2.01 Understanding The Technical Design Process A. Fabric Selection 1. Fabric Construction Turning Yarn into Fabric Weaving: The process of interlacing one or more sets of yarns at right angles on a loom. Warp yarns: Yarns that run lengthwise

in woven fabric. (p = up and down) Weft yarns: Yarns that run crosswise in woven fabric. (weft sounds like left & right) Turning Yarn into Fabric (cont.)

Grain: The direction of the lengthwise and crosswise yarns in a woven fabric. Bias: The diagonal grain of a fabric. The bias provides the greatest stretch in the fabric. Weaving Plain weave:

The simplest weave in which the weft (crosswise) yarn is passed over then under each warp (lengthwise) yarn. Plain weave Examples: chiffon gingham seersucker

taffeta A basket weave is one variation, with the weft yarn passing over two and under two warp yarns each pass. Weaving Twill weave: A very strong weave in which the weft yarn

is passed over and under one, two, or three warp yarns Twill weave Examples: denim, chino gabardine Used for durability, this weave produces a diagonal design on the surface.

Weaving Satin weave Examples: sateen satin Satin weave: A very weak weave that produces a smooth, shiny-surfaced fabric resulting from

passing the weft yarn over and under numerous warp yarns to create long floats. Weaving In textiles, pile is the raised surface or nap of a fabric, which is made of upright loops or strands of yarn. Weaving

A pile weave is made on a loom, like most types of weaves are made. The difference is that loops are created. These loops can either be left uncut, like in towels, or can be cut to uniform lengths, like in velvet fabric. Types of fabrics created using a pile weave include Velvet, Corduroy, Terrycloth, and Velveteen

Weaving Assignment Using construction paper cut into strips about 1 inches x 11 inches you should recreate: plain weave twill weave

satin weave On the back of each weave: list the advantages list disadvantages 3 examples of weave Turning Yarn into Fabric

Knitting: the process of pulling loops of yarns through other loops to create interlocking rows of stitches Wales yarns that run in the lengthwise direction , like a warp yarns in woven fabrics Courses yarns that run in the crosswise direction, like the weft yarns in woven fabrics Knitting

Weft Knit: a knit made with only one yarn Types of weft knits include:

Jersey knits most common type, curls at edges, used for t-shirts, sweaters and tights/hosiery Rib knits have vertical ribs (columns of stitches), used for neck, wrist and bottom bands of sweatshirts & jackets Double knits two yarns and two needles are used resulting in heavier, sturdier knits that dont run or ravel Characteristics include:

Two-way stretch in both lengthwise & crosswise directions Can get lengthwise runs from broken threads Made on either flat or circular knitting machines Knitting Jersey Knits Knitting Rib Knits Knitting Double Knits

Knitting Warp knit: a knit made with several yarns on flat knitting machines. Multiple yarns are looped together to produce a run-resistant knitted fabric. Tricot knits stable knits that lie flat and dont run or ravel, made on very fast tricot knitting machines, used for lingerie, underwear and uniforms

Raschel knits an extra yarn is used to create a patterned design in these knits, used for lacy knits, thermal underwear and bathing suits Knitting Tricot knits Knitting Raschel knits

Knitting Seamless knitting involves the production of a whole garment in one piece on a knitting machine so that little or no sewing is required. Nonwoven Fabrics

Made from fibers, not yarns Fibers are held together by a combination of moisture, heat, chemicals and/or pressure. No grain line Limited stretch Inexpensive Often disposal Nonwoven Fabrics

Uses include: Interfacings Batting for quilts Felt Disposable products Medical products

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