Where is the Universe?

Where is the Universe?

Where is the Universe? Cosmological Questions

Temporal Spatial Compositional Teleological Behind physics is the more ancient and honorable tradition of attempts to understand where the world came from, where it is going, and why. P. J. E. Peebles

Early Conceptions Babylonian

Egyptian Hebraic Pre-Socratic Aristotelian Geocentric/Aristotelian

Principle of Plenitude Quintessence Medieval

Dantes Moral Cosmolog y

Geocentri c Theology based Copernican Cosmos Matter & Space

So, the Universe is Created? Changing?


Geometry 0 Uniform: homogeneous & isotropic Congruence geometry Euclidean (Euclid)

Spherical (Riemann) Hyperbolic (Gauss, Lobachevski, Bolyai) Geometry 1 Euclidean 1 parallel Triangle: 180o C=D

Geometry 2 Spherical 0 parallels Triangle: >180o C

Triangle: <180o C>D Geometry Affects Appearance Euclidean Spherical Hyperbolic

Einstein Special Relativity

General Relativity Mass curves Spacetime Solutions of Einsteins

Field Equations Space-Time Evolving universe

Cosmological constant Evolving Universes How much can we see? Hubbles Law

V = H0 D Everything recedes from everything! Abundance of Light Isotopes Cosmic Microwave

Background Radiation Tiny (significant) Fluctuations Hot Big Bang Model Problems

Horizon problem Flatness problem

Goldilocks problem More? Inflation

=1 Dark Matter: The Evidence Peculiar motion stars (Oort) Coma cluster (Zwicky)

ClusterSim Galaxy rotation GalRot Galaxy clusters Superclusters of NGC3198

Dark Matter: What is it? Baryonic MACHOs Planets Brown dwarfs Red dwarfs

Black holesDark Matter Hot gas Non-Baryonic

HDM Neutrinos CDM WIMPs Not Dark Matter

Axions Photinos Quark nuggets Whats the Matter? Accidents Happen Find the Supernova

How Its Done Supernovae SNAP CMB

Penzias/Wilson COBE

Boomerang WMAP Dark Energy Cosmological

constant () or vacuum energy constant Quintessence Dynamic Evolving Spatially

dependent k-essence tracker fields predicted by some particle

physics theories Whats the Universe? Putting It All Together Recipe for Our Universe History of Universe

Cubs return to World Series Whither the Universe? 2 BY 6 BY 14 BY 24

BY 33 BY 44 BY 65 BY 75 BY

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