Web Search and Text Mining - College of Computing

Web Search and Text Mining - College of Computing

Web Search and Text Mining Lecture 5 Outline Review of VSM More on LSI through SVD Term relatedness Probabilistic LSI Vector Space Model: Pros

Automatic selection of index terms Partial matching of queries and documents (dealing with the case where no document contains all search terms) Ranking according to similarity score (dealing with large result sets) Term weighting schemes (improves retrieval performance) Various extensions

Document clustering Relevance feedback (modifying query vector) Geometric foundation Problems with Lexical Semantics Ambiguity and association in natural language

Polysemy: Words often have a multitude of meanings and different types of usage (more severe in very heterogeneous collections). The vector space model is unable to discriminate between different meanings of the same word. Problems with Lexical Semantics Synonymy: Different terms may have identical or a similar meaning (weaker: words indicating the same topic). No associations between words are made in the vector space representation.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Perform a low-rank approximation of document-term matrix (typical rank 100-300) General idea Map documents (and terms) to a lowdimensional representation. Design a mapping such that the low-dimensional space reflects semantic associations (latent semantic space).

Compute document similarity based on the inner product in this latent semantic space Goals of LSI Similar terms map to similar location in low dimensional space Noise reduction by dimension reduction Latent Semantic Analysis Latent semantic space: illustrating example

courtesy of Susan Dumais Performing the maps Each row and column of A gets mapped into the k-dimensional LSI space, by the SVD. Claim this is not only the mapping with the best (Frobenius error) approximation to A, but in fact improves retrieval. A query q is also mapped into this space, by T qk q U k

1 k Query NOT a sparse vector. Empirical evidence Experiments on TREC 1/2/3 Dumais Lanczos SVD code (available on netlib) due to Berry used in these expts

Dimensions various values 250-350 reported Running times of ~ one day on tens of thousands of docs (old data) (Under 200 reported unsatisfactory) Generally expect recall to improve what about precision? Empirical evidence Precision at or above median TREC

precision Top scorer on almost 20% of TREC topics Slightly better on average than straight vector spaces Effect of dimensionality: Dimensions Precision 250 300 346 0.367 0.371

0.374 What does LSI compute? The dimensionality of a corpus is the number of distinct topics represented in it. Under some modeling assuptions: if A has a rank k approximation of low Frobenius error, then there are no more than k distinct topics in the corpus. ( Latent semantic indexing: A probabilisti c analysis,''

) LSI has many other applications In many settings in pattern recognition and retrieval, we have a feature-object matrix. For text, the terms are features and the docs are objects.

Could be opinions and users This matrix may be redundant in dimensionality. Can work with low-rank approximation. If entries are missing (e.g., users opinions), can recover if dimensionality is low. Powerful general analytical technique Close, principled analog to clustering methods.

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