Website Basics Setting up/planning a web site

Website Basics Setting up/planning a web site

CIS 375 Computer Hardware Basic Parts of a Computer Computer Tower/Desktop Case/Power Supply Motherboard (Heart) CPU (Brain) Ram/Memory Storage/Hard Drive/SSD Graphics Card/Add-in Cards CD/DVD/Blue-Ray Drives, I/O

Monitor Printer & Speakers/Periphials Case/Power Supply Form Factors (Sizes) ATX, MiniATX, MicroATX, MiniITX, NanoITX, BTX Board dimensions/sizes, and number of cards/ add-in devices

Full tower, mid tower, mini/micro tower, *SFF Base power supply 300/350 watts max *80 plus certifications (gold, silver, bronze) Graphics cards require larger psu *Modular Motherboards Specific to CPU - determine *ram (northbridge), add-in cards, usb, etc (southbridge) Various sizes and sockets for different cases and applications

The heart of the computer, connects everything together Different chipsets/sockets to support different technologies (ram, cpus, hard drives, graphic cards, etc) CPUs The Brain of the computer (crunching numbers) Different sockets for different

generations/applications (AMD/Intel) Frequency-Speed/Cache, Voltage (Mobile) BGA, PGA, FC-PGA (*ES Cpus) *Incorporates Northbridge (ram) and GPU (video) Dynamic Frequency/Speed, *must be cooled Heatsink, TIM (Thermal Interface Material) RAM Random Access Memory, Fast/Temporary Storage Type/Speed and Size of memory chips

determined by CPU/Motherboard DDR3/DDR4 Dimm (Desktop), SO-Dimm (Laptop) Sticks in sizes of 1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb, and 32Gb *ECC and Non-ECC (Server Ram) Storage/Hard Drive Different types of storage (Standard/Hybrid Hard Drive, SSD, M2) Hard Drive standard interfaces SATA (different

generations/speeds), M2 slot (tablet/laptop), Specialty add-in cards (PCI-E 3.0) Standard Hard drive (spinning rust), *like phonograph 3.5 inch Desktop 2.5 inch Laptop Hybrid Hard drive adds small (4Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb) cache to standard hard drive SSD Solid State Drive big, fast USB drives (Flash) SLC, MLC, TLC, 3d/Verticalstorage Limited write states (slowly destroys Drive), *controller levelling Runs fastest when drive is mostly empty, slows as drive is filled Lower power, fast read speeds, little/no search time M2 Drive Similar to SSD, different interface/size

Graphics Card/Add-in Cards Add-in PCI-E Card that allows advanced gaming Different size/speed cards (PCI-E 3.0 16x) Cards allow additional PC functionality (tv tuner) 2 graphic card companies (AMD/Nvidia) http:// eType=gpu

CD/DVD/Blue-Ray Drives, I/O Connects to motherboard via interface (USB, SATA, *FDD, *IDE) Super slow compared to Hard drive/Ram, etc Adds ability to read discs, need decoder (software PowerDVD,BlueRay) to play movies Burning Discs (Data/Movie-Audio Discs) Types of Discs DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R DL, etc. Additional Info Toms

Hardware Guide: HardOCP: Assignment Go to and spec out a complete computer (wishlist)

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