programs to create jobs, house the homeless and feed the starving. Background Information Racism and

Social Classes Although slavery was abolished in the 1890s racism and discrimination were alive and well during the time of the novel. The novel is based on many historical facts that help to drive the story, (and allow the readers to explore a sad time in American history) including: Jim Crow Laws (1890s 1960s) Scottsboro Trials (1931) Social Inequality (Forever) What were the Jim Crow Laws

The LAWS -unlawful for a negro and white person to play together -marriages are void when one party is a white person and the other is possessed of one-eighth or more negro, Japanese, or Chinese blood -separate free schools shall be established for the education of children of African descent; and it shall be unlawful for any colored child to attend any white school -separate accommodations for the white and colored races, by providing two or more passenger cars for each passenger train -restrictive signs sprang up across the southern and western landscape. They were constant and humiliating reminders -contracts barred African Americans and sometimes other groups-including Jews, Asians, and Latinos-from many neighborhoods Scottsboro Trials -nine black teenagers accused of rape in Alabama in 1931

Ruby Bates & Victoria Price in 1931 Background Information The Finches Social Inequality White folks of Maycomb & Maycomb County The Ewell Family Tom Robinson Even the law was one-sided: Juries were always all-white and all-male. The word of a black man meant nothing against the word of a white man.

About the Author To Kill A Mockingbird is semi-autobiographical for a number of reasons: Lee grew up in Alabama, born in 1926 Father was prominent lawyer Experienced Great Depression, Scottsboro Trials Scout based on her life; Dill based on life of childhood friend Truman Capote Important Quotes R e m

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t's a . understand I just hope that Jem and Scout come to me for their answers instead of listening to the town. I hope they trust me enough -Atticus Finch NOW WHAT?

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