University of HoustonDowntown Strategic Plan Highlights TODAY AND TOMORROW Vision The University of Houston-Downtown will be a premier city university engaging every student in highimpact educational experiences* and ensuring that students graduate with 21st century skills.

Mission The University of Houston-Downtown is a comprehensive four-year university offering bachelor's and selected master's degree programs and providing strong academic and preparation career as well as life-long learning opportunities. Located in the heart of the city, the University reflects the diversity of

the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area and, engages with the community to address the needs and advance the development of the region. through its academic programs, UHD is an inclusive community dedicated to integrating teaching, service, and scholarly research to develop students' talents and prepare them for success in a

dynamic global society. Shared Values Excellence - UHD nurtures excellence in teaching, learning, scholarly work and stewardship of the University for the benefit of students, the community and the academy. Student Success - UHD facilitates and supports students in achieving their full potential for academic, personal and career growth through excellent programs. Inclusiveness - UHD values diversity and promotes access to higher education through flexible and affordable programs. Respect - UHD treats all individuals with respect and dignity and promotes collegiality, cooperation and open communication.

Integrity - UHD is committed to the highest ethical standards in its operations and holds itself accountable to its constituencies. Build Distinction, Generate Resources: The City is Our Campus Build Distinction: 3 High Quality

Programs -Differentiation --Preferred Institution -Build Reputation --Alumni Attachment --Excellence Demonstrate Results: Impact Assessment (Progress Card) --Improve Learning

Outcomes 2 --With Industry Develop High Demand Degrees/Certificates --Increase Retention/Graduation Rates -- Increase Enrollment --Increase student employment and promotion --Increase faculty and staff retention

Grow Resources: ($$$$) Maximize Formula Funding (More Online and Graduate SCH) Grow Donors, Alumni, Corporate Sponsor Support and Giving Grow Endowment, Scholarships, Grants, Grow State and Federal Appropriations

4 UHD Vision, Mission, and Values Build Internal Strength: 1 Identify and implement strategies and action plan

Budget for Strategic Priorities Re-organize, Re-allocate, Re-vise Policies and Procedures Build Partnerships Engage with Community/Corporations Goals and Targets for 2015-2020 Goal 1: Student Access Recruit increasing number of diverse students. Target 2020

18,000 students Students will generate 175,000 semester credit hours 900 graduate students. Enrollment Trend Goal 1: Student Access Graduate Enrollment Trend Goal 1: Student Access

Goals and Targets for 2015-2020 Goal 2: Student Success Goal 2a: Advise, retain, and educate increasing number of students who meet the workforce needs of the region and state . Goal 2b: Develop the processes, programs, and facilities that support the institutions intent to provide a superior, student-centered learning environment and quality experiences. Target 2020:

28% six year graduation rate Retention and Graduation Data Goal 2: Student Success Retention and Graduation Data Goal 2: Student Success Goals and Targets for 2015-2020

Goal 3: Programmatic Advancement Develop nationally and regionally prominent academic programs that provide students with high impact experiences and opportunities to gain 21st century skills. Target 2020 10-12 New programs and certificates. New Programs Offered

Goal 3: Programmatic Advancement MBA MBA Certificates BS in Geosciences Masters in Non-Profit Management Masters in Rhetoric & Composition Goals and Targets for 2015-2020

Goal 4: Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Encourage faculty research, scholarship, and creative activities to enhance community culture and regional development. Target 2020 $10 Million Research Funding Trend Goal 4:

Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities Goals and Targets for 2015-2020 Goal 5: External Partnerships Strengthen external relations with its alumni, friends of the University, local and regional communities and businesses, and legislative and governmental entities. Target 2020

$30 Million External Funding Trend Goal 5: External Partnerships Goals and Targets for 2015-2020 Goal 6: Infrastructure Goal 6a: Recruit, retain, and support a highly qualified faculty and staff. Goal 6b: Invest in processes and

infrastructure that supports the institution. Progress Card

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